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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 24 Recap

Lin Hao and Zhao Xiaolei take care of each other as a family when they live together. Although Zhao Xiaolei likes Lin Hao, she still has a conservative character in her heart and does not cross the boundaries of friends.

Han Shuang got up in bed because of a stomachache during his menstrual period, so Mark asked to take care of her and cooked ginger soup for Han Shuang. Han Shuang asked Mark not to treat her like that, did he like her, but Mark didn’t dare to say, for fear of being rejected by Han Shuang, but Han Shuang asked Mark to say it. Only after Han Shuang’s coercion, Mark dared to say that he liked Han Cool.

So Han Shuang was very excited to hold Mark to marry him, and the two went to apply for a marriage certificate like crazy men.

After that, I took the marriage certificate to show Xia Yan and Ma Xiangnan, and the two of them felt that Han Shuang was incredible. But Xia Yan and Ma Xiangnan still ask Han Shuang to get married after they get married, and don’t play all day long like they used to. Han Shuang felt that all of them had an object, and they could go out together in the future, but only Zhao Xiaolei was deceived by Lin Hao. She was not afraid of Zhao Xiaolei’s happiness, but she was afraid that Zhao Xiaolei would be bullied by Lin Hao.

Mark also took the marriage certificate to show Xu Chengyi. He felt that he and Han Shuang were really in love. They had never said that they liked Han Shuang before, but they suddenly decided to get married, which was unbelievable.

Zhao Xiaolei was cooking for Lin Hao at home, and at this time Xia Yan sent a message to Zhao Xiaolei to wish him a happy birthday, and asked Zhao Xiaolei to go back and celebrate his birthday together. Lin Hao picked up the phone and deleted the message, not wanting Zhao Xiaolei to see it.

Xia Yan was surrendered to the office by Ling Wei for her birthday after going to work. She wanted to ask her to help recommend a dinner and get acquainted with her colleagues, so Xia Yan recommended a restaurant. Later in the restaurant, Ling Wei and Han Shuang also met each other, but in Han Shuang’s view, Ling Wei was Xia Yan’s greatest enemy, and the two ridiculed each other.

Lin Hao gave Zhao Xiaolei’s family a medical examination, and promised that the medical examination of their family would be handed over to him in the future. He wanted to move Zhao Xiaolei again to get a good impression. Because of Xia Yan’s news, Lin Hao knew that Zhao Xiaolei had secretly prepared a cake for her birthday. He also said that he always remembered Zhao Xiaolei’s birthday. The joy of sharing the birthday together made Zhao Xiaolei feel very happy.

Ling Wei thanked Han Shuang for the party, and Han Shuang also thanked them for participating in her party, which can be regarded as a celebration for her marriage. Ling Wei felt that Han Shuang was already married, but she couldn’t tell, but she was very surprised that Han Shuang didn’t tell her parents about her marriage.

She felt that Han Shuang must have an excellent mother, but she would definitely live in the shadow of her mother. Shuang also admired Ling Wei for being able to see it. Ling Wei told Han Shuang that she was like that. When working in the United States, she always lived in the shadow of others, so this time she returned to China to prove herself.

After the party, Han Shuang told Xia Yan that he was finally relieved that Lingwei and Xia Yan would not snatch Xu Chengyi. Han Shuang asked Xia Yan to promote her girlfriend planet quickly. She was a loyal user of Xia Yan, and when that time she pulled Lin Wei into the group, and Xia Yan felt that Zhao Xiaolei should also be pulled in, but Han Shuang left Zhao Xiaolei. I don’t understand, I feel that Zhao Xiaolei is no longer the same person.

Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao were sitting quietly on the sofa at home and chatting. They felt that she didn’t believe in herself and many things were inferior to others, but Lin Hao told Zhao Xiaolei to believe in herself, she was the best, and she had to go back again after finishing talking. Going to kiss Zhao Xiaolei, the two fell on the sofa after their first night.

Han Shuang and Ling Wei could talk after they met for the first time, so they knew that Han Shuang’s husband turned out to be Mark, and they had known each other a long time ago. However, Han Shuang told Ling Wei that it was because of Xu Chengyi that he and Mark came together. At that time, Han Shuang also liked Xu Chengyi, but asked Ling Wei not to tell Xia Yan. However, Ling Wei thinks that Xia Yan is a delicate person. Even if she didn’t tell Xia Yan, she should be able to tell that Han Shuang once liked Xu Chengyi. Perhaps Ling Wei started to separate between Han Shuang and Xia Yan before she knew it. relation.

Xu Chengyi knew that Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao were together, and told Xia Yan to bless her. He didn’t care whether Xia Yan had any relationship with Lin Hao before. At this time, the subordinates called Xu Chengyi to say something happened to the planet of girlfriends, and told him to go back to the company as soon as possible.

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