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Broker 掮客 Episode 2 Recap

Qin Bin blamed Qiu Jiaxin for the mistake and quickly went to apologize to her. Qiu Jiaxin was eating in the cafeteria, and Qin Bin held a smiling face to give her the ribs. Qiu Jiaxin was so angry that Qin Bin had to confess his mistake and apologize loudly, and the whole cafeteria heard it. Qiu Jiaxin wanted to eat online celebrity shops. Although it was not expensive, he had to queue up. The average queue time was two hours, and Qin Bin had to agree. Zhou Xiaoshan was going to find a breakthrough from Qiu Jianing, and when she saw that she was carrying a courier, Zhou Xiaoshan helped.

Qiu Jianing bought some daily necessities, and Zhou Xiaoshan asked her to invite herself to dinner in order to get closer. Qiu Jianing ordered the drunk shrimp, Zhou Xiaoshan complained that she was too cruel, but still ate it. After eating, Zhou Xiaoshan talked about the experiment and Susie had already started to make a report. How could Sun Lei not get the ideal data, so why did Susie do it. Zhou Xiaoshan guessed that Su Qian asked her to watch out for people in Sun Lei’s group.

Qiu Jianing did not deny that she would not lie. Qiu Jiaxin was planning to study in the United States, and Qiu Jianing realized that she was lying to herself last time and could only persuade her to think about it. Qiu Jiaxin didn’t know that Qiu Jianing had returned to China, and asked her to pick her up at that time. After hanging up the phone, Zhou Xiaoshan said that she was really good at telling lies.

Zhou Xiaoshan returned home and began to have diarrhea. Qiu Jianing was not unusual at all. After receiving his text message, he hurried to his dormitory to deliver medicine. Zhou Xiaoshan looked very serious, Qiu Jianing decided to stay with him for a while. Early the next morning, Zhou Xiaoshan woke up and found that Qiu Jianing was asleep on the other side of the sofa.

Thinking of the conversation between Qiu Jianing and Qiu Jiaxin last night, Zhou Xiaoshan was a little puzzled, since it was his sister, why would she conceal the fact that she had returned to China. Zhou Xiaoshan thanked Qiu Jianing, and Qiu Jianing left when he saw that he was okay.

Susie asked about the results of the experiment that made Weiwei count, and Weiwei was embarrassed. Qiu Jianing was copying the documents, and Li Chunran came. Li Chunran said that he was expecting Susie’s playing plan but was laughed at. Sun Lei did this for so long without any results but Susie did it. Who knows what’s so tricky.

Li Chunran asked Qiu Jianing not to mind, smiling also was anxious for Sun Lei. When Qiu Jianing reviewed the report, she found some problems and came to Susie to report. She found that there was some error in the data. Weiwei hurriedly retorted that it was an error. Susie interrupted her quickly. Susie praised Qiu Jianing for doing a good job, and follow-up verification that she will find ways.

After Qiu Jianing left, Su Qian looked worried. Weiwei almost stabbed them out of what they were doing off the table just now. Since Qiu Jianing had already seen the clues, they had to be more careful than before. Susie asked Weiwei to learn about Qiu Jianing’s background. After get off work, Qiu Jianing was still looking at the information. Zhou Xiaoshan stepped forward and cared. Qiu Jianing said that the experimental report was very crude, and Weiwei’s attitude was too strange.

Zhou Xiaoshan invited Qiu Jianing to dinner, but the two came to a restaurant and found Qiu Jiaxin and Qin Bin were there. Qiu Jianing walked away after seeing her. Qiu Jiaxin hurriedly chased after seeing her. Qiu Jianing took Zhou Xiaoshan and hid, but Qiu Jiaxin didn’t find her either. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t understand why Qiu Jianing didn’t tell her family. Qiu Jianing said that she just didn’t bother to say that she would not waste time on such things.

Qin Bin dared to move the chopsticks after Qiu Jiaxin took the photo. Qin Bin asked her if she had a sister. Qiu Jiaxin said that they were half-parents, and secretly told Qin Bin that sister Qin Bin was a beautiful scientist, but Qin Bin thought it was necessary. With a half discount, Qiu Jiaxin threatened to bring Qiu Jianing over someday so that he could see it.

Weiwei inquired about Qiu Jianing. She was not in a low position in Harry’s laboratory before. The reason why she came here was because Qiu Jianing was expelled for academic misconduct. Harry is one of Europe’s leading biology masters. Susie decided to use this to make a fuss. Weiwei talked to Qiu Jianing and said that the head office values ​​the projects of the source plan very much, and only after seeing substantial progress can the funds be approved, so Susie’s report is very important.

After talking, Susie took the experiment report and went to Wang’s office. After thinking about it, Qiu Jianing rushed to Wang’s office and questioned Susie’s experiment report, thinking that it was not rigorous and needed to be verified. Wang Lao didn’t react, and waved Qiu Jianing to leave. Susie didn’t expect Qiu Jianing to go directly to Wang Lao.

By the way, she said about her resume. She didn’t expect Wang Lao to know about this and said that he had his own plans. Wang Lao said that Sun Lei’s group had his theoretical system more or less, and the reason why he recruited Susie to come in was for fresh blood. Wang Lao told Su Qian that Qiu Jianing’s affairs were limited to two people, and the reputation of scientific researchers was very important. Susie didn’t expect that the elder Wang was so kind of Qiu Jianing and decided to let her go by herself.

Qiu Jiaxin came to Qin Bin and promised not to poke Lou Zi during the internship, but hoped that Qin Bin would write her a letter of recommendation for her to study abroad, and Qin Bin agreed. At noon, Weiwei ordered a take-out treat. Qiu Jianing didn’t buy the things Weiwei ordered. Qiu Jianing didn’t say anything, so he ran to the cafeteria and ate something casually. After seeing it, Zhou Xiaoshan understood that Qiu Jianing had offended Susie, but Qiu Jianing didn’t care about being excluded, because only the weak would report to the group for warmth.

Weiwei tells everyone that Qiu Jianing was expelled from Harry’s laboratory and was able to come here because she was beautiful. Qiu Jianing heard these words and said that she would definitely prove that she was not weak. After get off work, Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing waited for the bus together. He believed Qiu Jianing was not a weak person, but he was curious why he was fired. Qiu Jianing is very proud, so she will never do anything bad. Qiu Jianing talked about the reasons lightly. She felt that there was no need to explain clearly to her colleagues, because she did not need their understanding and trust.

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