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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 10 Recap

Fang Tianyi saw a sea of ​​flames at the scene, and rushed inside regardless of the firefighters’ obstruction, looking for Ye Xiaoxi. At this time, Ye Xiaoxi’s voice came from behind, and Fang Tianyi saw Ye Xiaoxi who was safe and sound, and rushed up and hugged her tightly. Ye Xiaoxi asked him why he came, Fang Tianyi blurted out, I like you! Realizing that I had missed my mouth, I immediately changed my words. I like people who are not injured.

Early the next morning, Fang Tianzi went to the rooftop and found Hu Yanzu. They agreed that they would never tell anyone what they kissed last night. When they got down, they saw An Qi and Yuan Zhijie under the roof. Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu lied about looking for clothes, An Qi and Yuan Zhijie lied that An Bulb was not set up properly, and the two left each other stunned. After Hu Yanzu screwed on the bulb for three seconds, he and Fang Tianzi looked at each other as if they had discovered some secret.

During dinner time, Yuan Zhijie found that the hot search asked An Qi to apologize, Fang Tianyi immediately stood up to let An Qi rest assured that if someone bullied her, she would not let that person off. Turning his head to see Ye Xiaoxi, he said that it was the same with Ye Xiaoxi, and realized that his intentions were too obvious, and declared that it would be the same for everyone. Hu Yanzu asked euphemistically, if someone accidentally kissed the Tianzi, it would be considered bullying. When Fang Tianyi heard this, he said that he would definitely beat the man violently, so that Hu Yanzu did not dare to speak.

After the meal, Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu wondered that An Qi and Yuan Zhijie would tell Fang Tianyi about them, so they both dispatched, Hu Yanzu to Yuan Zhijie, Fang Tianzi to An Qi, preventing them from getting close to Fang Tianyi. So Hu Yanzu followed Yuan Zhijie all the way to the weight loss beverage testing office, and signed the consent form together. After the two were tested, they found that their legs could no longer move.

The nurse told them that they would recover in ten minutes. Ten minutes later, they each dragged one leg and walked out with difficulty. Yuan Zhijie made an appointment to continue the next day. And Fang Tianzi found An Qi, and An Qi asked her to help her hold her mobile phone and broadcast the live broadcast by herself, but she accidentally missed her mouth and told the Big Fish Inn.

Fang Tianyi originally saw the size of her clothes while Ye Xiaoxi was packing up the dirty clothes to wash, so he came out and wanted to buy her a piece of clothing. However, the one he was optimistic about cost five thousand nine hundred and eighty yuan, so he had to replace it with another more than 200 yuan. After buying, I saw someone on the street shooting a clothing promotional video.

The customer was not satisfied. He happened to know him, so he went up and said something polite. The opposite director was dissatisfied and threatened to let him shoot, and Fang Tianyi really took it seriously. After the shooting, the customer was very satisfied and asked him to shoot a few more pieces, revealing that the remuneration was up to 6,000. Fang Tianyi decisively agreed.

When Ye Xiaoxi went to the baking class, she suddenly had low blood sugar. She was about to faint, and she was supported by a man next to her. He gave Ye Xiaoxi a packet of chocolates and told her that he was also in the baking class. When it came to the baking class, Ye Xiaoxi discovered that the man just now turned out to be their new baking teacher Jiang He. After a class, Jiang He greatly appreciated Ye Xiaoxi’s baking skills and invited Ye Xiaoxi to help out in her bakery.

When he returned to the inn for dinner, Ye Xiaoxi talked about this and received strong support from Fang Tianyi. At this time, Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu came back with difficulty dragging one leg. The group of six gathered together and chatted while eating. Suddenly someone outside was throwing eggs on the window, and they were still cursing An Qi with ugly words. An Qi and Fang Tianyi rushed out angrily, and the two men outside were scared off, leaving behind a basket of eggs. An Qi took the egg back to the inn, and everyone told her not to take it to heart. Although An Qi didn’t say anything, she still couldn’t hold her face.

The next day, Fang Tianzi had something to take the road to the park where An Qi had an accident last time. A group of children accidentally threw the toy at her feet and asked her to help pick it up. She found that the toy belonged to An Qi before, so she asked the children. The origin of the toy, the child told her that a grandfather who played the violin gave them to them.

She asked about An Qi the last time. The children said that they saw an aunt grabbing her sister’s bag, and the sister chased her to the ground. Fang Tianzi thoughtfully. Back at the inn, Fang Tianzi saw An Qi playing a live broadcast in the room, and solemnly apologized for the incident of falling down with his aunt.

And Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu came to the test shop again, and today their symptoms are fluctuating and hot. After two days of ice and fire, they decided to eat hot pot. On the way back to the inn, they found their voices suddenly changed to screaming chickens. Hu Yanzu hurried back, and Yuan Zhijie saw Shen Jiayi who was about to leave. Shen Jiayi told him that a foreign company had signed a ten-year cooperation with her and could pay off her father’s debt. Yuan Zhijie finished his farewell to Shen Jiayi with a smile.

On the other hand, Fang Tianyi found out that their clothes were copycats after shooting the advertisement for the client, so he outragedly deleted the photos from the camera, leaving the copycat merchants with a cool back. He returned to the inn and found that Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu were also there. They both tried to test each other with their own secrets. Before they could finish speaking, they heard the sound of chicken screaming from the stairs.

They ran upstairs and saw that Yuan Zhijie was singing K. In a blink of an eye, Fang Tianyi joined him. After singing, Fang Tianyi approached Ye Xiaoxi and asked her if she thought that a person would only buy a coat of more than 200 yuan for his beloved girl in order to give up a certain amount of income in principle. Ye Xiaoxi replied, let alone two hundred yuan, one hundred yuan is already a good second-hand coat, money can be earned at any time, but the principle must not be lost. Fang Tianyi listened and smiled comfortedly.

Fang Tianzi saw a sneaky woman behind the inn, who turned out to be harassing An Qi again. Seeing Fang Tianzi helping An Qi speak, the woman recognized her as An Qi, pulling the few people behind her to fight indiscriminately. At this time, An Qi rushed to block Fang Tianzi. They were just about to rush to An Qi, and the remaining four of the six members arrived in time. When I saw the crowds, I was scared away.

In the evening, when Ye Xiaoxi had just gone upstairs, Fang Tianyi came out of the room and heard someone talking in the next room, so he listened attentively outside the door and heard Hu Yanzu say that as long as we don’t talk about Fang Tianyi, we won’t know about our kiss. Furious, he picked up a stick and ran after Hu Yanzu, attracting other people to watch.

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