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Broker 掮客 Episode 6 Recap

Xiaoxiao felt that Sun Lei could not give up so easily, and even scolded Qiu Jianing for coming to grab merit. She enjoyed the same rights as Sun Lei when she came. Why? Within a few days, Qiu Jianing said that he could solve the inhibitor direction. Everyone was very angry. Wouldn’t she abandon their hard work for more than a year? Moreover, if Wang Elder really trusted Qiu Jianing, how could he not give the highest authority? Give her the key, everyone felt that Wang Lao was testing Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan reported the progress to Uncle Cha, and Uncle Cha asked him to watch Qiu Jianing, and they only wanted the result.

Qiu Jianing came to Zhou Xiaoshan for help, and then went to check the data backup, but her permission could not be checked, and a certificate was needed. Qiu Jianing had to go to Sun Lei, she wanted to check Sun Lei and their previous records, so Sun Lei said he could not drive, this was the core part of their experiment, and Wang Lao had to come back three days, Qiu Jianing had no choice but to leave. Zhu Zhu asked Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing how things were going. Zhou Xiaoshan said that they couldn’t see the core materials, and learned that they couldn’t see them at the grass-roots level researchers. Only by asking Wang Lao could there be a solution.

Qiu Jianing asked Zhou Xiaoshan to do another experiment to prove whether the difference was an error, and Zhou Xiaoshan was helpless. Sun Lei has not yet issued a proof. Qiu Jianing heard that Li Chunran said that the laboratory had also recruited some overseas researchers before, but they left after writing the article with experimental data. It will never be that simple without eliminating Sun Lei’s prejudice.

Qiu Jianing went to see Sun Lei again, trying to convince him that she would not use the subject she was engaged in as a stepping stone to gain fame and fortune, and that she would try to change Sun Lei’s view of herself. Sun Lei finally agreed to open the inspection certificate, but asked to accompany the inspection throughout the process.

Qiu Jianing finished consulting the information, but it did not mean that Sun Lei agreed with her idea. Qiu Jianing expressed understanding. Soon after Qiu Jianing reported the experiment to Wang Lao and Sun Lei, Sun Lei insisted that it was not feasible. Qiu Jianing proposed to speak in real time, and Sun Lei agreed.

Qiu Jianing decided to start the cell experiment, but it would take more than half a year. Wang Lao wanted to support her, but he was afraid that there would not be so much time. Sun Lei lost his temper because of the result of Xiaoxiao’s experiment. Xiaoxiao cast his anger on Qiu Jianing, but Momo told the truth. Qiu Jianing was the one who dared to tell the truth.

Zhou Xiaoshan was very happy to learn that Wang Jianing had let Qiu Jianing enter the experiment, but Qiu Jianing was not happy. Wang Xiaoshan only gave her three months. Zhou Xiaoshan proposed that three people could do it at the same time, and he could also apply for key permissions to save time. Zhou Xiaoshan once again reported to Uncle Cha. Uncle Cha was very happy to see the progress.

These three months have been long and short for Zhou Xiaoshan. Uncle Cha promised to put Zhou Xiaoshan’s life after this mission, and Molly called to decide to try a normal life, but she wanted to participate in the last action. Wang Lao agreed with Qiu Jianing’s idea and asked Sun Lei to transfer staff to share the data. Sun Lei was very angry.

The data was made by his team bit by bit. Qiu Jianing promised not to publish any articles during the source plan, but Sun Lei insisted that she did not believe her, Wang Laoye had no choice but to let Qiu Jianing proceed as planned. Qiu Jianing decided to ask everyone for their opinions in private, and Wang Lao also asked her to move to Susie’s studio.

Molly began to try to live in the sun like a normal person, instead of running around for tasks. Molly saw the gym advertisement and decided to apply for a fighting coach. The boss looked at her small body and didn’t believe it, but he still asked someone to sign with Molly. Everyone didn’t take Molly seriously, and didn’t expect Molly to knock down a strong man.

Even so, the boss still refuses to hire Molly, saying that customers come here to vent, they are just to make customers happy. Molly was very disappointed and called Zhou Xiaoshan to complain. She thought the people here were so weird. Zhou Xiaoshan said that as long as she was willing to make a profit, someone would take the bait.

When Zhou Xiaoshan learned that Sun Lei refused to share the key, he was anxious and asked Qiu Jianing to go to Mr. Wang for the key. The two suddenly heard a scream, and laughed accidentally overturned xylene and started a fire. Qiu Jianing was worried about the poison and wanted to pull her away, but laughed and said that there were pathological samples inside, so Qiu Jianing had to rush into the fire and take it out.

After receiving a pathological sample, she insisted afterwards that the pathological sample should be sent. This week Xiaoshan prevented her from washing her eyes. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing whether the pathological results were important or her body was important, but Qiu Jianing felt that it was Sun Lei’s hard work for a year and should not be easily destroyed. Zhou Xiaoshan was agitated, and after Qiu Jianing apologized, the two quarreled about the key.

Qiu Jianing realized that Zhou Xiaoshan was anxious to get the key promotion project, but Zhou Xiaoshan refused to admit it. Qiu Jianing ordered the takeaway to get it, but forgot to take the key and couldn’t go back. Qiu Jiaxin didn’t come back either. Qiu Jianing was shivering with the cold and had to go to Zhou Xiaoshan’s house to get warm. Zhou Xiaoshan helped her pour a cup of hot water and put clothes on her.

Zhou Xiaoshan said that he would have the opportunity to make noodles for Qiu Jianing since he was a child. Qin Bin helped the patient pay for the medical expenses, his colleagues kindly reminded him, but Qin Bin insisted on doing good deeds. Qiu Jiaxin got Qiu Jianing’s physical examination report. Qin Bin once again complained about her being a particularly ugly scientist after seeing it. Qiu Jiaxin was chasing and beating her.

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