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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 3 Recap

Knowing that Liu Donghai was not dead, Wang Chao began to resume the events before the game. Wang Chao, who was caught in self-blame, became very excited. Hearing a noise, the detective immediately subdued Wang Chao. Before being taken out, Wang Chao told Qin Ming. shouting.

A meeting was immediately held in the police station. After the meeting, Lin Dang took Dabao to visit Zhao Yalin’s good girlfriend again. Through the visit, the two also learned about Zhao Yalin’s purpose of borrowing money, and they also fully understood Zhao Yalin’s past. At the end of the visit, Lin Dang and Qin Ming ate at the noodle restaurant. At this moment, Qin Ming received a text message and learned that the third person’s footprint was found on the fishing boat. Lin Dang, who returned to the interrogation room, told Wang Chao about Zhao Yalin’s child. Although he knew that Wang Chao had known about it, Wang Chao, who pleaded guilty, asked Qin Ming to arrest the murderer as soon as possible.

The murderer has not been brought back to justice, and the pressure on the city bureau has increased day by day, and meetings have been convened one after another. It was another morning when Lin Dang and Qin Ming got up one after another, while the two brushing their teeth in the bathroom refused to give each other. After a simple wash, Qin Ming chose to leave by bicycle alone. Lin Dang who drove chose to follow behind to watch the jokes. Soon Lin Dang drove to catch up with Qin Ming, but the stronger Qin Ming did not choose to yield, and still supported it. Cycling.

When he came to the noodle restaurant, Qin Ming started to point again, watching Lin Dang gorging himself, but Lin Dang didn’t care. The two were eating, when Lin Dang suddenly received a call, a new criminal case happened again, and the two immediately rushed to the scene of the crime. After arriving at the scene of the crime, Qin Ming started investigating. Liusuo, who was the first step, began to gradually reveal his own analysis, but they were all refuted by Qin Ming. Perhaps feeling that the old leader’s face could not be maintained, Lin Dang couldn’t help but said a few words, and the two couldn’t help but argue.

A group of people returned to the police station. Yang Lei, who was working outside, returned to his hometown to recognize the dead body when he learned that his brother had passed away. When I saw Yang Feng who had passed away, his younger brother Yang Lei’s expression was a little evasive, and there was not much sadness. Faced with Lin Dang’s inquiry, Yang Lei always believed that his brother had not offended anyone. Soon, with the help of help, Qin Ming began to analyze the general situation of the deceased.

The people who got some clues immediately called a meeting. After the meeting, Qin Ming and Lin Dang returned to the place where the crime occurred to continue the investigation. On the way, Qin Ming and Lin Dang had a chat without a word, but most of them were chatting with Lin Dang, and Qin Ming responded in a cold voice. After getting to the knife shop, Qin Ming confirmed his speculation even more, but Lin Dang did not agree. After a few quarrels, the two broke up unhappy.

When he came to the institute, Lin Dang and the old leader talked about Qin Ming’s thoughts, although he knew that the old leader, who had always been kind, was actually angry. So Lin Dangli immediately gave the old leader a massage to please and calm the old leader’s anger. Seeing Lin Dang’s arduous effort, the old leader’s mind began to liven up, teasing that Lin Dang liked Qin Ming. The ridiculed Lin Dang suddenly became unnatural and hurriedly explained. Subsequently, the old leader did not refute Lin Dang’s face, and agreed to help her sample.

When Qin Ming came home alone, he walked through the familiar street. Qin Ming slowly fell into the memory. In the dim street, his head suddenly appeared at the corner. When he raised his head, it was a face with a painted face. He smiled. The unusually weird. At this moment, Dabao called Qin Ming from behind, and Qin Ming was also taken aback, and suddenly woke up. After a few brief conversations, the two separated.

At home, Qin Ming was playing the violin on the bed. Lin Dang tirelessly went downstairs and knocked on the door. Looking at the do not disturb words at the door, Lin Dang also went upstairs and started practicing swordsmanship. The two hurt each other. Unbearable Qin Ming went down to the bed and knocked on the door. After a few brief conversations, the two of them made a new treaty.

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