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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 42 Recap

The Corps was in danger. Huang Wei bluntly stated that Du Yuming had failed to break through, and Li Yannian was blocked from going north. Their Corps was exhausted and could only rely on themselves. Wang Cuishan was anxious and once again persuaded Yang Botao to surrender, but was unexpectedly heard by Huang Wei and others.

Wang Cuishan’s identity was thus exposed, and he was finally brought to justice under the gun of Yang Botao. Hu Lian was about to return to Nanjing. Huang Wei told him to tell Chiang Kai-shek about the situation on the front line, hoping that Chiang Kai-shek would send troops to reinforce him. Hu Lian asked him and his brothers to hold on for a few more days, and he would definitely come back with his rescuers.

Du Yuming summoned Qiu Qingquan, Sun Yuanliang, and Li Mi to discuss the war. Sun Yuanliang said that he was trapped in Chen Guanzhuang at the moment, and there was only one dead end if he was consumed. Rather than sit and wait for death, it is better to take the initiative and break through separately. Everyone agreed, and Du Yuming immediately ordered their troops to be organized and dispersed.

When Ma Xuanyun led Ding Dasheng and others as a stormtrooper against Jiang Jun, Ma Xuanyun was shot and injured in order to protect Ding Dasheng. Ding Dasheng immediately pulled off the leggings and tied his injured arm. Ding Dasheng told Ma Xuanyun that his legs had healed a long time ago, but when they were in the Kuomintang army, they always wanted to die, so Ding Dasheng always pretended to be lame.

They continued to advance, but Jiang Jun’s machine guns hid in the dark fort and strafed them violently. It was difficult for the PLA to advance. Seeing the flag bearers fall one by one, Ding Dasheng desperately held the red flag to indicate the specific location of the dark fort and was eventually shot. Under the guidance of the red flag, the enemy’s dark fort was taken down, Ding Dasheng found his original intention in the People’s Liberation Army, and he sprinkled his blood on this territory.

From December 6th to 15th, 1948, Du Yuming was repulsed for many breakouts. Sun Yuanliang led the 16th Corps to break through on his own. He was flanked by the East China Field Army and collapsed across the board. Sun Yuanliang mixed into the rebellion army and turned into ordinary people to escape by chance. Was completely wiped out in the breakout.

When preventing Du Yuming from breaking through the death squad, Uncle Lao Fa’s third son died. He finally failed to eat the pepper-flavored buns his father made in person. Uncle Lao Fa felt sad, but this made him more determined to stay here. Heart. Chiang Kai-shek held a dance party at the Nanjing mansion. Situ Leideng and Li Zongren were all present.

Chiang Kai-shek swollen face to fill the fat man and said that Song Meiling had a very happy conversation with Marshall in the United States. Jiang Jieshi was unwilling to fall behind, and refuted Stuart’s words one by one. But when speaking with Gu Zhu in private, he expressed deep concern, and he still had to make it clear to Hu Lian if he had any assistance.

Du Jianshi brought a letter from Chiang Kai-shek to Chen Changjie. In the letter, Chiang Kai-shek asked Chen Changjie to lead his troops to Tanggu and then withdraw from the sea road south. Chen Changjie was loyal to Fu Zuoyi and refused to leave. Guo Jingyun was unwilling to let the troops fatigue and march. Feng Zi repeatedly emphasized that it was more important to return to Peking. They disagreed and quarreled.

Later, Feng Zi discovered that the reason why Guo Jingyun stopped to rest was not because he was sympathetic to the soldiers, but because he was selfish and illicit. Yang Dezhi marched at night and finally rushed to besiege the 35th Army in Xinbao the next day. Fu Zuoyi heard that the alarm rang in his heart, but Mao Zedong was very happy and ordered them to take down the 35th Army. Fu Zuoyi would definitely spare no expense. Return to his 35th army.

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