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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 44 Recap

Several big secretaries discussed Du Yuming’s question together. Mao Zedong said that now the Du Yuming group is completely out of place and it can be fought now, but in order to stabilize Fu Zuoyi, he must give him the illusion that the Huaihai Battle is not over, so he decided to keep Du Yuming first. . Pursuing Huang Baitao, completely annihilating Huang Weihe and surrounding Du Yuming, talking about fast, now is the time to slow down, which requires them to slow down the next step.

Zhou Enlai recognized Mao Zedong’s suggestion, so that Hua Yezhong could also take a good rest and let Dong Ye have all the energy to deal with Fu Zuoyi. In Chen Guanzhuang, Qiu Qingquan was holding an axe to chop the tree angrily. He couldn’t do it, so he let the soldiers who didn’t eat breakfast come to do it.

Jiang Jun was besieged and starved of starvation. Some people wanted to vote for the Communist Party. They didn’t take any weapons, but none of the Kuomintang officers and soldiers were killed. Uncle Old Fa was hit by a bullet in order to give one of the Jiang Jun soldiers who ran over a bun. Lin Biao led the Dongye army and took over Nanyuan Airport at once. He sent a telegram to the Central Military Commission.

Dongye expected to encircle Beiping to the southwest within two days. Mao Zedong was very pleased to hear about it. Until now, they have had enough confidence in the peace talks with Fu Zuoyi. The 35th Army was besieged and Nanyuan Airport was easily taken down. Fu Zuoyi’s mood was very depressed and anxious. Liu Houtong persuaded Fu Zuoyi to take the initiative to negotiate.

Li Wen and Shi Jue were planning to leave. As soon as they said they would leave in the afternoon, they got a report that they had all been surrounded, and they couldn’t leave if they wanted to. An Chunshan led the 104th Army to rescue the 35th Army. However, the two armies were only 4 kilometers away. Guo Jingyun called to ask why An Chunshan had not attacked and rescued them. An Chunshan expressed helplessness.

As a result, Guo Jingyun had internal opinions and quarreled with An Chunshan. , In this way, Guo Jingyun ruined his last life. Mao Zedong ordered the 104th army to be eaten first, so that the 35th army was completely cut off. Feng Zi persuaded Guo Jingyun to go to the front to boost his morale and try to break through the last few kilometers to join the 104th Army, but Guo Jingyun was unmoved.

Wang Chunsheng fled back to Beiping in embarrassment. He said that the People’s Liberation Army was very brave and they were really what the people wanted. Hearing that the 35th Army couldn’t hold on anymore, Fu Zuoyi was deeply saddened. Wang Chunsheng’s words caused Fu Zuoyi to sigh deeply. This situation is really irretrievable. The People’s Liberation Army persuaded the 35th Army to surrender, and Yang Dezhi asked the commoner Liu to send a letter to Guo Jingyun and a commander of the 35th Army. However, Guo Jingyun’s character was persistent and he was unwilling to surrender.

Instead, Feng Zi was persuaded to come to the PLA position. Fang Tianjing became a company commander, educated a little letterman who had just become a liberation fighter, and was teased by the instructor as having the company commander’s demeanor. Chen Changjie was ordered to stay in Tianjin, and Du Jianshi asked him his thoughts on Fu Zuoyi’s desire to negotiate the matter.

He remembered Fu Zuoyi’s words, so he said categorically that he wanted to keep it. Fang Tianjing led his troops to ran across the ground full of mines, and Wang Cuiyun saw the former Wuxiong Pass in a daze. Fu Zuoyi called some generals in Beiping to have tea together and discuss the next step.

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