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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 18 Recap

Yiyue still feels embarrassed. He Qiaoyan insisted on saying that she was fainted in front of so many people. Mr. He also asked her if she was really a poisonous snake, what she wanted to tell him before she died, but she didn’t expect Yiyue. He opened his mouth to cancel the contract, and He Qiaoyan said that the parent-child activity day would be over in six hours, and promised her to cancel the contract. Yiyue was still a little bit reluctant, and Mr. He also told her not to avoid herself in the future.

Ning Fang was waiting for Yiyue to take her home, but Xiaobao didn’t expect Xiaobao to come out and ask her to take He Qiaoyan’s car back. In desperation, Yiyue took Xiaobao and took Brother Ning Fang’s car back. After Mr. He returned home, he had memories of all kinds of scenes at home, and only then did he know what he wanted. Wen Gu came to Mr. He and found the girl who might be the back figure he had dreamed of, but He Qiaoyan thought it was not important, and he thought it was similar but strange, and his motivation was no longer here.

Ning Fang asked for the ticket to the concert with Yiyue before he arrived, and he had to go and look for her. Yiyue made a meal at home and fed it to Xiaobao. He also played a water gun with him, but Yiyue suddenly became sad because she thought of He Qiaoyan. At this moment, He Qiaoyan came and he I brought a new contract, a brand new partnership, and read it to Yiyue in person, because I had feelings for Qin Yiyue outside of the regulations, and wanted to continue to be in love with Yiyueyi.

The contract period It can be extended indefinitely, for example, for a lifetime. This is the reason that Yue can always be by his side. He Qiaoyan rushed to kiss Yueyue, and Yiyue was moved to tears. The two of them are finally together officially, Xiaobao I am also very happy, after kissing my father and mother.

At this time, Senior Brother Ning Fang came, but Mr. He took Yiyue and Xiaobao to go home and told Ning Fang that he and Yiyue had formally dated. Mr. He told Yiyue that Ningfang had come to tell her that the idol’s concert was cancelled, and Yiyue also said to Ningfang that it’s okay to cancel the concert. Mr. He took Xiaobao and Yiyue home. After returning home, Mr. He also added a TV and a refrigerator to Yiyue’s bedroom, filled with her favorite snacks.

Yiyue wanted to watch TV in bed with Mr. He. It happened that the TV screen showed the protagonist and heroine kissing, and the two of them felt like they were about to move, but finally restrained, and finally Yiyue fell asleep and Mr. He went back to his bed. Mr. He was also known as the millennium iron tree blooming in the company. He was so happy that Yiyue was full of spring breeze after returning to the studio. Xiaoan also teased that Yiyue was hit by the arrow of love.

Lin Wei also rushed to President He’s office to return the document for dismissing her to President He, but President He justly told her that he and Yiyue had been officially dating. President He also asked Yiyuelai to sign a love contract with him. He said countless terms, but didn’t express his intentions. Yiyue wanted him to say that he loved him personally, but President He didn’t understand. He’s secretary also reminded him. , He didn’t say anything, but Yiyue refused to sign.

Wen Gu also ran to intercept Mr. Wang’s car, but Mr. Wang said that Ruowei’s brother actually leaned downstairs in his company to see him. Wang would never want such a woman. Ruowei went to Wen Gu to sign, and she had to admit defeat, and she saw all the heartbeat numbers. But when she heard about her brother, Ruo Wei turned her face. Wen Gu went to Yiyue to find out that Ruowei’s brother was asking her for money if he was not doing his job properly. Ruowei seemed to be a lover, but actually hadn’t been in a relationship at all, but was just protecting herself.

President He Yueyue went out for a date. Yiyue dressed up very well and wore high heels. However, He Qiaoyan asked her to come to the fishing place. This made Yiyue angry and fell off as soon as she was about to leave. , He Qiaoyan puts on her shoes. I also said that I searched for a perfect date.

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