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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 28 Recap

When Han Shuang heard that Zhao Xiaolei said that he was leaving, but Lin Hao started to sow discord and told Han Shuang not to pretend to be a good person. Their girlfriends were very good on the surface, but in fact they already looked good and divorced, and they spread it in the evening. When Han Shuang likes Xu Chengyi, he tells Han Shuang not to wrong himself, and pursue it if he likes it.

It’s good to tell Han Shuang that Xia Yan said that she was a big-chested and brainless person, and they were just friends of wine and meat. Han Shuang didn’t hear that he was about to beat Lin Hao in the afternoon. Zhao Xiaolei quickly pulled away and told them to go back quickly. Zhao Xiaolei and the seniors were the best choice. I started to like the senior seven years ago, and now I finally don’t have to blame myself. I can be with the person I like, and she will bear all the consequences of her own choice.

After hearing this, Han Shuang was so angry that he took everyone away. After a few people left, Xia Yan asked Han Shuang not to think too much, and Zhao Xiaolei could make the decision by himself. Ma Xiangnan thought that Han Shuang should have a good chat with Xia Yan and left. Han Shuang asked Xia Yan if he believed the things in the video, but Xia Yan didn’t say too much.

After all, it is hard to believe that Han Shuang really liked Xu Chengyi at the beginning , But he couldn’t beat Han Shuang too much, so he had no choice but to say that he didn’t believe it. Han Shuang broke Xia Yan and she was going to divorce Mark, and went to his house to pack up and move. Xu Chengyi went to find Xia Yan.

The reason why Han Shuang would treat him like that was to help Xia Yan test him. He didn’t expect that Han Shuang didn’t tell Xia Yan. Xia Yan believed Xu Chengyi’s words, but Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi that they had only captured the navy that day, and the real man behind the scenes was still hidden behind the scenes. Han Shuang told Xia Yan that all her videos were hidden in the private space of Girlfriends Planet, and they must have been leaked along with the user information.

Zhao Xiaolei gave Lin Hao the only savings in his hand, asking him to solve his urgent need first. Lin Hao felt that Zhao Xiaolei was pitying him and had always treated Lin Hao as a loser, but Zhao Xiaolei told Lin Hao not to think like that. Lin Hao had been helping their family, but now Lin Hao seemed to be a different person. Lin Hao told Zhao Xiaolei to believe him. The original Lin Hao had always been there, but now that he was driven crazy by the people around him, Lin Hao would return to being as gentle and lovely as before.

Han Shuang went back to Mark’s house and told him that he was helpless when he saw the video, thinking that Mark would cope with her together, but he didn’t expect Mark to back down. In the past, Mark had only Han Shuang in his eyes, but today there was uncertainty in Mark’s eyes. It was called Han Shuang who was very worried and scared.

There was nothing between her and Xu Chengyi, but she had not dealt with it well. Mark asked Han Shuang to forget everything before and start again, but Han Shuang told Mark not to be naive. It was possible that they were no longer in each other, but they didn’t expect the feelings between them to be so fragile.

Han Shuang and Mark went out with the divorce certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau. Mark had to go back with Han Shuang on his back, because when he went to apply for the marriage certificate, it was Mark who went with Han Shuang on his back. Back with Han Shuang on his back.

Xia Yan went to Lin Hao and asked him if he could treat Zhao Xiaolei better. Now Lin Hao and Zhao Xiaolei are together, and don’t want to give them too much guilt, just want to bless them well. Lin Hao told Xia Yan that he would treat Zhao Xiaolei well, and he was even happier than Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi.

Ma Xiangnan was diagnosed with breast problems during the physical examination, and he was spotted by Huo Kai who was passing by. After Ma Xiangnan returned home, his mother was also asking about the results of the physical examination. Ma Xiangnan played her mother’s inquiry very perfunctorily. After that, her mother said that Ma Xiangnan’s aunt had breast cancer before, which made Ma Xiangnan feel even more nervous.

The doctor who got the physical examination told him to keep his health condition secret. Huo Kai went to Ma Xiangnan and asked her to go to the music festival together. On the way the two drove to the scene, Huo Kai told Ma Xiangnan that there would be surprises for her. Unexpectedly, the scene of the music festival turned out to be a lakeside park. Huo Kai prepared fireworks for Ma Xiangnan. Ma Xiangnan was moved and didn’t know what to say.

After that, Huo Kai will take Ma Xiangnan on a trip. The two had previously agreed on a walk-and-go trip. Now Huo Kai will take Ma Xiangnan to complete the promise. The two of them drove for the whole night. Ma Xiangnan fell asleep in the co-pilot. Huo Kai wanted to kiss Ma Xiangnan but held back. Huo Kai also drove too tired and fell asleep. When Huo Kai woke up, Ma Xiangnan took a change of clothes with him. I went back, and the two of them didn’t get anything before going out.

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