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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 43 Recap

Yang Dezhi led the comrades to strengthen their firepower, fight to the end, and once again repelled the Jiang Jun who wanted to desperately break through. The Dawangzhuang position on the other side of the Huaihai Campaign was garrisoned by the 33rd Regiment of the 118th Division, known as the Tiger Regiment. The Huangwei Regiment still had the upper hand, and the PLA was not easy to defeat it for a while. The war between the People’s Liberation Army and the Huang Wei Corps entered a tug of war. The situation was very unoptimistic.

Huang Wei learned that Hu Lian had returned to the front line. He was happy and then lost. Now the war has become a mess, and no one can deal with it. After Hu Lian got off the plane, he immediately went to the front line to command. He asked Yang Botao to command and must take Dawangzhuang back. Once Dawangzhuang was lost, Shuangduiji was completely exposed to the PLA’s artillery fire.

The battle in the Dawangzhuang position was fierce. The People’s Liberation Army launched a continuous charge. The position was retaken and then robbed. Deng Xiaoping ordered Wang Jinshan and Chen Shiju to take down Dawangzhuang anyway, tearing the gap between the double stacks. . At this time, Yang Botao concentrated his artillery fire and wanted to retake Dawangzhuang. Wang Jinshan sent Tang Mingchun’s Yehuo regiment, and they vowed to guard Dawangzhuang to the death. Guo Jingyun’s regiment was surrounded by regiments.

As the soldiers were exhausted from fighting for days, Guo Jingyun agreed to rest temporarily. The 35th Army was surrounded by Xinbao, Fu Zuoyi immediately ordered Yuan Qingrong and An Chunshan to go to Xinbao to rescue the 35th Army. Later, Yuan Qingrong was also dragged by the People’s Liberation Army, and Guo Jingyun’s troops could only wait for An Chunshan to rescue him.

At the thought of asking that timid An Chunshan to rescue him, Guo Jingyun was upset, and he didn’t want to send a telegram. But the subordinates knew that in this critical situation, they still had to send a telegram to An Chunshan. Guo Jingyun was boosting his morale, but he did not expect the People’s Liberation Army to broadcast a surrender broadcast, which made Guo Jingyun angry and embarrassed.

After the Northeast Field Army entered the Pass, in accordance with the deployment of the central government, it completed the strategic encirclement and campaign division of Beiping, Tianjin and other places. After nearly 10 days of battle, Dawangzhuang was defeated, and Shuangduiji couldn’t hold it anymore, so Huang Wei had to order each to break through. Liu Bocheng ordered to set up checkpoints at various intersections, and Huang Wei must be captured alive. Huang Botao was arrested first. Huang Wei and Hu Lian hid in the tank and wanted to escape.

The People’s Liberation Army directly exploded the bridge and the catastrophe was about to be invalidated. Hu Lian ignored Huang Wei and fled by himself. Eventually Huang Wei was captured by the People’s Liberation Army. Huang Wei didn’t even think about killing him. He threw away the poison. When Hu Lian returned to Nanjing, Chiang Kai-shek only said that people would come back.

The top secretaries welcomed Liu Bocheng, Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, Su Yu and others to return, and they took a group photo together. Huang Wei was besieged, and the People’s Liberation Army kept broadcasting to persuade surrender. Li Mi and Qiu Qingquan were still quarreling for supplies, and Du Yuming was helpless even though he was angry.

Uncle Old Fa was carrying a burden, singing songs happily to deliver steamed buns to the frontline fighters. An inadvertently ran to the Kuomintang position. Uncle Old Fa simply gave these steamed buns to them. He even bluffed the opposing company commander by saying that he It was a representative of the People’s Liberation Army, and the other party did not dare to do anything to him. While they were not paying attention, Old Uncle Fat took out another bomb and threatened them to go to the People’s Liberation Army with him, or they would die here together.

Old Uncle Fa’s three sons all died on the battlefield, and the company commander was afraid that he would give up, so he promised to hand over the weapons. Soon after, more Jiang Jun joined the Communist Party. Du Yuming said that as long as they didn’t bring weapons, they would default to their escape and let them go, but Qiu Qingquan couldn’t let Qiu Qingquan know about this.

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