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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 8 Recap

Seeing Chen Jiaorui’s state at home, Xiao Yan couldn’t help telling You Ya about it. Chen Jiaorui used to be such an arrogant person, but now she is tortured by the trivial things at home. There is also Mo Ming, who used to be a loving pediatrician, but now staying at home is like a grudge against his father. In this regard, Xiao Yan has no expectations for family life, and people like You Ya who still live exquisitely with children are simply the tip of the iceberg.

Chen Jiaorui had a fever, and Mo Ming was worried about infecting her child, so she took the child to the hospital for care. Although Chen Jiaorui has her mother and her mother-in-law to take care of, they are always arguing. Her mother-in-law puts her mind on Tongtong, and doesn’t care about Chen Jiaorui’s mental and physical conditions.

Xiao Yan was working in a coffee shop and met a bear kid. He was running around in the shop, pointing at people with a toy gun, while his mother was playing with her mobile phone and didn’t care at all. Xiao Yan was affected and had to change to another place to work. Unexpectedly, the bear kid ran by himself, tripped on Xiao Yan’s computer charging cable and fell down.

The mother insisted that it was the child that Xiao Yan overthrew. By coincidence, the surveillance in the store broke down, and Xiao Yan couldn’t explain it clearly. She asked the bear child to tell the truth, but his mother still didn’t believe it, thinking that Xiao Yan was intimidating the child. Fortunately, someone else recorded a video, which proved that the child fell by himself. The mother was still messing around, Xiao Yan reminded her to take the child to the hospital to see the wound.

Mo Ming took the child to work, and the nurses and doctors in the department gathered around to see him, saying that Mo Ming was a good husband. Chen Jiaorui called him and heard what his colleagues were saying about Mo Ming. Her face collapsed immediately. She didn’t say anything, and Mo Ming didn’t notice that something was wrong with her. Just hung up the phone. Xiao Yan accompanied the mother to bring the child to the hospital. The number registered was Mo Ming’s. Xiao Yan went to help pay for the medical bills. However, when she came back, she found that the two of them had disappeared. Xiao Yan thought that they must not want to lose their computer. At this moment, Xiao Yan regrets helping her son pay the bill.

You Ya went to a class reunion and called Xiao Yan to go together. On the way, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but complain about the bear kid she met today. At the party, Xiao Yan had no conversation with other people, so she had to play with Congcong. She didn’t expect to meet Qi Bin again here, Qi Bin also found Xiao Yan, and took the initiative to come over to say hello to her.

After Xiao Yan went out to play with the child, other classmates told her behind her back, Xiao Yan walked in with Cong Cong, and talked with them calmly, but the other party was obviously not kind. Qi Bin overheard it, and took the initiative to walk in to interrupt their conversation and relieve Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan left the party, You Ya also took the child away, Xiao Yan did not eat much at the party.

Before sending You Ya back, she took Congcong and You Ya to eat. She did not expect to meet the mother of the bear child today. The other side reflected on the whole night and gave Xiao Yan the money to compensate for the computer. Xiao Yan’s attitude was also Ease down. Seeing that Chen Jiaorui was unhappy, Mo Ming deliberately told a joke to Chen Jiaorui, but she had no response after hearing it. When he was feeding Tongtong milk powder, Chen Jiaorui asked him strangely how it feels to be a celebrity dad on a day trip today.

When a man takes a child for a while, many people will praise him, while a woman who takes a child for a lifetime will fail. Less than a good sentence. Mo Ming’s patience was exhausted, and he asked Chen Jiaorui if he wanted the whole family to accompany her in depression. Chen Jiaorui couldn’t refute, and went back to the room to cry by herself.

Mo Ming was playing on the court. You Ya took the child and found Mo Ming by accident. She had a crush on him before. Hearing that Mo Ming has a daughter and his wife is now in confinement, Youya accidentally talked about postpartum depression. Mo Ming was a little worried after hearing this. He didn’t expect the postpartum depression to be so serious, if only Chen Jiaorui was as optimistic as You Ya. Yan Zhi’s calf was injured when he was playing. Mo Ming happened to be here. After he helped Yan Zhi fix it, he sent him to the hospital. The mother-in-law was coaxing the child, and Chen Jiaorui suddenly appeared at the door of the room, shocking her mother-in-law.

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