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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Jiaorui looked outside for a while, but after all she did not go in to meet with Mo Ming. She called her lawyer Zhang and asked him to tell Mo Ming that she asked Mo Ming to give up Tongtong’s custody and deprive him of his rights to the child. Visitation rights. Xiao Yan was having dinner with Qi Bin and received a call from the boss. He said on the other end that someone had broadcast on the Internet that the quality of Thea’s products was not good enough to cause user allergies.

This topic has rushed to hot searches, which is very detrimental to the company. Xiao Yan had to bid farewell to Qi Bin and returned to the company urgently. This product is Thea’s main star product this season. She has been following the R&D team and is manufactured in strict accordance with international inspection standards. In this way, they think it might be a ghost of a competitor.

Later, after investigation, it was discovered that the pregnant woman was allergic to strawberries by herself. Although this incident caused a little loss to the company, it was considered a free publicity for Thea Group. Xiao Yan suggested that the pregnant woman should be the endorsement of amateurs for them, just as the popularity of amateur endorsements is flourishing now.

Qi Bin passed by Xiao Yan’s company and specifically came up to tell her that he was going to Chongqing on a business trip this weekend, and he invited Xiao Yan to relax. Li Cha just came over to find Xiao Yan, and saw that they were talking, and left with interest. Xiao Yan suddenly felt uncomfortable. She clearly told Qi Bin that there was either a work relationship or another relationship between them. This was the rule she set for herself.

Qi Bin didn’t say anything, he only left a sentence before leaving, and the rules were used to break. With Xiao Yan’s help, Chen Jiaorui lived in the apartment opposite her. Mo Ming knocked on the door and asked Chen Jiaorui to open the door. Xiao Yan came out to throw out the trash, saying that Mo Ming’s behavior was harassment.

Knowing that Xiao Yan recommended renting the house to Chen Jiaorui, Mo Ming decided that Xiao Yan was advocating that Chen Jiaorui divorced herself. Xiao Yan felt inexplicable and refuted him a few words. Chen Jiaorui called the security to come up, and the security towed Mo Ming away. By the way, Chen Jiaorui asked Xiao Yan to come over and drink sweet soup. Unlike Xiao Yan’s home, Chen Jiaorui feels more at home here. Xiao Yan glanced at the baby, and then watched Chen Jiaorui work up and down.

As a single mother, Chen Jiaorui only sleeps for three or four hours a day. During the daytime, her mother would come to help with the child. She also thought about asking an aunt, but she was still worried about giving her child to outsiders. Xiao Yan felt puzzled. From the outside, Mo Ming was a good and considerate father, but Chen Jiaorui said that although Mo Ming did not cheat, he tortured herself all the time.

The next day, Mo Ming finally waited for Chen Jiaorui, who went downstairs to pick up the courier. He knew that Chen Jiaorui had received craniomagnetic stimulation treatment, and showed a tolerant understanding of Chen Jiaorui, and then proposed to settle with her out of court. , Chen Jiaorui knew that he didn’t want to be deprived of visiting rights, so she strictly rejected him.

Mo Ming was not reconciled and pulled Chen Jiaorui, causing Chen Jiaorui to accidentally fall. Xiao Yan just saw it and immediately took Chen Jiaorui to the hospital after sternly accusing Mo Ming’s behavior. The director handed the dismissal notice from the hospital to Mo Ming. Mo Ming was very broken. He was unwilling to go to a tertiary hospital in other places, and he wanted to stay in the city because of his obsession with his daughter.

Knowing that Mo Ming had resigned, Yan Zhi took the initiative to invite him to rent his own house, so that he could have a place to stay, and it would be regarded as repaying him to help himself last time. Chen’s mother did not recommend Chen Jiaorui to live in the opposite of Xiao Yan. After all, the two of them are competitors, but now Chen Jiaorui knows that Xiao Yan is not the kind of person who looks at her own jokes. Not only that, but later they opened the door to discuss work together. There was no sense of violation at all, and the relationship between the two went further.

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