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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 5 Recap

When Chen Jiaorui gave birth to a child, the family was very happy, and Mo Ming was determined to take good care of them. Xiao Yan no longer blocked You Ya’s circle of friends. Seeing that she had posted a picture of her child, Xiao Yan liked it. Chen Jiaorui was discharged from the hospital and went home. Her mother-in-law came up to hold the baby without asking how Chen Jiaorui was. There was no heating at home and the bed was cold.

Chen Jiaorui did not want to go to bed and lie down. The considerate Mo Ming took off his jacket and warmed his wife’s bed. Chen Jiaorui was very moved, but this feeling lasted for a few days. Chen Jiaorui was tortured by the child’s crying to be inhumane, plus her Without milk, the psychological pressure is even greater. Mother and mother-in-law couldn’t get along, and the quarrel between the two spread from the living room to the room, and Chen Jiaorui had no love.

The twenty-five-year-old guy Yanzhi went to the Thea Group to apply. He knows a little about everything he belongs to, but he is a bit arrogant, but after listening to his introduction and answers, Xiao Yan intends to hire him, but he also needs him to survive the probation period. Row. Chen Jiaorui called Mo Ming. Tongtong didn’t cry at all when looking at the phone.

Mo Ming thought her daughter was good at home. Chen Jiaorui was about to talk to Mo Ming. Mo Ming had an operation there, so she quickly hung up the phone. Chen Jiaorui felt panicked. Yan Zhi was unwilling to send trial samples of maternity and baby products to the precious mothers. Xiao Yan said that if he didn’t want to do it, he wouldn’t use it for work tomorrow. Of course, Yan Zhi, arrogant and arrogant, didn’t just quit as a shopkeeper, and he suppressed his dissatisfaction.

Mo Ming came back to take care of the child after get off work. As Chen Jiaorui did not have breast milk, Mo Ming gave the child milk powder. Chen Jiaorui actually wants her child to drink breast milk, but it is a pity that she has no milk now. Mo Ming comforted her and said that many mothers would be like this at the beginning, and they would get better later. Before a male employee told Xiao Yan, the lawyer Qi Bin hired by the company for Xiao Yan came to meet Xiao Yan.

Qi Bin asked her a few questions, which made Xiao Yan sound very uncomfortable, because she did not mention the word mother when she said the male employee before, but Qi Bin repeatedly said this word. Xiao Yan was very dissatisfied. She described the behavior and work attitude of the male employee sentence by sentence, although she did say that the company did not hire young masters who had not yet been weaned.

Xiao Yan was definitely unwilling to ask for compensation and apology for mental damage. After probably understanding the whole story, Qi Bin planned to leave. Xiao Yan felt that he was irresponsible, and the impression of him as a relative of the family was even worse in his heart. The company was in a meeting, Yan Zhi turned her head awkwardly when she saw the female underwear on the PPT, Xiao Yan saw through but didn’t say it.

Xiaoxi and Lili told Xiao Yan about Chen Jiaorui’s childbirth, and Xiao Yan asked them to give Chen Jiaorui some maternity and baby supplies, which were directly counted in the project and did not need to be declared. Xiao Yan was also kind, but both Xiaoxi and Lili thought she wanted to take this opportunity to exclude them. Amy asked Xiao Yan if she was going to see Chen Jiaorui, Xiao Yan didn’t plan to go, she knew that Chen Jiaorui probably didn’t want to see herself at this time.

The mother-in-law resigned Mo Ming’s gold medal confinement without authorization, and Chen Jiaorui was very angry, but she was helpless. Yan Zhi refused to go to the confinement center for research. Xiao Yan naturally did not follow his will, but made it clear that she would see the research report tomorrow morning. In addition, Xiao Yan also asked him to hand over a document to President Ji in person. Important, Xiao Yan repeatedly emphasized that he must personally deliver the documents to President Ji himself. Amy saw that Yan Zhi had a headache for the research report. She offered to help him, but Yan Zhi agreed to invite her to lunch. Later, Yan Zhi went to the bathroom, and the important document was on the desk.

Yan Zhi took the plan to, and personally handed the plan to President Ji under the reminder of Xiao Yan’s phone call. That night, President Ji called Xiao Yan and said that the plan had been leaked to Jingbao. Xiao Yan knew that this matter was not trivial, and she promised that she would give President Ji a satisfactory answer.

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