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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 34 End Recap

After only one day, Ding Siye’s physical condition dropped sharply. When he woke up, he found Tao Chengkai sitting opposite, mastering the negotiation as a master, and putting forward the conditions straightforwardly. Tao Chengkai asked Ding Siye to surrender his password and the underground drug trafficking network in the entire East China region in exchange for life-saving serum. Otherwise, he would have blisters in his mouth, pus all over his body, and eventually died of organ failure.

Knowing what Tao Chengkai said was true, Ding Siye had to agree to the other party, and immediately moved into his special house. Ali took Bai Julie to treat Fourth Master Ding, and vaguely mentioned the news that Ma Tianming was not dead. Unexpectedly, Bai Julie thought he was comforting herself and said that he had gradually accepted the facts.

At first, Bai Julie didn’t know the identity of the patient, but when she found out that Ding Siye, who had killed her father and enemy, was in the ward, she was so angry that she wanted to turn around and leave. However, Ding Siye is indeed hateful, but his hands are not only as simple as a few murder cases, but even possess important information such as drug trafficking networks, which is related to the safety of many people.

Under Tao Chengkai’s persuasion, Bai Zhuli put aside her personal grievances for the time being, and promised to help treat the illness, but only if an assistant is there to help. Tao Chengkai asked Li Quan to find an assistant, and Bai Zhuli injected a tranquilizer for Ding Siye. Just as she wanted to kill the killer, Ma Tianming came in from outside the door.

Seeing that Ma Tianming was intact, Bai Julie rushed over to hug him and couldn’t help crying. Ma Tianming found the password and the list of dealers on the drug trafficking network from Ding Siye’s crutches, and told Bai Julie to take it to Ali as soon as possible. Although Bai Julie did not want to be separated from Ma Tianming, considering the importance of the matter, she could only force herself to leave with grief.

Li Quan found that he was tied up and called his subordinates quickly. When he rushed into the ward, he saw Ma Tianming sitting leisurely by the bed, guarding the unconscious Ding Siye. Ma Tianming refused to give an account of the whereabouts of Bai Julie and others, but instead offered to see Tao Chengkai, saying that he had something he was interested in.

Ma Tianming took out the list of dealers and gave it to Tao Chengkai, without mentioning a word about the password. Tao Chengkai has gradually learned about Ma Tianming’s personality through this time of getting along, and was moved by Cai Likun’s family and country, so he found an excuse to let him leave and no longer pursue the password.

On the way back, Li Quan really couldn’t figure out why Tao Chengkai wanted to let Ma Tianming go. Even if he was not the Communist Party, he at least helped the Communist Party to do a lot of things. However, Tao Chengkai thinks that sometimes you should not pay too much attention to the minor details. The success or failure of a thing may be caused by these cumbersomeness. Moreover, the password has been taken away, and it is meaningless to continue to pursue it. Now the list in hand is far more than five million. More valuable.

As Ding Siye woke up, he also knew that he had been deceived. He did not contract bacteria at all, but had normal diarrhea. Xue Ning threw the broken cane in front of Ding Siye, representing that his carefully planned conspiracy was completely defeated. Originally, Ding Siye still wanted to defend, but Ma Tianming did not give him a chance at all. Xue Ning let Ma Tianming kill Ding Siye with a single shot and completely ended it.

After everything is over, Tian Chujun and Ali will set off for Yan’an, and Ma Tianming will join the party organization and continue to stay in Shanghai to purchase medicines for the frontline wounded. Even though Ma Tianliang has been sent to the hospital for compulsory detoxification, he needs to overcome this barrier by himself. Ma Tianming applied for admission to his younger brother to encourage him to quit drug addiction. The brothers completely eliminated the barriers and got back together.

In the days to come, Ma Tianming ran around to raise medicines, and Dean Su would often help him purchase them. Ma Tianming was discussing cooperation with people in the coffee shop, and suddenly saw Bai Julie appear in the crowd, but when she chased her, she had already disappeared. When Ma Tianming was feeling down, unexpectedly Bai Julie came to him and talked about their future, looking forward to each other’s new home. Ma Tianming excitedly hugged Bai Julie and kissed her.

Three months later, the Battle of Songhu broke out and the Chinese people entered a period of all-out war of resistance. As an underground member of the Communist Party of China, Ma Tianming has been delivering medicines to the frontline. Bai Julie was appointed as the new dean of Hengshan Hospital to provide Ma Tianming with scarce medicines.

Their close cooperation saved more lives of anti-Japanese soldiers and became a guerrilla in northern Jiangsu. The guarantee of victory in the anti-Japanese struggle. Ma Tianliang successfully returned to Guanghua University to regain his dream after detoxification. Tian Chujun went through all kinds of setbacks in France and successfully rescued Cai Likun’s wife and children from the Kuomintang and sent them to Moscow for protection.

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