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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 6 Recap

The two sat down in Qi Yumo’s father’s shop, and the three briefly chatted with Qi Yumo. The two also learned that Qi Yumo was working hard outside to treat his mother at home, and they probably determined the time of Qi Yumo’s disappearance. Qi’s father also honestly explained that he received a blackmail call and paid a deposit.

After understanding the general situation, the two returned to the car and began a brief discussion on how to handle the case. The sun was getting higher, and the three of them also began to eat at the rice noodle shop. Lin Dangtong, who was analyzing Qin Ming, couldn’t speak. The three were eating, and Lin Dang received a call saying that the body was found.

The three immediately came to the scene of the crime, and Qin Ming also began to examine the wound. Back to the autopsy room, Qin Ming led the people to start an autopsy. A group of people simply judged the cause of death of the deceased, at this time. The trio suddenly discovered a cross pattern on the deceased’s knee. After simple judgment, the trio inferred that the floor tiles at the first crime scene were cross patterns. Later, the group used the evidence they found to lock the suspect on several wealthy second-generation businessmen related to the king crab.

In the evening, Qin Ming and Lin Dang stopped at the entrance of the hotel. When Lin Dang went out to buy buns, Qin Ming, who found the suspect, immediately stopped him, but was beaten. Soon, Lin Dang, who saw Qin Ming being beaten up, immediately fought, and the rich second-generation Huang Zhongyin was quickly subdued.

In the interrogation room, Huang Zhongyin also began to honestly explain. At the end of the interrogation, everyone also learned that Huang Zhongyin was Qi Yumo’s ex-boyfriend. Qi Yumo had asked Huang Zhongyin to borrow money but was rejected. Apart from that, there were no other valuable clues. After taking Huang Zhongyin off, based on the feedback from other colleagues, Huang Zhongyin was also confirmed to be innocent.

The three quickly learned from Qi Yumo’s travel records that Qi Yumo had been to a massage shop. The three immediately set off to investigate. After arriving at the location, the three opened a box and began to massage. Soon, Lin Dang used some small tricks to simply set the position of the second suspect Li Wei. In the box, Lin Dang pretended to be a massage girl and approached Li Wei. Taking advantage of Li Wei’s attention, Lin Dang immediately pressed Li Wei’s feet into the hot water. Soon, Li Wei also told the three of them about Qi Yumo’s search for him.

On the way back, Qin Ming flipped through the video repeatedly in the car. After the two chatted a few words, they planned to start checking with Li Wei’s film and television company. After the talent show, the director also fell in love with Lin Dang.

The next day, Lin Dang and Qin Ming were waiting for the director’s reply. When they thought of becoming a star, Lin Dang gradually laughed. While the two were chatting, the film and television company called, and then Lin Dang began to attend the appointment alone.

After arriving at the place, Lin Dang began to have a play with Sun Zong, the other director of Li Wei Film and Television Company. Under Mr. Sun’s suggestion, the director left wisely. Afterwards, Mr. Sun began to greet the waiter, but the waiter who came in was Qin Ming pretending to be. Qin Ming, who was worried about Lin Dang’s safety, tried to stay on the scene to protect Lin Dang, but was soon driven away. Then Lin Dang took the opportunity to go to the toilet and left.

After a few chats, Lin Dang and Qin Ming immediately returned to the wine table. Later, Lin Dang used words to explain the fact that Mr. Sun prescribed medicine. Not long after, Dabao and Qin Ming also walked into the private room. The three arrested Mr. Sun and brought him to justice. Li Wei and his leather bag company were also seized by the local police in one fell swoop.

The suspicion of Li Wei was removed, and the two had to look for clues again. Qin Ming, who returned to the police station, fell tired on the chair. Seeing Qin Ming asleep, Lin Dang couldn’t help laughing, but he kindly covered a piece of clothing. Before long, Qin Ming was awakened by a nightmare, and Lin Dang, who discovered that Qin Ming was awake, immediately greeted Qin Ming to watch the new clues. The two quickly locked the target task to Cheng Xi, a student of Longfan Conservatory of Music.

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