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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 26 Recap

Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to take a good rest, and the black hand behind the scenes will slowly check. Now the stock market has rebounded. After Ma Xiangnan went home and watched his mother cleaning up, he realized that Huo Kai was going to eat at home, so he changed his clothes to help his mother cook to welcome Huo Kai’s arrival.

The two of them had waited for a long time to prepare the meal and didn’t see Huo Kai’s figure, so Ma Xiangnan called Huo Kai, and Huo Kai was injured in the hospital and couldn’t go to Ma Xiangnan’s house. But Huo Kai didn’t want to make Ma Xiangnan worry about it.

The Three Emperors said that something happened temporarily, so they didn’t have to wait for him to tell Ma Xiangnan. When Mark heard Huo Kai’s phone call, he had been mentioning Ma Xiangnan until he knew that Huo Kai and Ma Xiangnan were acquainted, but Huo Kai told Mark not to tell Ma Xiangnan about the injury. After Ma Xiangnan went to work, he heard the nurse say that he knew that Huo Kai had broken his hand.

After returning home, Ma Xiangnan’s mother knew that Huo Kai was fractured and would go to visit, but Ma Xiangnan didn’t know where Huo Kai lived now. So my mother was going to cook soup for Huo Kai and asked Ma Xiangnan to bring Huo Kai calcium supplements when he went to the hospital.

Mark hoped that Huo Kai could visit Ma Xiangnan, but Huo Kai didn’t have the courage to go in when he reached the door. Later, I saw Ma Xiangnan in the corridor of the hospital, so he gave Huolai a bottle of calcium tablets and told him to pay attention to calcium supplements.

Huo Kai knew that he liked freedom too much to give Ma Xiangnan a stable life, so he told Ma Xiangnan that he still couldn’t go to their home to disturb their lives. Ma Xiangnan knew Huo Kai’s meaning and had to wish him a speedy recovery. Although the two like each other, they can’t walk together at the moment.

Mark and Han Shuang lived together. The room was messy like a pig’s nest. Early in the morning, Mark’s mother went in while they were counting. Han Shuang quickly got up to change clothes, and her mother asked Mark to explain quickly. what happened. The man doesn’t care, but the girl will be responsible for Mark in the future, and she will throw her away if she can’t finish the game.

Mark told his mother that he would not get rid of Han Shuang, and they all got the certificate. My mother was stunned when she heard it, but she didn’t expect that even the parents would get married before they even met. At this moment, Han Shuang changed into clothes and appeared.

When his mother saw such a beautiful and beautiful girl, she immediately developed a good impression. She praised Han Shuang very well, and she had to prepare a grand wedding for them, which made Han Shuang very happy. But Han Shuang’s biggest problem is how to tell her mother about marriage.

Ma Xiangnan’s mother thinks that Huo Kai and Ma Xiangnan are a good match, but now I don’t know if he is willing to be with Ma Xiangnan. Originally, I was going to travel with my sisters because Huo Kai stayed at home to wait for him as soon as he called.

Han Shuang went home to find her mother and told her frankly that she was married, and her mother, Han Mingzhu, told Han Shuang not to treat marriage as a child’s play, but to be responsible for himself. Han Shuang can impulse to get married and divorce impulsively. When Han Shuang gets married, he must sign a prenuptial agreement, and the entire group will leave it to Han Shuang in the future.

But Han Shuang told her mother that it was just their wedding, and neither she nor Mark would care about her mother’s group. When you get married, you don’t want your mother to go there. The Mark family will participate. When Han Mingzhu heard that they knew it, she was the only one who knew it was very sad. She felt that Han Shuang did not see her in his eyes.

But Han Shuang told her mother that she was going to arrange a meeting with Mark, but her mother only had money in her eyes. No wonder Han Shuang felt very kind when she saw Mark’s mother for the first time. People saw not only money but affection. Han Mingzhu became even more angry after hearing what Han Shuang said. As soon as his family had a new mother, Han Shuang’s affairs had nothing to do with her.

Zhao Xiaojun was waiting for Mr. Kang to take pictures of him and his lover in the hotel where he was staying. Because he had been waiting for the rabbit, his mobile phone soon ran out of power, so he asked Zhao Xiaolei to send a power bank. Zhao Xiaolei felt that Zhao Xiaojun was breaking the law, and if he did that, tell Lin Hao. And Zhao Xiaojun told Zhao Xiaolei that Lin Hao told him to do that. Zhao Xiaolei would say nothing when he heard it, but he still asked Zhao Xiaojun to follow.

Zhao Xiaolei saw the gift left by Xia Yan at the door after returning home. There was also a letter in it, asking Zhao Xiaolei to be sisters with them. Although he chose Lin Hao, it would not affect the feelings between them. At this moment, Lin Hao went back, screaming at Zhao Xiaolei, saying that Zhao Xiaojun was about to resign, and confessed that he would not do his things.

Zhao Xiaolei told Lin Hao that it would be illegal to stalk, and Lin Hao savagely told Zhao Xiaolei that everything that Zhao Xiaojun had was handed over by him, and the salary was also the highest. They are the first brothers and sisters to leave when they need them most in the company. Their brothers and sisters are ungrateful people.

When Han Shuang got home, he told Mark and his mother what had happened loudly. Mark felt that she should arrange her mother’s process, and she would not be caught off guard if she attended the wedding.

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