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Broker 掮客 Episode 3 Recap

Zhou Xiaoshan understands that Asians will face a lot of discrimination in white laboratories. He thinks that we should fight back when encountering this kind of situation, but Qiu Jianing said that we should ignore it and don’t argue with fools. Zhou Xiaoshan smiled. I heard that Susie’s report was postponed for some reason. Qiu Jianing confessed that it was because of her. She believed that right was right or wrong was wrong, even if she was excluded because of this.

In the evening, Zhou Xiaoshan called Uncle Cha and said that it would take some time to find out. Maybe Qiu Jianing was the breakthrough point in his mission. Qiu Jianing came to Zhu Zhu to find some materials. Zhu Zhu said that all the materials had been lent out. When Zhou Xiaoshan saw this, he helped Qiu Jianing get the information, and Qiu Jianing was ecstatic. At work, Qiu Jianing met Weiwei in the elevator. Weiwei noticed that she was holding some information and quickly told Susie. Su Qian asked Qiu Jianing to come.

Qiu Jianing hoped to participate in the experiment as soon as possible, but Su Qian asked her to contact the clinical cooperative experimental party. Zhou Xiaoshan heard that Qiu Jianing was sent to do this. Li Chunran didn’t expect Qiu Jianing to be an academic misconduct. She was helpless here. Is it too difficult to do these things alone? Everyone realized that Weiwei said that Susie wanted to force Qiu Jianing to resign.

Qiu Jianing went to the hospital to negotiate and cooperate, but unfortunately, there was no contact with the vice president. Qiu Jianing simply sat in a chair and waited for him. Qin Bin was very interested in seeing Qiu Jianing reading the same book as himself, and he helped her answer her questions. Qiu Jianing smiled and thanked her.

Qin Bin fell in love with her at first sight and stared at her in a trance. He didn’t run away until the patient was well. . The nurse said that the deputy dean could not come back after attending the meeting, so Qiu Jianing had to ask the nurse to help her transfer the information. After Qin Bin rescued the patient, he began to recall Qiu Jianing.

Although he didn’t know her name and didn’t have a phone number, he believed that they would meet again. Qiu Jiaxin saw Qiu Jianing outside the window in the hospital and called her quickly. Qiu Jianing didn’t see her concealing returning to China, and she didn’t expect that she would be right in front of her as soon as she looked up. Qin Bin ran to find Qiu Jianing and didn’t expect that she had already left, only that she was here to discuss cooperation with Vice President Wu.

Qiu Jiaxin asked Qiu Jianing to explain why she had returned to China suddenly, and threatened to tell her father that Qiu Jianing had to tell her the ins and outs and asked her to keep it secret. Qiu Jiaxin clung to Qiu Jianing and asked her to accompany her to the coffee shop at noon, but Qiu Jianing agreed in desperation.

Qiu Jiaxin took several photos and taught Qiu Jianing to pose and advised her not to go back to the company. The leader was obviously making things difficult for her on purpose, and even sent an afternoon tea circle of friends with Qiu Jianing’s mobile phone, saying that he would let those who embarrass her. Seeing these problems doesn’t bother her at all.

When Li Chunran, Weiwei and others saw Qiu Jianing’s circle of friends said she was too much, Zhou Xiaoshan smiled. Qiu Jiaxin returned to the hospital with the coffee he bought, and was scolded by Qin Bin for being half an hour late. Qiu Jiaxin said that she was late because of her sister’s difficulties. Qin Bin complained and couldn’t make a slap.

He hated being intrigue at work matter. Weiwei took Qiu Jianing’s circle of friends and ran to Susie to complain, but Susie was calm. Qiu Jianing only returned to the company when she got off work. Zhou Xiaoshan came up to ask her how she was. Qiu Jianing explained that the Moments of Friends was not sent by her. Zhou Xiaoshan saw that it was sent by her sister, but Qiu Jianing did not deny it.

Weiwei spread the story of Qiu Jianing and ruining everyone’s year-end awards in the company, and then deliberately didn’t notify Qiu Jianing for the meeting. It was Zhou Xiaoshan who notified Qiu Jianing. At the end of the meeting, Qiu Jianing hurried over. She wanted to explain to Elder Wang, but she still didn’t say what Susie had said, only that something was delayed. Qiu Jianing asked Weiwei for the minutes of the meeting, but Weiwei ignored it.

Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing why she didn’t tell Elder Wang the truth. Susie was pushing her away, but Qiu Jianing was still maverick and said that she didn’t care, and even planned to redo the experiment. There was a thief in the car stealing Qiu Jianing’s mobile phone. Zhou Xiaoshan pulled Qiu Jianing into his arms and told her not to put the mobile phone in her coat pocket anymore.

The whole company wanted Qiu Jianing to leave quickly. Qiu Jianing didn’t explain to Mr. Wang that Su Qian understood that she was a smart person and that Qiu Jianing would not give up easily. The next day, Qiu Jianing came to bring cell culture consumables. The staff colluded with Weiwei secretly. Everything Qiu Jianing wanted was out of stock, and even the only thing left was broken and planted to Qiu Jianing. The staff refused to pick it up because of their temper.

Zhou Xiaoshan hurriedly came to help Qiu Jianing. Before leaving, Qiu Jianing looked at the staff and said angrily. As a manager knowing that it is out of stock but does not replenish it, there is no need to stay. The staff hated Qiu Jianing for this, and scolded her for being ill behind her back.

Zhou Xiaoshan persuaded Qiu Jianing to calm down. Qiu Jianing shut herself into the stairwell and took a deep breath, recalling the various injustices suffered at home and abroad these days, even if Qiu Jianing didn’t care how strong he was, she couldn’t help crying. Zhou Xiaoshan handed Qiu Jianing a paper towel and persuaded her to forget it, no matter how strong a person is, it is impossible to live independently from the masses. But Qiu Jianing’s goal is very ambitious, no matter how hard it is, he will not be afraid. Weiwei confessed up and down to not let Qiu Jianing do the experiment, just to drive her away.

Zhou Xiaoshan called Uncle Cha again and reported that Susie had pushed out Qiu Jianing. He has now gained Qiu Jianing’s trust. Qiu Jianing called Qiu Jiaxin at night and asked her to secretly send her the time and address of Vice President Wu’s participation in the academic conference. Qiu Jiaxin quickly inquired, but before she told Qiu Jianing that the academic conference needed an invitation letter, Qiu Jianing hung up anxiously.

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