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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 39 Recap

Glory makes Zhao Ran pretend to be a drug maker and mix into the glasses factory, and learn the details of drug dealers, so as to demonstrate his identity as a professional drug maker. Glory felt that the famous poison maker had to wear something different, so he specially prepared some clothes for Zhao Ran.

Zhao Ran dressed up as a blind eye, and followed Mu Qing to see the glasses. The glasses recognized Zhao Ran’s true identity. Glasses learned from Mu Qing that Zhao Ran, who was aliased as Wen Ran, used to be a professional drug maker, and he can produce drugs that satisfy current addicts. It’s not like a lab who comes out to earn extra money, and leaves after doing it.

The inability to keep people at all shows that Zhao Ran is the most suitable candidate right now. The glasses thought that Mr. Ou still didn’t know that the factory had a problem. If he waited for him to know, he would not be pleased, and he wanted to start the factory again. When Zhao Ran was making drugs, he asked the glasses to play heavy metal music, and while swaying with the music, he made the drugs.

After the glasses were tested for the purity of drugs, they decided to use Zhao Ran or not, but a little problem occurred during the test. When the glasses saw that the purity was less than 90%, he immediately turned and left. Zhao Ran took a closer look, the purity was rising, and quickly stopped his glasses. The glasses confirmed that the purity was 93%, and he immediately said with a smile on his face that he wanted to keep Zhao Ran, saying that he owed Mu Qing a favor.

Zhou Changhao took the initiative to contact Mr. Ou and asked Mr. Ou to send someone to the Yunlong Building to pick him up two hours later. The glasses were supposed to accompany Zhao Ran to eat caviar. After receiving the task of Mr. Ou sending him to pick up Zhou Changhao, he handed Zhao Ran halfway to other younger brothers to follow, and went to pick up the people by himself.

Ou Kexin wrote Zhao Ran’s contact code and specific location on paper and handed it to Mu Qing. When he bent down, he found something on Mu Qing’s clothes. When he was reaching out to undress for Mu Qing, Mr. Ou came to the door. Ou Kexin and Mu Qing quickly stopped their movements and went downstairs to welcome Mr. Ou. Seeing that Mu Qing was also here, Mr. Ou asked him and Ou Kexin to chat with him. For the first time, Mr. Ou admitted that Mu Qing is Ou Kexin’s boyfriend, and asked Mu Qing if he would like to take care of Ou Kexin.

After getting Mu Qing’s affirmative answer, he handed them the air tickets three days later and asked them to go on vacation and settle abroad. . Ou Kexin was caught off guard by Mr. Ou’s hand, and asked him why he agreed to marry them and wanted to drive them away. Mr. Ou directly ordered Mu Qing to use these three days to hand over the dark web to Li Ruosheng, so that he would stay with Ou Kexin as Ou Kexin’s protective umbrella.

The glasses arrived at the downstairs of Yunlong Building and were waiting anxiously. Zhou Changhao directly confirmed by phone that the glasses were the person who came to pick him up, and pulled the door to the car. After Zhao Ran and the hands of the glasses changed their glasses, taking the opportunity of going to the toilet, they quickly told Mu Qing about the abnormal behavior of the glasses.

Mu Qing immediately arranged for Ou Kexin to return to Ou’s home to stare at Mr. Ou, while he wanted to find a breakthrough from the glasses through the dark web. Mu Qing flickered in front of Li Ruosheng. Li Ruosheng instantly felt that it must be the idea of ​​glasses for Mu Qing and Ou Kexin to go abroad. After learning that Mu Qing had a way to catch the ghost so that the glasses could not fall well, he quickly listened.

After Ou Kexin went home, he played an emotional card with Mr. Ou. After listening to Ou Kexin, Mr. Ou found that he was more and more inseparable from Ou Kexin, so he stayed up all night. The next day, Mr. Ou specifically ordered the glasses to meet with Zhou Changhao after seven o’clock. He must accompany Ou Kexin at these times.

The glasses went to the factory to find Zhao Ran and asked him to deliver another five kilograms of goods before seven o’clock. Zhao Ran asked the glasses about the reason on the grounds that the drug-making brothers hadn’t eaten yet, and was drunk by Shao Nan. Zhao Ran stopped arguing and asked the brothers to work overtime quickly, and he passed the news to Mu Qing. Mu Qing knew the exact time, colluded with Zheng Ke, planted the Trojan horse into the dark web, and it attacked on time at 7 o’clock, and installed a lot of surveillance in the dark web site, and be sure to take pictures of the ghost.

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