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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 8 Recap

The case was solved. Lin Dang and Qin Ming were chatting on the home terrace. Faced with the doubts raised by Lin Dang, Qin Ming also expressed his thoughts. While the two chatted, Lin Dang also began to reflect on the love between himself and his parents. . Listening to what Lin Dang said, Qin Ming also remembered the appointment he had made with his father when he was young. In the room, looking at the gift my father gave me, my mother’s words are still vivid in my mind.

In the interrogation room, Cheng Xi also confessed all his crimes. Originally, Cheng Xi was only chatting with Qi Yumo, but because of the temptation of 300,000 yuan, Cheng Xi eventually became malicious in his heart, but it was only halfway through the implementation of the plan. , Qi Yumo suddenly woke up, and Cheng Xi, who was afraid of being exposed, also killed Qi Yumo by mistake. Cheng Xi, who had finished explaining, saw everything and even felt that prison was a place of freedom. When it was learned that Cheng’s mother wanted to see the child, Cheng Xi chose to refuse.

On the rooftop, Qin Ming recalled what happened today and couldn’t help but feel it. Soon, the two talked about the Facebook murder case again. Lin Dang also asked Qin Ming about the Facebook murder case 15 years ago. Recalling the process of that case, Qin Ming became scared unconsciously and found that Qin Ming Lin Dang, who knew that something was wrong, tried to ease the atmosphere, but Qin Ming’s emotions were very agitated. Qin Ming, who was running away, said some ugly things and left by himself.

In the police station, Lin Dang continued to struggle until late, and Qin Ming also tossed around at home and couldn’t fall asleep. The next day, Dabao told the two that there was another murder case. A group of people rushed to the scene of the crime. Through chat with the uncle, a group of people learned that a woman who likes to wear white clothes lived recently, and that she was always in the middle of the night. There is the sound of singing.

Afterwards, Dabao gave a concise and clear description of the process of the crime, and a group of people also dressed neatly and prepared to enter the scene of the crime. In the corridor, from time to time, policemen who could not stand vomited and ran. The few people who came to the crime scene looked at the corpse covered with borers, and couldn’t help coughing. Because evidence could not be collected at the scene, and the murderer was obviously prepared, Qin Ming could only make a simple analysis through observation.

After a while, Dabao was arranged to go to the surrounding area to understand the situation. When faced with inquiries, a group of uncles and aunts had different opinions, each one was the same. It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the confession. The only thing that can be clear is that the uncles heard the crying. The time is basically the same. At the same time, Lin Dang, who accidentally opened the refrigerator, found another corpse, and the case became even more vicious.

In the evening, Qin Ming came to the park to relax. Qin Ming sitting on the steps recalled his attitude towards Lin Dang that day. At this time, Dabao came over to chat with Qin Ming with two bottles of soda. Following Dabao’s enlightenment, Qin Ming seemed to have thought of something. After returning home, Qin Ming looked in the mirror, recalling the contact with Lin Dang during this period of time, Qin Ming also laughed unconsciously.

The next day, Qin Ming took the soda and wanted to apologize to Lin Dang. The usually calm Qin Ming suddenly became convulsed. The soda fell on the table while pushing, and the guilty Qin Ming hurriedly withdrew his hands in fright. Looking at Qin Ming’s appearance, Lin Dang also understood what Qin Ming meant, and the two were reconciled again. Lin Dang, who was drinking soda, didn’t know what he was thinking, and smiled happily.

In the autopsy room, everyone began to plan the corpse, and soon everyone also came up with some clues. The group immediately convened a meeting and confirmed that the cause of death of the deceased should be starvation, and the identity of the second corpse was simpler than that of the first. Just when Qin Ming was preparing to speak, Lin Dang was the first to speak. The concise and concise words also won praise from the Li team. After Lin Dang finished his speech, Qin Ming took the topic and continued to speak. Afterwards, the group focused on the woman in white among the nearby residents. Suddenly, Qin Ming seemed to have thought of something.

He immediately notified the police on the scene. Through communication with the police on the spot, everyone initially determined that the dead and the woman in white in the refrigerator might have committed the crime, and the cage was welded inside the house. Because of some differences between the two, the woman managed to kill the victim in the refrigerator.

The police officers started a discussion based on the existing clues, and then Team Li made a summary to everyone, and also deployed several plans for everyone to execute.

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