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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 4 Recap

You Ya was a little angry and asked why Xiao Yan wanted to block her circle of friends. Xiao Yan said that she posted photos of her son every day, and she was a little tired of seeing it. You Ya was still angry, Xiao Yan quickly unblocked her, trying to make You Ya happy. In the end, You Ya was still angry, and Xiao Yan felt that she was right.

The two quarreled because of their different values, and Xiao Yan had to leave You Ya’s home. But after a few steps, she turned back and looked for Youya, wanting her to lend her son to her for use, but Xiao Yan would not coax people, nor would she apologize, she was also used to getting along with Youya like this. Mode, but Yuya broke out this day, and Yuya said that she would not lend her the child.

The director wanted Mo Ming to go to Japan to participate in the exchange forum for about ten days. Mo Ming said that Chen Jiaorui was pregnant and he wanted to take care of her at home. The director simply gave him a vacation and asked him to take care of his wife at home. Mo Ming was puzzled. The director showed him the computer screen, saying that the last time the patient’s family had caused the problem. Mo Ming felt a dumb loss.

It was clear that he had done nothing wrong. In the evening, Mo Ming came home from get off work and found his mother-in-law here. She didn’t know why. When he came back, she accused him of not doing a good job of housework. Later, Mo Ming realized that Chen Jiaorui had asked her to come. The mother-in-law was forced to cancel the trip to Iceland. Travel plans, so I felt resentful, no wonder I came back to catch Mo Ming and said.

Chen Jiaorui was still angry at Mo Ming telling Li Cha that she was pregnant. Mo Ming explained that she did it for her good, but Chen Jiaorui still didn’t say a word. Xiao Yan made an appointment with her university roommate. They only came to two, and both had children or were preparing for pregnancy. They chatted and talked about another roommate Lingling who hadn’t come. Xiao Yan then accidentally learned that Lingling, a good roommate from the university, had blocked herself.

Until now, Xiao Yan suddenly understood You Ya’s mood when she discovered that she was blocked. That night, You Ya also felt that what she said today was a bit too much. She wondered whether she should take the initiative to chat with Xiao Yan, but after another thought, why didn’t Xiao Yan take the initiative to contact her.

The next day, Xiao Yan prepared a gift and went to Mr. Ji from After seeing Mr. Ji’s baby had been crying, Xiao Yan felt that the baby might be allergic, and suggested Mr. Ji take the child to the hospital. Mo Ming still went to work, but the parents took their children away from him, which made Mo Ming feel uncomfortable.

Chen Jiaorui at home was emotionally unstable because of her pregnancy. She quarreled a few words with her mother, and finally entered the room again without eating. Xiao Yan and President Ji took the child to the hospital to find Mo Ming for registration. The result of the examination was that the child was allergic to animal dander. As a result, Mr. Ji’s attitude towards Xiao Yan changed a lot. She took the initiative to shake hands with Xiao Yan and said “Happy cooperation”, Xiao Yan immediately knew that cooperation was promising.

Xiao Yan prepared some maternity and baby supplies for Mo Ming and asked him to pass it to Chen Jiaorui. At the same time, she learned from Mo Ming that Chen Jiaorui was stunned because of his work. Xiao Yan said sincerely that Chen Jiaorui would understand His, he will be a good father too. Xiao Yan suspected that it was Amy who spread the video.

She did not question Amy, but transferred her away with a smile and no longer contacted the core work of the team. Xiao Yan was drinking alone in the bar. All her former friends had given birth to babies. She looked at the circle of friends where other friends shared their babies, and for a moment she felt that she was out of the world of many people. Youya came to her in the car, and the two looked at each other through the rain curtain. The unhappiness a few days ago had disappeared.

Chen Jiaorui’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, and soon after giving birth, when Mo Ming heard loud children crying outside the operating room, he smiled. Xiao Yan’s team also won the Thea Group’s Team of the Year Award. Watching Xiao Yan toast one by one, Amy sat drinking and had mixed emotions.

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