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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 37 Recap

Old Xu promised to deliver the goods to Group K. He hid all the drugs in the belly of the sheep and repeatedly ensured the safety of the transportation to the spectacles. At night, Lao Xu drove secretly to deliver the goods, but on the way, the traffic police happened to inspect the vehicle. The traffic police found that Lao Xu’s vehicle violated regulations. When he was about to check, he was stunned by Lao Xu’s men and taken away. But a small packet of methamphetamine was still scattered on the ground.

Glory is inspecting the methamphetamine that Lao Xu dropped before. The methamphetamine has a strong smell of sheep on the outside. They speculated that the methamphetamine should be hidden in the belly of the sheep for transportation.

After Lao Xu was afraid to hand over the traffic police to Li Ruosheng for handling, he wanted to go out to avoid the limelight. Mu Qing took the initiative to find Mr. Ou. The glasses, Ou Kexin and Li Ruosheng who received the news also hurried to Mr. Ou’s house. Mr. Ou asked where Mu Qing had gone this month. Mu Qing said that he had been moving along the border of Yunnan in order to avoid being chased by glasses. Mu Qing thinks that Mr. Ou needs him to support the appearance.

Mr. Ou said that although the talents of the group are now withered, he can’t take any risks. He said that Mr. Ou took out a small knife and put it on Mu Qing’s neck. At this time, Ou Kexin arrived in time, and Mr. Ou also stopped acting. Mr. Ou asked Li Ruosheng why Ou Kexin was still in China. Ou Kexin said that all of this was her idea, and she had already intervened in the group’s business. After hearing this, Mr. Ou was very angry. He detained Mu Qing at home and asked his glasses to investigate Mu Qing’s whereabouts in Yunnan.

Glory reported to Bureau Liu that he had prepared information about Mu Qing in Yunnan. Bureau Liu asked Glory to tell Ou Kexin that it was just a process of getting involved in the K Group business, and then he could use soft tricks against Mr. Ou.

Mr. Ou reminded Mu Qing that he still had a chance to confess before the glasses came back. But Mu Qing still looked calm. A drug dealer in Yunnan reported Mu Qing’s whereabouts in Yunnan to the glasses undercover. The glasses truthfully reported the situation to Mr. Ou, but he still raised his doubts about Mu Qing to Mr. Ou. Spectacles suggested that Mu Qing give Mr. Ou a name certificate.

On the factory side, Li Ruosheng met a small traffic policeman who had been arrested in a big bucket. He wanted to let his men sink the big bucket. But the boys said that the glasses had been ordered to make this little traffic policeman deadly valuable. At this time, Shao Nan came and transported the vat away. Li Ruosheng realized that there was something wrong with this, and he immediately told Ou Kexin the news. Ou Kexin called Honor and said she suspected that there must be a connection between Mu Qing and the traffic police who were taken away.

The members of the 84th team are discussing how to use Mu Qing to successfully obtain the certificate and save the life of the traffic police. At this time, Li Yimeng pointed out that there happened to be a batch of non-lethal ammunition in their bureau, and the main component of the warhead was anesthetic. Afterwards, Glory sent someone to hand over the narcotic bullet to Ou Kexin.

The glasses took Mu Qing to the outskirts, and he asked Shao Nan to supervise Mu Qing’s actions. If Mu Qing refused to shoot and kill the traffic policeman, he would kill him together with the traffic policeman Mu Qing. After Mu Qing hesitated, he immediately threatened the subordinates of the glasses with a gun. The situation at the scene was very serious. At this time, Ou Kexin and Li Ruosheng came, and the glasses told Li Ruosheng that Mu Qing must kill the traffic policeman today, and all this was what Mr. Ou meant.

Li Ruosheng said it was simple, and he asked Mu Qing to shoot quickly to show his loyalty. Mu Qing raised the gun impatience. At this moment, Ou Kexin came. In addition to reprimanding her glasses, she secretly stuffed Mu Qing with a special anesthesia bomb. Mu Qing reacted immediately and fired a shot at the traffic police. Ou Kexin said this matter, she is endless with glasses. Then she took Mu Qing away. Glasses also ordered his men to bury the traffic police.

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