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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 10 Recap

In the police station, everyone continued to meet to analyze the case, but all clues to the matter still stagnated around Peony.

At night, there was no one around, and a man in black suddenly appeared at the root of the wall. The man in black was holding a courier box with a smiling face and walking towards a certain destination. At the same time, Peony also put on makeup in the mirror in the room, looking at her beautiful herself, Peony took some photos narcissistically, but she didn’t know that the threat had come silently.

The knock on the door was the voice of the courier. Although there was doubt in his heart, Peony chose to open the door. When Peony noticed that there was something wrong with the courier, everything was too late. It didn’t take long before the sound of singing came from the room, and the murderer patiently painted Peony’s face with Hua Dan. Just when the murderer was about to leave, a male friend of Peony returned to the room, and the two of them were facing each other. Encountered, and quickly scrambled. The assailant loses, so he finds a chance to escape.

The two chased and fled to the woods. In the dim woods, it was quiet and terrible, and some abandoned dolls could still be seen faintly. Just when the man stopped to look for it, the assailant suddenly appeared, and the two fought together again. When he was about to shoot people with a brick, the man in black gave the man anesthetic, and the man soon passed out into a coma. Afterwards, the man in black strangled the man’s neck and hung from a tree. The man with only a little consciousness struggled to save himself, but he didn’t seem to succeed.

The next day, Qin Ming, who was looking at the microscope, received the news again that a new female victim appeared and was also painted on the face. Qin Ming who heard the news rushed to the scene of the crime, but due to the shadow of his childhood, Qin Ming chose to let Huanhuan do a simple autopsy. At the scene, the two also found the shoe prints of the two men and traces of fighting.

In the police station, a group of people began to report their work. It turned out that everyone had been struggling to find the white-clothed woman who had been killed. It was Xiao Dandan, the victim of this case. According to the murderer’s habit of committing crimes, Qin Ming suggested that the murderer might be provoking with the police. This statement was also approved by the Li team. After the meeting, Qin Ming wanted to talk to the Li team but was rejected by the Li team. Sitting in front of the computer, Qin Ming was stunned and recalled his childhood.

At night, sleeping Qin Ming suddenly dreamed that he was being strangled by the murderer. Qin Ming woke up from the dream and gasped for breath. The next day, Lin Dang and his group set out to investigate. When I came to Peony’s parents’ house, Peony’s parents did not cooperate with everyone’s investigation, and Peony’s parents were very indifferent to Peony, even hated. The group of people who did not find the results of the investigation were enjoying the coolness under the tree. Several people chatted without a word. Lin Dang’s words seemed to touch Qin Ming.

Back in the game, Qin Ming continued to stare at the computer in a daze. Later, Lin Dang and Qin Ming met with Peony’s classmates. The two understood that Mudan had a problem with his style since high school, and he often interacted with boys in society. Everyone also learned that Peony had asked his classmates, decorators and rich people who to choose.

After that, the group started investigating from Peony’s favorite nightclub. Under Qin Ming’s reminder, everyone discovered that Peony had been involved in a wounding and fatal case a long time ago. The people who found the clues immediately met to discuss. With everyone working together, the case has a new clue. Everyone also shifted their focus to He Liang who admired Peony.

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