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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 17 Recap

He Qiaoyan was very happy in her heart, but Yiyue was embarrassed and overwhelmed. He wanted to run with his mobile phone. He said goodnight when he left. He also said goodnight, as if he wanted to talk and stopped. But he left without saying anything. President He listened to the recording repeatedly, and even went to Wen Gu’s house to talk to him about the incident, and laughed. This was very abnormal. As a result, President He said that Dr. Qin liked him, and Wen Gu was shocked after hearing this. Yiyue also went to talk to Ruowei about this matter.

Ruowei was also quite shocked, but when he heard that He Qiaoyan had nothing, she replied with a scumbag, but Yiyue felt that He Qiaoyan didn’t like herself and she deserved to die. Heart, but Mr. He’s analysis here is that Yue thinks he doesn’t like her before canceling the contract, but Mr. He also likes Yiyue. Wen Gu said that if he doesn’t respond, he’s not responsible and he doesn’t like the attitude, and he might be let go. He took advantage of the vacancy, but Mr. He was very confident that he could not give it to Yiyue.

The next day, Ning put Dr. Qin to pick up Dr. Qin to the villa. Just after Xiaobao called and listened, he called Mr. He, so He Qiaoyan drove back and took Xiaobao to the villa. President He has been obstructing the communication between Doctor Qin and Ning Fang, and has to explain to Yiyue, but Yiyue thought it was President He who explained why she didn’t like her.

He also said that he knew that the twisted melon was not sweet, and that he would not be together. He was hanged from a tree, and Mr. He watched him go to talk to the physical education teacher. He didn’t expect that he was already married. He Qiaoyan immediately went out to relieve the siege, saying that Yiyue had nowhere to do it. He also invited everyone to have a barbecue. The accommodation was also changed to a five-star hotel.

Mr. He also told Yiyue that as long as the contract is not terminated, she is his wife. She should pay attention to the influence in public and she should respect and love herself. Senior Brother Ning Fang also came to He Qiaoyan for a chat and showed him his intentions for Doctor Qin, but He Qiaoyan was not to be outdone. He didn’t need to teach him about his relationship with Yiyue, and told him to stop in time. Loss to find out their place.

Ruo Wei deliberately said in front of Wen Gu that she had an appointment with Mr. Wang, and called her loudly to tell her where the restaurant was. Finally, Wen Gu couldn’t bear to ran to the restaurant to find her and followed her to the door of the house, but she didn’t expect to see it. When Ruowei’s brother came to her again to ask for money, she discovered that the bag Ruowei was holding was empty. She didn’t give Mr. Wang a chance at all and didn’t ask for a gift. He just used the bag deliberately. At this moment, Wen Gu happened to see the aunt and gave him money when he met with a man.

The aunt was worried that Wen Gu would tell Mr. He about it, so she called him but heard Yiyue’s singing on the phone. It turned out that Yiyue rescued Xiaobao, Xiaobao’s parents and Dabao in the car accident. Aunt was in a car accident while calling, and the phone did not hang up. Auntie heard the song sung by Yiyue.

On parent-child day, Xiaobao, Yiyue and He Qiaoyan performed together. It was very harmonious and very warm. After that, Lin Wei suddenly came over and said that she could get along well with Xiaobao, and took Xiaobao to catch fish. Xiao Bao deliberately embarrassed her by letting her go into the water to catch a fish and was injured. He Qiaoyan hugged her up to rest, but he also made it clear to Lin Wei that it is impossible but impossible.

Yiyue went to catch the fish but saw two snakes fainted. President He’s bracelet showed that Yiyue was in danger and went to look for her. When the doctor came, he said that the snake was not poisonous, but was frightened and fainted. Yiyue also Woke up.

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