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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 9 Recap

Lin Dang and Qin Ming came to the home of the deceased Li Dazhu to investigate. At this moment, a gray-haired old man brought his grandson forward and asked. Looking at the gray-haired old man, Qin Ming and Lin Dang didn’t know how to speak. .

After returning from Li Dazhu’s hometown, everyone in the police station immediately opened a memory. At the meeting, a group of people focused on the woman in white. In the afternoon, a woman who reported missing came to the police station to recognize the body.

Through the clothes, the woman also recognized that this was her husband Gu Weimin, the vice president of Jianghe Express. Through inquiries to Mrs. Gu, everyone learned that Gu Weimin often stays away from home and often goes outside to look for flowers and ask Liu. When Gu Weimin disappeared, the couple quarreled. Soon, the police also passed a DNA test and confirmed that the deceased was Gu Weimin.

A group of people immediately convened to recall. Everyone speculated that Gu Weimin might have been locked up in a cage because of money and sex transactions, and Lin Dang also put forward his own speculation about the murderer’s assault process. In the end, Team Li guessed that the murderer Gu Weimin might have starved to death in order to obtain the bank card password, so everyone locked the clue on the bank card remittance record.

In the evening, everyone who obtained clues about the woman in white through a foreign landlord came to the Bai Le Hotel. When everyone arrived, it happened to be raining heavily, and Lin Dang, a man of justice, chose to soak himself in the rain and handed the umbrella to both Qin Ming and Dabao. When they came to the hotel, the three of them questioned the owner of the hotel, but the attitude of the hotel owner made Lin Dang displeased, and then Lin Dang also threatened the owner with the illegal operation of the hotel, and it was at this time.

The sweeping aunt at the hotel provided important clues and described the general physical characteristics of the woman in white to Lin Dang and others. Lin Dang immediately called back to the game. On the way to the game, Brother Biao, who was with Huanhuan, started to point to each other, and then Huanhuan also pointed at Sang Huai so that Brother Biao had to cover his mouth in embarrassment.

On the other side, Qin Ming rushed back to the autopsy room to continue investigating the deceased. Soon, Qin Ming also found that the scalp of the deceased was strongly pulled. Lin Dang also guessed that there might be a third person at the scene. Lin Dang, who was caught in the rain, started coughing. It didn’t take long before Lin Dang became more and more serious. He coughed non-stop during the meeting.

On the way back, Lin Dang even had a high fever, but that’s it. . After arriving home, Qin Ming returned to bed with Lin Dang on his back and took good care of him. Did the set of procedures go down? Qin Ming was too tired and collapsed directly on the floor. Seeing Lin Dang with a fever of 40 degrees, Qin Ming patiently helped Lin Dang drink water, and then he couldn’t hold back Lin Dang. Qin Ming ran out to sell Lin Dang rice noodles in the middle of the night.

Back home, Lin Dang feasted on the rice, and Qin Ming looked greedy. After Lin Dang finished eating the rice, Qin Ming gave Lin Dang a towel and put it on his forehead. Before leaving, Lin Dang asked about the relationship between Qin Ming and Qin Ming, and Qin Ming hesitated and responded. Hearing this, Lin Dang became very happy, even with his eyes closed, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but slightly tilted. Watching Lin Dang fall to sleep, Qin Ming also intimately covered Lin Dang with a quilt.

Without a word all night, Lin Dang who woke up in the morning hurriedly sorted his clothes. Just as Lin Dang quietly approached Qin Ming who was still sleeping, Team Li suddenly sent a video call to the two of them, and they separated immediately. Open. After hanging up the phone of Team Li, the two immediately went to work again and came to the golf club. Lin Dang and Qin Ming mixed in to investigate. Soon, Lin Dang learned through the caddy that the woman in white was originally called Peony, and she was a woman who liked sugar daddy.

After receiving the news from the caddy, Lin Dang and Qin Ming drove away. On the way, Lin Dang remembered that the invoice had not been issued and Qin Ming had no choice but to turn around. At this moment, Dabao called and asked about the whereabouts of the two. Lin Dang and Qin Ming also remembered that they had forgotten Dabao. Knowing that Dabao was still on the golf course, Lin Dang asked Dabao to go to the front desk to issue an invoice, while he and Qin Ming drove to the nightclub, famed as handling the case.

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