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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 38 Recap

The policeman hiding in the dark dug out the traffic policeman from the soil soon after they left. A younger brother reported to the spectacle case that the scene had been cleaned up by them, and the bullet shell was also picked up. Li Ruosheng was inviting Mu Qing to drink and was shocked. He emphasized that the ghost is coming to Yungang soon and they must work together. Deal with glasses together.

Mr. Ou knew that Ou Kexin had also gone to the scene where the traffic police was killed. He felt that Kexin had fallen into the pit, contaminating the business and seeing blood. Glasses hurriedly confessed their mistakes to Mr. Ou, all because he did not control the situation.

After Mr. Ou knew that Li Ruosheng happened to hit the glasses, he did not punish him, but offered to let the glasses and Mu Qing cooperate well. Spectacles said that although Mu Qing received the vote certificate, he felt that Mu Qing still had many doubts on the spot, and that the inner ghost had not corrected it, which always made people feel uneasy. Mr. Ou also agreed with the glasses.

Glory and Liu Ju discussed that Mr. Ou would not stop until he caught the inner ghost. After investigation, he felt that the hand of the glasses would be the most suitable candidate for the inner ghost next week. In this way, not only the glasses lifted a rock and hit him in the foot, but he could also explain his previous actions against Mu Qing.

He repeatedly observed the cartridge case brought back from the scene through spectacles. He felt a little strange, but he couldn’t tell. At this time, Shao Nan reported to him that Zhou Kang was arrested by the police. Glasses told Shao Nan not to let others know about it, and if Zhou Kang came out of the police station, he would be killed immediately.

Mr. Ou invited Li Ruosheng, Mu Qing and Glasses to come home for dinner, and wanted them to put aside their personal grievances and work for the group together. Li Ruosheng proposed to regain control of the dark web system, but the glasses refused on the grounds that Mu Qing had been missing for too long and that he would be difficult to do business.

Mu Qing said that the current dark web transaction volume is less than two-thirds of the original. Glasses hurriedly explained that Mu Qing said that the dark web business in Yunnan has been doing well. After thinking over and over again, Mr. Ou decided to hand over the dark web to Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing, and asked them to increase the transaction volume, but the account still had to go to the glasses. The glasses agreed.

After the meal, Mr. Ou left his glasses alone, telling him that the ghost did not come in person this time, but instead sent one of his men to inquire Zhou Changhao. Mr. Ou said that Zhou Changhao had arrived in Yungang a few days ago to investigate the falsehood of Group K. Mr. Ou can’t guess for three days, Zhou Changhao must come to him and ask the glasses to increase the sales and make up the things that have been delayed these days as soon as possible. After all, the ghost only cares about the company’s ability.

The glasses urgently demanded that Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng increase their sales, but they caused Li Ruosheng’s suspicion. Li Ruosheng suspected that the ghost had already arrived in Yungang. Mu Qing persuaded Li Ruosheng to pay for his own goods first. He used the glasses to get Mr. Ou’s approval, and then he helped Li Ruosheng earn the money back. Seeing Mu Qing’s pledge, Li Ruosheng finally agreed to Mu Qing’s suggestion.

Ou Kexin and Mu Qingbing are divided into two groups. Mu Qing is responsible for continuing to spy on the glasses, while Ou Kexin wants to go back to Mr. Ou’s home to inquire about the situation. Mu Qing asked Glory for help and quickly increased the transaction volume on the dark web. He looked at the skyrocketing transaction data with his glasses and was very satisfied. Mu Qing specially invited the glasses to drink tea, and the glasses also thanked Mu Qing for doing a great favor this time. Mu Qing took the opportunity to ask if the ghost had come to Yungang, and the glasses said that only one of the ghost’s men had come this time.

Ou Kexin asked Mr. Ou about the ghost, but Mr. Ou resolutely did not disclose half of it. Instead, he threatened to send her abroad if Ou Kexin intervened in the group’s affairs. Li Ruosheng complained that he spent so much money, but he couldn’t even see a young man under the ghost. He saw Ou Kexin and Mu Qing showing affection in front of him, and he was even more annoyed to drive the two directly away.

After discussing with Ou Kexin, Mu Qing and Ou Kexin felt that it would be better to draw a salary from the bottom of the pan instead of stopping boiling water. Disposing of the new drug manufacturing factory for glasses left him out of stock to supply a large number of dark web customers, thus losing trust in front of Mr. Ou.

Afterwards, the Glory side asked the traffic police who had been rescued to identify Lao Xu. After Lao Xu was arrested, the police immediately launched a thunder operation and set up the new factory for glasses. Mu Qing deliberately called the glasses to urge the goods. The burnt glasses confessed the situation to Mu Qing. Mu Qing suggested that glory arrange a new drug maker to work as an undercover agent in the new factory of glasses, first to keep an eye on the glasses, and second to take the opportunity to search for evidence of the crime of the glasses.

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