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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 32 Recap

Before that, Ma Tianming had no hope of being able to go back alive, but when faced with the life-and-death situation, he still could not suppress the fear that originated in his heart. Ding Siye enjoyed this kind of control very much, and he asked Ma Tianliang to choose from it, whether he decided to go on the road with his brother Ma Tianming, or to kill the other party and join the city club himself.

To protect his younger brother, Ma Tianming decided to give up his life. He held the gun in Ma Tianliang’s hand and pointed it at himself, indicating that he would die without regret. Ma Tianliang looked indifferent, like a puppet without emotion throughout the whole process, even after listening to Ma Tianming’s last words, he still didn’t respond.

Until a gunshot came from the warehouse, Ma Tianming fell to the ground, Ding Siye took Ma Tianliang away, and ordered the ghost face man to handle the scene. As the warehouse exploded and ignited a raging fire, Bai Julie, who was in the car, suddenly broke down. She loudly asked Ali to stop, even trying to grab the steering wheel. However, Ali received Ma Tianming’s request long ago that she must protect Bai Julie’s safety, otherwise it would be a waste of all previous efforts.

As the corpse in the warehouse had been burned beyond recognition by the fire, the police only found Nakamura’s Sabre at the scene. Xue Ning found a Japanese car parked outside the warehouse, confirming that the matter was extensive. Bai Julie returned to Hengshan Hospital in despair. It happened that Xue Ning also came in from the outside. Only through Bai Julie’s narration did she learn about Lin Jingshan’s true identity. Originally, Bai Julie wanted to ask about Ma Tianming’s news, but before Xue Ning could speak, she immediately interrupted. She really didn’t want to hear the bad news, and firmly believed that Ma Tianming was still alive. After all, no news was the best news.

Since Ali and Ma Tianming were separated in the warehouse, they have never received any news about each other. Tian Chujun comforted him not to get discouraged, and continue to search for Ma Tianming’s whereabouts and never give up easily unless he saw the corpse with his own eyes. The Japanese military confirmed the deaths of Nakamura and Lin Jingshan based on the time report. At the same time, they suspected that Ding Siye was on the head. However, Ding Siye had already noticed and packed up all night to leave Shanghai.

It happened that at this time, Xue Ning came to Ding Siye to make idioms and remind him to beware of the Japanese. Now the high-level officials are still investigating the cause of Nakamura’s death. It would not be a wise move for him to travel far away suddenly at this time. After Xue Ning left Ding’s house, he took the initiative to meet with Tao Chengkai, speculating that the man behind the plot of the tragedy was Ding Siye.

Tao Chengkai believes that Ding Siye often has business dealings with Japanese people, and that he can kill people so desperately, probably because of huge benefits. Now that Ma Tianming does not know his whereabouts, he, as an insider of the red fund code, is bound to be related to this matter. Tao Chengkai analyzed that the person who stole the code was Nakamura. The Japanese power has gradually penetrated into the country, which is enough to attract the attention of the people.

Ma Tianming woke up from a serious injury and found the Ghost Face Man coming in from the door. After questioning, he found out that he had saved himself. However, the reason why the Ghost Mianren saved Ma Tianming was not because he was moved with compassion, but because he needed the help of the other party, because he was completely disappointed in Ding Siye, and knew that one day he would become the Ding family’s surrogate.

Because of the rules of the city society, the ghost face person could not commit suicide by himself, so he planned to use Ma Tianming. Although Ma Tianming promised to help the Guimianren seize the city society, Xue Ning quickly found the Guimianren and shot him directly. According to the address left by the ghost face man, Xue Ning met Ma Tianming and learned the whole story.

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