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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 45 Recap

Fu Zuoyi revealed his intention to seek peace, and his generals responded, and they listened to all the decisions and instructions of the commander-in-chief Fu Zuoyi. In Beiping, both students and celebrities hope that Fu Zuoyi can liberate Beiping peacefully. The students even marched and demonstrated on Peking Street, asking for opposition to war and peace.

Fu Zuoyi and the Communist Party expressed that they would stop the siege and attack, and the follow-up conditions will continue to be discussed. Mao Zedong understood that Fu Zuoyi was using the power of society and public opinion to pressure the central government, and he immediately made the decision to destroy the 35th Army. Mao Zedong believed that only by hitting Fu Zuoyi in all directions can real peace be achieved and realized.

The new security frontline battle started, and Guo Jingyun knew he couldn’t fight it, but he still resisted and stubbornly refused to surrender. The teacher Feng Zi’s persuasion was fruitless, so he had to persuade his soldiers to revolt. His soldiers dropped their guns and agreed to surrender. At the moment of desperation, Guo Jingyun committed suicide by drinking a bomb, and the 35th Army was wiped out.

Fu Zuoyi learned that because of an error in the telegram, Guo Jingyun thought that Fu Zuoyi gave up the 35th army and committed suicide. Fu Zuoyi wept bitterly. On December 22, 1948, the 35th Army of Fu Zuoyi’s elite line was destroyed in Xinbao. According to the Central Military Commission’s battle plan of taking the two ends first and then the middle, after capturing the new security, the outposts along the coast of Tanggu and Tianjin were followed.

Now Chiang Kai-shek’s life is not easy, Li Zongren and the United States have been around for a while, intending to make Chiang Kai-shek abdicate. Mao Zedong made it clear that their enemy was not Chiang Kai-shek or Li Zongren, but all anti-political forces. Stuart met with Li Zongren, and after confirming the support of the US government, Li Zongren was willing to take over the national government. Soon, many people wanted to let Chiang Kai-shek go to the wild.

Stuart even wanted Chiang Kai-shek to go to the United States. Chiang Kai-shek said that he had not given up and was desperate. Stuart was very angry about Chiang Kai-shek’s stubbornness. The Central Military Commission began to discover that the essence of the peace talks proposed by Fu Zuoyi was the division of the North and the South, but this request was absolutely unacceptable.

Li Wen sent people to conduct a large-scale search in Peking City. Cui Zaizhi seemed a little nervous when he was searched. Deng Baoshan appeared to help President Cui, and Li Wencai let him go. But then Li Wen told Shi Jue that he believed that Fu Zuoyi must have contacted the Communist Party through Cui Zaizhi. Li Wen guessed right.

Cui Zaizhi brought back the Communist Party’s request from outside. The Communist Party asked Fu Zuoyi to retain only two divisions and arrest generals above the Central Military Division. Fu Zuoyi and Fu Dongju said that he could not accept such a request, and that he had made enough concessions for the peace talks. Fu Dongju pointed out that, so far, his peace talks are actually fighting for his own rights, and the righteousness of the family and the people of Peking is only incidental.

Zhang Yuan’s rations, weapons and ammunition were still available for several months. Fu Zuoyi felt that it would be meaningless for Zhang Yuan to stick to it, so he ordered them to find an opportunity to break through and go to Suiyuan. In addition, a plane should be sent to connect Zhang Yuan’s financial managers to Peiping, lest they fall into the hands of the Communist Party.

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