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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 9 Recap

The mother-in-law was talking to Tongtong, and Chen Jiaorui abruptly got up, and stood motionless staring at her mother-in-law. She asked with some guilty conscience if she wanted something to eat, but Chen Jiaorui didn’t answer, turned around and went back to the house. Yan Zhi was injured. Mo Ming didn’t care about his playing foul, and he personally sent him to the hospital for treatment. Yan Zhi was very moved and changed his name to his brother.

Chen Jiaorui saw the circle of friends and realized that Mo Ming was going to play football today, but she lied to her that she was working overtime. He also met Youya on the court. When Mo Ming came back, Chen Jiaorui asked strangely how he felt when he met his first love. Mo Ming explained that it was not her first love, but her junior college sister. She had also given birth to children, like Chen Jiaorui’s current situation is called postpartum depression. As long as she survives, she will get better.

Chen Jiaorui didn’t answer any questions, and suddenly talked about a mother who left her two children and ran away on the news. Mo Ming accused that mother of being too selfish and fragile, and even said that You Ya had experience. Chen Jiaorui’s face was pale, and Mo Ming hadn’t noticed something wrong with his wife. That night, Chen Jiaorui didn’t sleep, and went to the living room to coax her with her baby. Mo Ming woke up and wanted to help her.

Chen Jiaorui became very considerate, which surprised Mo Ming. Xiao Yan’s mother came to see her in the apartment and changed all her Italian curtains to flower curtains, and even the beddings were replaced with flowers. She said that there would be good luck in this way. Xiao Yan was helpless, but she couldn’t help her mother’s kindness. Yan Zhi went to work on crutches. Xiao Yan asked him why he didn’t ask for leave. Yan Zhi joked that he was not as delicate as a girl.

When Mo Ming went to work, Chen Jiaorui had an uncharacteristic attitude towards him. Later, Mo Ming was very happy when he went to work. He felt that his happy life was coming. On the day of confinement, Chen Jiaorui left her child alone at home. When her mother came back, she didn’t see Chen Jiaorui’s person, but only saw Tongtong at home.

Her mother also saw the convenience note left by Chen Jiaorui, and suddenly felt something wrong. Mo Ming always thought he was a good husband and a good father. He thought that his family was the happiest, but he received a call from Chen Jiaorui before he was about to go for surgery. Chen Jiaorui on the other end of the phone calmly asked him for a divorce, and Mo Ming had no idea why they got to this point.

Chen Jiaorui soon went to the company to reinstate her job. President Li wanted her to rest for a while, but Chen Jiaorui had to go to work, so President Li had to ask Xiao Yan to arrange a position for her. At that time, Xiao Yan was busy with a meeting, so she asked Xiaoxi and Lili to get acquainted with the business first. After the work station, she knew that she didn’t have an independent office. Even so, she still suppressed the disappointment in her heart and accepted it calmly. arrange.

After Chen Jiaorui filed for a divorce, Mo Ming’s working condition was extremely poor. As a result, the head of the department was criticized by the hospital, and he called Mo Ming to criticize. Yan Zhi went to review his legs, and greeted Mo Ming by the way. Who knew that Mo Ming had lost all his gentleness and demeanor as if he had eaten dynamite.

Chen Jiaorui returned to work. The divorce and children had been holding her heart. She couldn’t even do simple tasks. Li always wanted Xiao Yan to inform her to leave the company. Xiao Yan argued for Chen. Jiaorui fought for a month. There was an important meeting in the afternoon. Chen Jiaorui was unable to attend because her children, so Xiao Yan asked Xiao Yan to record the whole process.

When she came back, she asked Xiaoxi and Lili to organize the key points and send them to Chen Jiaorui. Mo Ming finally went to Chen Jiaorui. He accused Chen Jiaorui of not being a responsible mother. She loves her job more than Tongtong. If she really wants to divorce, Mo Ming will also compete with her for Tongtong’s support. right.

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