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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 4 Recap

Through last night’s conversation, Lin Dang and Qin Ming targeted the drugstore again.

The second person, the two came to the pharmacy near the incident to investigate, and through a chat with Aunt Wang at the pharmacy, the two again targeted Wang Yonghai. When they drove to the construction site, Lin Dang and Qin Ming looked at the sneaky group of people and were suspicious. The two immediately ran down the hillside to stop them, but they soon discovered that it was a farce. Lin Dang, who was anxious and frustrated, immediately notified.

The police station brought Wang Yonghai back to the bureau on charges of defrauding compensation. When the farce ended, Lin Dang took the group of people to the street stall to eat fried noodles. The group of people ate it with relish, but Qin Ming didn’t immediately use his chopsticks because of the filthiness. Finally, after everyone’s persuasion, Qin Ming reluctantly tried to eat it. Took a few mouthfuls. After a group of people chatted briefly, they suddenly discovered that the murderer might have fled to the demolition area. Just do what they said, and everyone immediately started investigating.

In the evening, Qin Ming and Lin Dang and the police officers who assisted came to the demolition area to start an investigation. Soon Qin Ming locked an abandoned sofa, and Lin Dang also found blood on the sofa. At this moment, Yang Feng’s younger brother Yang Lei passed by. Inadvertently, Yang Lei exposed the wound on his hand. The wound roughly matched Qin Ming’s initial judgment on the murderer’s wound. The three immediately took Yang Lei back to the police station.

Faced with interrogation, Yang Lei insisted that it was accidentally scratched. Everyone had no choice but to lead Yang Lei. Just when everyone thought the truth was about to come to light, the report showed that it had nothing to do with Yang Lei. Qin Ming and Lin Dang immediately understood that something was wrong, that a life-threatening event was imminent. The police officers of the police station were also dispatched immediately.

In the village in the city, Yang Lei and Wu Tong met head-on. The two men with guys on their bodies were obviously prepared. They fought hard on the village road. Just when Yang Lei was about to strangle Wu Tong, Wu Tong picked one up. The brick hit Yang Lei’s head. Just after Wu Tong was about to give Yang Lei a good time, a police officer finally rushed to the scene. Soon Wu Tong was arrested and brought to justice. Faced with the facts of the crime, Wu Tong pleaded guilty. But Wu Tong’s words made Lin Dang fall into thinking.

Soon, the murder case was solved, and Qin Ming wanted to close the case immediately and continue to investigate Zhao Yalin’s case, but Lin Dang thought that closing the case in this way was not justified to the people, and the two again had a disagreement. In the evening, Qin Ming was in a daze on the rooftop alone, Dabao stepped forward to comfort him, and after the two briefly chatted, Dabao was invited to have a supper with Lin Dang, while Qin Ming wandered around alone. Looking at the familiar street, Qin Ming also recalled his childhood.

The next day, Qin Ming bought a drink in an attempt to buy Lin Dang, but Lin Dang refused to buy it. The straight man understood Qin Ming and pushed another bottle of soda. Perhaps it was Qin Ming’s behavior that amused Lin Dang, and Lin Dang also chose to accept Qin Ming’s request. The two began to deliberate on the old case that year. On the other side, Wu Tong’s father also started making trouble at the door. In the noodle shop, Lin Dang and Qin Ming continued to talk about the things of the year, but the analysis of various situations pointed to judicial justice. While Qin Ming was boasting, Lin Dang expressed his good intentions to invite Qin Ming to eat meat, but in fact Qin Ming paid for the routine. After discovering that Qin Ming was awkward, he added a bowl to himself.

Wu Tong’s father’s behavior on the subnet caused a fierce response from netizens, and the Municipal Bureau hurriedly held a meeting. All the police talked a lot. Although there were complaints in their hearts, they were helpless in the face of comments from netizens. Investigating the truth more than ten years ago has also become an urgent matter now.

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