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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 33 Recap

According to the information Ma Tianming understands, the ghost face man is indeed the murderer who caused the Zhang family to destroy the door, but the real mastermind behind the scenes is actually Ding Siye. Now that Ding Siye has obtained the complete password, Ma Tianming decides to grab the password before he goes to the bank to withdraw money. In order to allow Xue Ning to help himself, Ma Tianming promised that he would be a witness to the two murders and testify in court by then, so that Ding Siye would be punished by law.

Bai Julie was still unable to let go of Ma Tianming. Even if the hospital proposed to hold a funeral for Ma Tianming, she could not believe the fact that the person she loved was dead. Dean Su is about to go to work in new hospitals and orphanages. Before leaving, she recommended Bai Julie to the board of directors as acting dean of Hengshan Hospital until a more suitable candidate was found.

Ali came to Ding’s mansion secretly in the middle of the night, originally wanting to kill Ding Siye to avenge Ma Tianming, but he was stopped by Xue Ning and learned that Ma Tianming was still alive. Through Ali’s arrangement, Ma Tianming and Tian Chujun successfully met, and the two discussed how to retrieve the password. Tian Chujun knew that Ding Siye was going to Hong Kong Citibank to withdraw 5 million, so he reported the situation to the comrades at the Hong Kong contact point in advance. Even if they could not get the password, as long as Ding Siye withdrew the money, they could still steal it.

However, Ma Tianming came this time to replace Cai Likun and continue to complete the Beidou operation. Tian Chujun understood his ideas, so he made a special plan and tried to unite all parties to force Ding Siye to take the initiative to hand over the code. Hearing Tian Chujun’s words, Ma Tianming finally breathed a sigh of relief. He chatted with Ali on the way back. Ali said that he would go to Yan’an after the matter was over to see where Cai Likun longed for.

Ma Tianming asked Xue Ning to help him meet with Tao Chengkai, and invited him to deal with Ding Siye together and eradicate the entire North China drug trafficking network in Japan. At first Tao Chengkai was a little hesitant, but Xue Ning also persuaded him that since the Party Affairs Investigation Department wanted to get five million, and he wanted to arrest Ding Siye, it would be better for the three to reach cooperation for mutual benefit.

After successfully wooing Tao Chengkai, Xue Ning learned about the current situation of Ma Tianliang and Ding Siye from the online population, and he knew that Ding Jiajia sent many people to be protected and should be afraid of the Japanese. The informant received Xue Ning’s payment and helped him transfer the pen to Ma Tianliang, and at the same time informed him that Ma Tianming was alive.

Ma Tianliang was very excited about this, and found Ma Tianming’s note hidden in his pen with the action plan written on it. When Ma Tianming received the note, he knew that there were biochemical bacteria hidden in the pen, so he took advantage of Ding Siye not paying attention, and secretly dripped the bacteria medicine into the teacup. Sure enough, Ding Siye was unprepared and soon developed symptoms such as cough and low-grade fever. After the doctor’s examination, he thought it was caused by his poisoning. Ding Siye suspected that the chef had a problem and ordered him to sink into the river.

In the days that followed, Xue Ning personally came to Ding Siye and revealed to him that the Japanese had developed a virus to kill KMT officers. Ding Siye believed it to be true, and took the initiative to meet Tao Chengkai in order to save his life. He didn’t expect that the other party also had an idea of ​​5 million yuan, and he was so angry that he terminated the negotiation and turned away.

However, before long, Xue Ning took the arrest warrant and led his men to the Ding’s mansion to arrest him, accusing him of the murderer of Lao Wu and Qu Rusen. Unexpectedly, when the police car broke down halfway, Xue Ning went down to check, and when he looked back, he found that Ding Siye had been taken away.

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