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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 25 Recap

Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan hurriedly returned to the company, Ling Wei told them that the hacker attack stolen the database information and posted it on the Internet. Although the post has been deleted, it has spread in two hours. Xu Chengyi asked everyone to track down the location of the publisher, but now that there are not enough manpower, Xu Chengyi had to do it himself. Ask Xia Yan to do public relations to minimize the loss. At this moment, the chairman of the board also went and gave Xu Chengyi a severe reprimand. Now it has caused great losses to the company.

Yan Changjun thinks that SG should be able to fix the loopholes quickly, but the important thing is how SG can ensure that customer information is not leaked. Now everyone feels that SG has something wrong and the Xinkey Technology that they are cooperating with is fine, and Xinkey Technology must be behind the scenes. Maybe that person will push the black pot to Newkey Technology, but now it is a tough battle.

Xia Yan saw that many people were scolding their girlfriends planet at night, and Ling Wei also told Xu Chengyi that it might be Yan Changjun’s work, but there was no evidence yet. However, Xia Yan felt that someone had bought the navy and deliberately targeted them with SG, which did not seem to be what Yan Changjun did. Xu Chengyi was not sure who it was, only to rescue the loophole first, and then to find evidence who did it.

Just after Xu Chengyi and Ling Wei went out, Xia Yan received a call from Yan Changjun and told her to go downstairs to meet. Yan Changjun told Xia Yan that Lingwei is a very simple person, and now that Xia Yan has relaxed her vigilance against Lingwei, it proves that Lingwei has done it very successfully. Yan Changjun knew Ling Wei best, and her target was Xu Chengyi.

Although Ling Wei has been mentioning the divorce of her ex, no one has seen who her husband is. As long as Xia Yan agrees to cooperate with Yan Changjun, they can help resolve their current crisis. But Xia Yan didn’t believe Yan Changjun’s words, and thought that would not happen. Yan Changjun told Xia Yan not to rush to reply, thinking clearly and replying.

SG is about to hold a press conference. On the way Xu Chengyi took everyone to the scene, many reporters blocked them from interviewing. Xia Yan and Ling Wei both blocked them. A reporter deliberately took a flashlight to shine Xu Chengyi’s eyes, and Ling Wei went up. Pushing the man, he didn’t expect that the reporter kicked Ling Wei so hard that Ling Wei couldn’t get up. Xu Chengyi quickly picked up Ling Wei and went to the hospital. The reporters also claimed that SG had beaten someone.

Ling Wei and Xu Chengyi apologized for her trouble, but they just wanted to protect Xu Chengyi instinctively. After that, Xia Yan also rushed to the hospital and told Xu Chengyi not to worry, but just to get rid of it, but Xu Chengyi was very worried about Lingwei because Lingwei was nearly paralyzed because of Xu Chengyi’s lumbar spine injury. Xu Chengyi has a deep memory of this. Xia Yan felt that Ling Wei had paid a lot for Xu Chengyi.

Xia Yan received the news from Yan Changjun and sent her an address, so Xia Yan called Yan Changjun back to ask clearly what it meant but no one answered, so Xia Yan sent a message to Xu Chengyi and went out quickly. Only after Xu Chengyi went back did he see Xia Yan’s news. At this time, the employees also found the address. Xu Chengyi hurried out to find Xia Yan and called the police on the way.

Xia Yan went to the address and took pictures of her home, so those people took out Xia Yan and took out their mobile phones. At this time, Xu Chengyi rushed to take Xia Yan and ran away, but they were still caught up by those people and smashed them. After a beating, Xu Chengyi desperately protected Xia Yan, and soon the police rushed to take the suspect back for interrogation.

Xia Yan took Xu Chengyi to the hospital for an examination. It was very sad to see Xu Chengyi bleeding all the time, but Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to visit Lingwei. He just got better soon after his skin injury. Xia Yan went to Lingwei’s ward and told her that she had found the address of the hacker and was interrogating them now. Ling Wei was anxious to know what was behind the scenes, but Xia Yan didn’t know for the time being, she could only find out after the interrogation.

Xu Chengyi saw the doctor alone and learned that he had an eye injury. He had been injured a few years ago. Now another injury has a great impact on his eyes. Xu Chengyi is told to take a rest and ensure treatment. Later, Ling Wei and Xia Yan went to see Xu Chengyi. He did not say about his condition, but when Ling Wei saw Xu Chengyi in the ophthalmology department, she secretly asked the doctor and learned that Xu Chengyi’s eyes had gone wrong.

After that, I found Xu Chengyi and told him to tell her, otherwise he would ask Xia Yan to ask him. Xu Chengyi was afraid that Xia Yan would be worried that she knew that he might be blind. Ling Wei wanted to send Xu Chengyi to the United States for treatment. She knew the best ophthalmologist. But Xu Chengyi didn’t want to go out. Ling Wei felt that it must be because of Xia Yan. Xu Chengyi also said that he had promised Xia Yan would guard her, which made Ling Wei very jealous.

Lin Hao’s company’s contract has not been signed, so Lin Hao felt that Han Shuang’s mother must be doing the trick, so he asked someone to investigate. After receiving a call from the landlord asking him to pay the rent, Lin Hao had no choice but to talk to others and to be more accommodating for a while. At this moment, Zhao Xiaolei called Lin Hao and asked him if he was going home for dinner, but Lin Hao impatiently scolded Zhao Xiaolei and told her not to call her at work in the future.

Zhao Xiaojun asked the company’s salesman why the order was pornographic, and if it was really caused by Han Shuang’s mother. The salesman told Zhao Xiaojun that his family is a big entrepreneur and would not care about small companies of their level. It should have been Lin Hao and Mr. Kang who were engaged in pornography after eating. They didn’t know what they were talking about. The hard-working business is just like that in vain.

Zhao Xiaolei was waiting at home for Lin Hao to go back, but seeing pictures of Lin Hao and those entrepreneurs on the Internet on her mobile phone was very close and felt a little uncomfortable. At this time, Lin Hao went back. Zhao Xiaolei wanted to comfort him about his company, but Lin Hao was very impatient and told Zhao Xiaolei that it was because Han Shuang had messed up and had messed up the previous order. Zhao Xiaolei was going to find Han Shuang, but Lin Hao did not ask her to go, and she would not allow Zhao Xiaolei to communicate with those people again.

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