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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 10 Recap

Mo Ming only knew Qi Bin, a lawyer, and he asked Qi Bin to ask him to help him in the lawsuit. Even if Qi Bin clearly told him that there was almost no possibility of winning the lawsuit, Mo Ming still insisted on giving it a try. That night, Qi Bin asked Xiao Yan to go to dinner. There was a temporary task and she had to cancel. Xiao Yan was a little angry after receiving the news, but she spent most of the day choosing clothes.

The next day, Qi Bin personally sent Xiao Yan a document that she needed to sign. Seeing that Xiao Yan ignored his thoughts, Qi Bin had to leave without explaining what happened yesterday. Chen Jiaorui handed over a plan of her own to Li Cha, but Li Cha didn’t read it, so she directly asked her to pass it to Xiao Yan in the future, because Xiao Yan was her direct leader.

Chen Jiaorui was worried about Xiao Yan’s misunderstanding, so she explained why she skipped her and passed it to Li Cha. Xiao Yan didn’t care, she just said that she would take a good look at her plan, and then give specific opinions. Later, Xiao Yan asked Xiaoxi and Lili to take care of Chen Jiaorui, and the two of them handed over a proofreading job to her. Chen Jiaorui did not say anything when she learned about it. Other colleagues came over to get the budget sheet.

The look in her eyes made Chen Jiaorui feel strange. She looked down and found that she was overflowing with milk, so she hurried to the toilet to wipe the milk stains on her clothes, and she collapsed when she wiped it. To cry. Xiao Yan happened to be in the toilet, she went outside to put a repair sign, and then locked the toilet to prevent others from hitting it.

Xiao Yan’s understanding and tolerance, as well as words of comfort, finally made Chen Jiaorui’s mood gradually stabilized. She wiped away her tears and decided to spend the next month well. Xiao Yan went to attend Youya’s son’s birthday party, and met Qi Bin at the meeting. Qi Bin was the legal counsel of Youya’s husband’s major shareholder, so she also attended. After it was over, Qi Bin called the driver to take Xiao Yan back together.

Xiao Yan was very proud, but still got in the car. When sending Xiao Yan back to the community, Qi Bin finally talked about apologizing, and took advantage of Xiao Yan’s unpreparedness to hug her and kiss her, Xiao Yan’s anger disappeared. In the company, Xiao Yan found that female employees started to complain about Chen Jiaorui milking in the toilet. In order not to cause embarrassment, she couldn’t go to the toilet.

Xiao Yan felt puzzled that the company had a maternity room, but when she went there, she found that the maternity room was occupied by a male colleague and became a smoking room. Xiao Yan and Li Cha suggested redecorating the maternity and infant room, because the maternity and infant room is a symbol of a company’s humanity, and they are now opening up the maternal and infant market. Chen Jiaorui was moved when she saw Xiao Yan renovating the maternity room and preparing the refrigerator thoughtfully.

Mo Ming learned about Chen Jiaorui’s postpartum depression through Xiaoxia. She only now knows how much wronged his wife was at the beginning, but he didn’t care about it at the beginning, thinking that all of this would pass. He ran downstairs in the community, separated from Chen Jiaorui, and looked at each other from a distance, his eyes full of regret.

Xiao Yan strives to allow Chen Jiaorui to participate in this important meeting. She will explain to other sales managers in private. After the divorce, Chen Jiaorui quickly sold the house. Mo Ming sent all the money from the sale to Chen Jiaorui’s account and sent her a message asking her to meet in the old place. When Chen Jiaorui went to the old place, she was in a daze when she was in love with Mo Minggang.

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