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Broker 掮客 Episode 5 Recap

Everyone was surprised to hear that Qiu Jianing had returned to the original direction. Everyone had a hot conversation. After Sun Lei arrived, everyone left. Zhou Xiaoshan took a look and left. Qin Bin underwent an overnight operation and asked Qiu Jiaxin to take care of the patient and arrange another bed. Qiu Jiaxin cried and said that she couldn’t get it out.

There was an aunt sitting in the corridor crying, saying that she had accidentally lost the surgical fee she had collected. Qin Bin said that she should help her cushion her after seeing this. The aunt was very grateful. Molly pretended to be a takeaway to deliver food to Zhou Xiaoshan. Zhou Xiaoshan was a little surprised, but Qiu Jianing didn’t feel suspicious when she saw it. Immediately afterwards, Zhou Xiaoshan received a text message from Molly.

Qin Bin was run on by Director Qian for doing good deeds. Qiu Jiaxin felt that he shouldn’t be nosy. Anyway, he has to set aside some living expenses for himself every month. This can’t always be the case. Qin Bin counted on Qiu Jiaxin to buy breakfast for herself. Qiu Jiaxin went to chat with Sister Chen. Sister Chen asked her to persuade Qin Bin.

But Qin Bin’s five-generation medical father was a famous American doctor who had long been financially free, but Qin Bin Follow them to stay on the front line. Speaking of Qin Bin’s eighteen years old, I heard that he didn’t have to do any global travel when he was admitted to university. The family was too anxious, and in the end he just relied on singing to finish the whole journey. Qin Bin’s image in Qiu Jia’s heart suddenly became tall, and he quickly went to ask him for verification, and said that he envied such a free life. Qin Bin said that it would cost him.

Qin Bin has never seen Qiu Jianing since then, but always goes there to look for it. Qiu Jiaxin and Qiu Jianing talked about Qin Bin’s affairs when they were eating. She also wanted to make a gap year, but Qiu Jianing said that she could not endure this kind of suffering. Qiu Jia wanted to go to Qiu Jianing’s dormitory, but he met Zhou Xiaoshan downstairs.

Qiu Jiaxin was attracted immediately and said that they seemed to have met. Qiu Jiaxin entered the door and called Qiu Jianing’s company generous and insisted on moving over, saying that she could save an hour on commuting. Qiu Jiaxin threatened to tell her father about this, but Qiu Jianing had to agree.

Zhou Xiaoshan came to Molly’s address, she was sent by Uncle Cha to help Zhou Xiaoshan. Their real identities are brokers, and Zhou Xiaoshan and Molly’s mission is to steal the experimental results of the Yuan Project. Before the two had finished speaking, they were disturbed by the noise upstairs, and Zhou Xiaoshan stopped Molly’s grumpy coming to the door. Zhou Xiaoshan thought that Molly could not stay here, and told her that if she didn’t take the initiative to contact her, she would never show up. Molly agreed unwillingly. In fact, Molly has another mission, which is to monitor Zhou Xiaoshan.

Qiu Jianing’s experiment has not progressed. Wang Lao saw that she had not eaten lunch yet, and talked about their first meeting. At a seminar in Princeton, Qiu Jianing led Wang to discuss issues without even eating food. In short, it was several hours. Qiu Jianing was very grateful to Wang Lao for her trust, and Wang Lao also hoped that she would not disappoint him like Susie did. Zhou Xiaoshan is still cultivating crystals.

Qiu Jianing drew a Hanhan Wolf on a post-it note, saying that every time she saw the Hanhan Wolf, she was very energetic. During the conversation with Zhou Xiaoshan, Qiu Jianing suddenly got inspiration, smiled and isolated him and ran to the laboratory. When waiting for the car, Qiu Jianing was still smiling and excited. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he could not sleep well last night, so Qiu Jianing gave him a pair of earplugs. A boy traveling abroad said that the money had been stolen and borrowed fifty yuan from them.

Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t want to pay attention to it, but Qiu Jianing gave him fifty yuan and asked her to contact her and told her to give her the money after returning. Zhou Xiaoshan complained that this is an old hoax, but Qiu Jianing still chooses to be kind, even if it is a hoax, there is a one-in-thousandth probability of helping others. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t get into the car, but followed the boy secretly, and found that he had deceived many people with the same words.

When he returned home, Zhou Xiaoshan found a figure that looked like Molly. She was wearing takeaway clothes to deliver food to Qiu Jianing, but Qiu Jianing didn’t have any points at all. Zhou Xiaoshan rushed to help Molly out of the siege when she was wondering. Zhou Xiaoshan was very angry, Molly was almost seen through by Qiu Jianing, she was not suitable for participating in this operation.

Late at night, when Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t sleep, he saw the earplugs Qiu Jianing gave him and thought of what she said. The next day, Zhou Xiaoshan took Molly to the university cafeteria. They were all Molly’s peers, but Molly only thought they were stupid.

They haven’t experienced big winds and waves, nor have they seen the dark side of this world, why they can live like this, but Molly can’t. Zhou Xiaoshan confessed that Yuan Project was his last order, and he was tired of such an inhuman life. Ten years ago, even if he owed Uncle Cha, he should pay it off. Although Uncle Cha brought him out of hell and let him receive a good education, wouldn’t he be happy without Uncle Cha? Molly’s life was saved by Zhou Xiaoshan. Zhou Xiaoshan hoped that she would change her life and walk frankly in the sun.

Qiu Jianing proposed a new direction, and Wang Lao quickly called Sun Lei. But Sun Lei sneered at this, and Wang Lao comforted Qiu Jianing to have a definite result. Xiaoxiao thought Qiu Jianing had put on Sun Lei shoes, and laughed even more angry when she learned that she suggested returning to the old road.

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