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Broker 掮客 Episode 4 Recap

Qiu Jianing rushed to find Vice President Wu, but was stopped outside because there was no invitation letter, so he had no choice but to wait at the bathroom door. Qiu Jianing finally waited for Deputy Dean Wu, but he did not expect to also meet Wang Elder. Weiwei told Mr. Wang that she had just returned to the office after attending the meeting and decided to strike while the iron was hot and let Mr. Wang sign the report.

Wang Lao asked Su Qian about Qiu Jianing’s work performance. Su Qian reported in a small report that she ran out to give afternoon tea during working hours. Wang Lao said that he also saw Qiu Jianing on occasions when he shouldn’t have seen her, but she did not expect her to go to Wu Vice-Cyber Long talk about cooperation.

Wang Lao said that the meeting with Vice President Wu should be at least someone at the level of Susie and Sun Lei. She sent a research institute who was unfamiliar with her place to see how others would look at them. Wang Lao notified everyone to gather in the big laboratory, and he wanted everyone to witness the experiment. After receiving the news, everyone hurried to the big laboratory, let Susie and Weiwei give a demonstration, and checked the results together thirty-six hours later.

Susie and Weiwei were very flustered, especially Weiwei. She felt that Mr. Wang must have discovered something. They couldn’t make the results of the experiment. Susie told her to calm down. They must not give up easily until the last moment. She is the one leading the experiment, and it has nothing to do with Weiwei in case of an accident.

Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan talked about today’s affairs. Zhou Xiaoshan thinks that the question about Susie is just their guess, what if the result is consistent with the report after thirty-six hours. Susie’s avoidance of this disaster will definitely kill Qiu Jianing. She has been expelled from the laboratory once, but Qiu Jianing said that as long as she does not admit defeat, no one can make her give up.

Susie was inevitably panicked, and Sun Lei also came when she was about to enter the laboratory. The results of Susie’s experiment are the same as those of Sun Lei. Susie said that there was a problem with the experimental conditions, and Mrs. Wang asked her to figure out the problem. If it is artificial, the laboratory will never allow anyone to cheat! Just as Susie was about to speak, Weiwei suddenly stood up and said that she was eager for success, and the data she gave Susie was modified.

Everyone didn’t believe it, Qiu Jianing also raised questions, but Weiwei kept asking for fame and fortune, and Wang was very angry. He would never allow any falsification. Once discovered, he must be expelled and take full responsibility. Susie catches up to plead with Wang Lao for Weiwei, but Wang Lao refuses to give her another chance, and Susie will rely more on Qiu Jianing in the future.

Weiwei left, but before she left, she still viciously believed that Qiu Jianing had driven her out of the laboratory, but Qiu Jianing didn’t care about her at all. She shouldn’t be falsified when doing scientific research, and she should bear the consequences if she did. Weiwei kept saying that she was in trouble. She was born in a small mountain village. She was only on train for the first time when she was admitted to university at the age of 18. The ticket was still paid by Susie, and Susie even helped her apply for a tuition exemption.

But Qiu Jianing didn’t understand, this could not be an excuse for her to be wrong. Zhou Xiaoshan persuaded Qiu Jianing not to be so absolute sometimes, because life will inevitably be in a dilemma. Zhou Xiaoshan asked, if a gun were put on the foreheads of her relatives and friends, would she still be so absolute? Qiu Jianing was obviously shaken. In the evening, Qiu Jianing helped Zhou Xiaoshan get the takeaway.

She thought about Zhou Xiaoshan’s problem carefully. If that happened, she might have a hard time doing it. Even if she understands Weiwei, she still thinks she did it. Is wrong. Zhou Xiaoshan took Qiu Jianing and asked what she would do if the person threatening her was herself. Qiu Jianing thought Zhou Xiaoshan was a good person, she believed her instinct, Zhou Xiaoshan would not do that, Zhou Xiaoshan was very emotional.

When Qin Bin came to the hospital early in the morning, he received a lot of strange eyes. It turned out to be a funny little video posted by Qiu Jiaxin. The content was about himself. After Weiwei left, Susie gave her job to Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jiaxin was telling the patients bad things about Qin Bin in the ward. Qin Bin quietly walked around behind her, and then pulled her to the corner with a smile.

Qiu Jia’s heart beat suddenly and quickly found an excuse and ran away. Susie said that Qiu Jianing had something to report, so she took her to see Elder Wang. Susie is going to resign. She is going to Professor Harry’s laboratory. Qiu Jianing doesn’t understand why. Does Susie really know about Weiwei? Susie confessed that it was she who asked Weiwei to do this, and she was just a little short of getting the approval of the head office, but it was a pity that Qiu Jianing came.

Qiu Jianing insists that the approval is based on data, but Su Qian believes that the long approval time is enough for her to optimize her experimental results. The two quarreled because of their scientific attitudes. Susie’s grandmother died of stomach cancer, but the drug was launched within a few months. This became Susie’s heart. There are so many cancer patients who die every day, but Qiu Jianing is still immersed. In the aura of being a saint.

After Susie was gone, Qiu Jianing began to wonder if she was really doing something wrong. She knew what Zhou Xiaoshan thought, otherwise her attitude would not change a hundred and eighty degrees. Weiwei did this to repay Susie, and Susie did it because of regrets left by her relatives. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing, what did she do for this world? Zhou Xiaoshan called Uncle Cha. He was a little tired and couldn’t wait to see that the task was completed.

Qiu Jiaxin is watching Qin Bin’s funny video, and she tells her mother that she doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore and wants to do something happy. But Qiu’s mother said that she had come to open her mouth from her little clothes, and Qiu Jianing had left her hometown since she was young to study abroad without ever having to spend a cent at home.

The source plan may be temporarily suspended, and Sun Lei is not reconciled. Qiu Jianing came to see Mr. Wang and asked Sun Lei a question. She thought the previous method in the laboratory was better. Wang Lao asked Sun Lei not to submit the report to the head office, gave Qiu Jianing half a month to verify, and asked Zhou Xiaoshan to help her.

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