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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 6 Recap

Mo Ming went home from get off work. After a day of surgery, he lay directly on the bed. Chen Jiaorui wanted to talk to him about her mother-in-law’s resignation, but Mo Ming was very tired. He couldn’t hear anything when he fell asleep. Chen Jiaorui was helpless. That night, President Ji called Xiao Yan and said that the plan had been leaked to Jingbao.

Xiao Yan knew that this matter was not trivial, and she promised that she would give President Ji a satisfactory answer. The next day, Xiao Yan consulted Qi Bin and learned that employees who leaked the company’s plan would be fired at least, or prosecuted. Qi Bin could also see that since Xiao Yan asked, he didn’t want to go through legal means.

Xiao Yan quickly found out the leaked Amy and fired her in front of Li Cha. Amy angrily took the video she posted before and went to Xiao Yan’s office. She admitted that the video was posted by herself. Why didn’t she fire herself half a year ago. Xiao Yan gave her half a year to reflect, but she didn’t expect Amy to think she was marginalizing herself by doing this, and then she leaked secrets. Xiao Yan’s later words left Amy speechless, and she quietly packed her things and left the company. Xiao Yan habitually called Amy to print out the information for herself, but suddenly realized that Amy had been fired.

Xiao Yan left the company after get off work and saw Amy drinking downstairs. Xiao Yan didn’t say anything and opened a bottle of wine. Amy finally asked the question she had thought about for a long time, why Xiao Yan would choose to believe in Yan Zhi. Xiao Yan said Yan Zhi was very simple, while Amy was more thoughtful. Since graduating from Amy University, Xiao Yan has been following her since she graduated from Amy University.

Xiao Yan knew that she was not self-motivated and had average working ability. However, Xiao Yan always believed that she could improve, so she kept her by her side. Hearing these words, Amy regretted it. She never knew that Xiao Yan still had expectations of her.

Tongtong woke up from crying at night. Chen Jiaorui asked Mo Ming to get up and coax the child. Mo Ming was so tired after a day of work that she couldn’t get up. Chen Jiaorui had to drag her tired body to coax the child. At work the next day, Xiao Yan asked Yan Zhi to rewrite a research report because she knew that Amy wrote the previous one for him.

Yan Zhi was very embarrassed. He really didn’t want to work with a group of old ladies. Xiao Yan first accused him of such a wrong attitude. If he didn’t have a snack, Xiao Yan would quit him. The junior brother and Mo Ming talked about postpartum depression, and they both felt that Chen Jiaorui would not have postpartum depression.

But they didn’t know that Chen Jiaorui was emotionally ups and downs after giving birth. The child kept crying, and she cried after breastfeeding. The mother-in-law also said something, and Chen Jiaorui’s emotions collapsed. She hysterically said that the child was going to squeeze her dry, crying day and night, she couldn’t sleep well.

When the mother-in-law saw her like this, she was a little frightened, and hurriedly hugged the baby out. When Mo Ming went home from get off work, his mother complained to Chen Jiaorui. Chen Jiaorui walked out of the room and said that she would not have a second child. They wanted someone else to have a second child. Mo Ming didn’t say anything, but he began to notice that something was wrong with Chen Jiaorui.

Mo Ming made the soup, let Chen Jiaorui drink a little softly, Chen Jiaorui was angry and overturned the soup, and quarreled with Mo Ming. Mo Ming was very surprised. He did not expect that the birth of this child would make Chen Jiaorui feel so painful, she She always feels that she is a victim, has a distorted view and mentality about everyone and everything.

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