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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 41 Recap

Wang Cuishan always mentioned the Communist Party in front of Yang Botao intentionally or unintentionally. Yang Botao was a little shaken. Wang Cuishan told another comrade codenamed Sickle in private that he wanted to persist in lobbying Yang Botao, and Comrade Sickle agreed. Xiong Shouchun also told Yang Botao that their military spirit was about to end, and Yang Botao felt that their 12th Corps was hopeless.

The next day, after listening to the communist army’s broadcast, Yang Botao left the iron egg and let the others out. He had thoughts of surrender, but he needed someone to get in touch with the Communists. Wang Cuishan said that he had a fellow at Chen Geng’s staff as a staff member. Before he could finish speaking, Huang Wei sent someone to say that Hu Lian came to Shuangduiji and ordered them to go to a meeting.

The arrival of Hu Lian completely dispelled Yang Botao’s thoughts of surrender. Wang Cuishan was very upset. This was simply a failure. The arrival of Hu Lian greatly shocked the morale of the 12th Corps, but Mao Zedong believed that this was just a delay in dying, and ultimately it would not be able to change the overall situation.

Mao Zedong pointed out that what really needs to worry about now is Fu Zuoyi. They should preemptively deploy the next heaven and earth net to firmly encircle the “frightened bird” Fu Zuoyi. At that time, whether Fu Zuoyi wants to escape or want to negotiate, the initiative will be firmly established. In the hands of our army. The People’s Liberation Army attacked Zhangjiakou, and Fu Zuoyi ordered Guo Jingyun to send troops to strengthen Zhangjiakou.

Fu Zuoyi did so, in line with the Central Military Commission’s intentions. Mao Zedong ordered to invest his troops on the front lines of Beiping and Zhangjiakou to do his best to annihilate the 35th Army. At the same time, Chiang Kai-shek intervened in the front-line command and deployment, and the East China Field Army seized a once-in-a-lifetime fighter opportunity to launch an unprecedented scale of pursuit and interception warfare against Du Yuming’s troops, breaking out on three sides and intercepting on one side, and encircled Du Yuming’s regiment in Chen Guanzhuang, unable to move.

Chiang Kai-shek became very angry when he learned of this. The Central Military Commission analyzed the current situation. Huaye and Zhongye have encircled Du Yuming Corps and Huang Wei Corps respectively. If the stalemate is too long, there may be variables. One of the two must be resolved as soon as possible. After repeated deliberations by several major secretaries, they decided to start with Huang Wei. Operate.

The People’s Liberation Army successfully captured Miyun. Fu Zuoyi didn’t expect that the Communist Army had already hit Miyun. Now he realized that he had been caught by Mao Zedong’s plan. He immediately ordered Guo Jingyun to lead his troops back to Peiping. Miyun won the victory, but Mao Zedong was very angry because it was a wrong victory. The mistake was to startled the grass and startled the snake, greedy the small and cheap, and some troops did not follow the central deployment.

The Battle of Miyun shocked Fu Zuoyi. He immediately transferred the 35th Army back to Peiping for defense. However, Yang Chengwu and Li Tianhuan’s corps misjudged the situation and were insufficiently prepared, and failed to form an effective interception against the 35th Army. Mao Zedong issued a strict order that the 35th Army must be blocked on the road, and neither soldier nor soldier could be returned to Peiping.

On the way back to Peiping, Guo Jingyun was forced to run around by the communist army. He was suffocated in his heart. Hearing that there was communist army activity nearby, Guo Jingyun wanted to go to a quick fight, but the commander Feng Zi stopped it to no avail. Liu, Chen, and Deng sent telegrams to the central government to determine the date of the general offensive. The Central Military Commission had no opinion, but they said that Su Yu could send troops to help if necessary. Soon, the command of the general offensive was issued, the horn of the general offensive sounded, and the Huang Wei Corps was in danger.

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