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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 7 Recap

Xiao Yan took the time to participate in Qi Bin’s legal consultation meeting. Qi Bin was providing legal aid to a working woman at the time. When they talked about their sexy clothes, Xiao Yan finally couldn’t help but interject. She doesn’t think that one of the reasons for sexual harassment is because women are exposed to clothing.

If anyone thinks so, it is obvious slut humiliation. Xiao Yan made suggestions to this woman, simply and neatly, making Qi Bin on the side ashamed, but from the perspective of a lawyer, he does not recommend using violent behavior to resist, so as not to leave the other side with a handle. Xiao Yan turned to the woman to go to the lawsuit to let everyone in the office know that she was not a bully. Xiao Yan’s words changed Qi Bin’s view of her a lot.

When it comes to the topic of gender, Xiao Yan is like a fighter, and it is precisely this kind of Xiao Yan that attracts Qi Bin’s attention, and he takes the initiative to invite Xiao Yan to dinner together at night. The evening meal was very pleasant, Qi Bin also expressed his appreciation for Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan went home in the car and couldn’t help smiling. The company wants to acquire the confinement center. Xiao Yan went to the field to investigate. She was holding a child. The feeling of holding a child was strange and uncomfortable.

The child spit on her coat, and Xiao Yan couldn’t wash it off when she went to the toilet, so she simply stopped wearing it. She saw Mo Ming as soon as she left the confinement center. Mo Ming just took a casual look. He didn’t plan to put his wife and children in an unfamiliar environment. Chen Jiaorui had two mothers taking care of them.

Xiao Yan found it ridiculous. The two mothers took care of Chen Jiaorui, and they had to drive her crazy. She felt sad for Chen Jiaorui. Xiao Yan and Li Cha, who came back from the inspection, reported that the popularity of the confinement center is not high and needs to be promoted, but she believes that the confinement center is the general trend. Instead of allowing mothers to take care of their elders at home, it is better to go to the confinement center to receive professional guidance, which can also reduce family conflicts.

These words of Xiao Yan are right. This is the situation in Chen Jiaorui’s family now. The opinions and concepts of the two old people do not agree. It is only strange that Chen Jiaorui is not depressed. Here, my mother was in the room with Chen Jiaorui and Mo Ming’s mother. Chen Jiaorui received a message from Xiao Yan. She said that she would pass by her house and come to see her. I didn’t know it would be inconvenient.

Chen Jiaorui wanted face, she had to dress up and agreed to Xiao Yan to come to see herself at home. Mo Ming didn’t understand. Since Chen Jiaorui didn’t want to see Xiao Yan, she could just find a reason to refuse, but Chen Jiaorui didn’t think so, she couldn’t let Xiao Yan look down on herself. It’s just embarrassing that the child woke up, and the two mothers quarreled in the room. The mother-in-law took out the child who was waiting to be fed and asked her to breastfeed the child.

Chen Jiaorui had to enter the room to feed the child. The mother was still nagging and the clothes were zippered. The pull broke, Chen Jiaorui collapsed and sat on the bed crying. In the living room, Xiao Yan said that although the child is first, she should also give more care and love to Chen Jiaorui. After all, Chen Jiaorui is very disappointed and sad now.

Before leaving, Xiao Yan mentioned the EDS project drawings. Chen Jiaorui said that the bedroom was messy, and the drawings were not found for a while, and Xiao Yan no longer insisted on it. As soon as Xiao Yan left, Chen Jiaorui changed her sorrowful face. She returned to the bedroom, where the work materials and drawings were on the bedroom table. Mo Ming asked her why she didn’t give Xiao Yan the drawing, but Chen Jiaorui didn’t say anything, as if Xiao Yan had come to grab her things. After returning home, Xiao Yan received several pictures, which were taken by others while she was holding the baby today. Xiao Yan thought about it and left one of them.

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