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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 17 Recap

As soon as Huo Youze returned home, he was held hostage by Song Xiaodong’s father Song Zhengnan. Song Zhengnan asked Song Xiaodong’s whereabouts and said that he knew what he had done in the hospital. Huo Youze had not spoken yet. Huo Youxi returned with Mozart. Song Zhengnan had to escape and Huo Youxi was frightened. After a jump, he hurriedly reported to the police. After the police arrived, Huo Youze was not very cooperative. He refused to reveal the clues of Song Zhengnan and refused to provide surveillance video to the police.

Sun Lei knew that Huo Youze was lying, so he secretly adjusted the surveillance. , Let Xiaoding help investigate Song Zhengnan. Lao Feng also learned that someone had broken into Huo Youze’s house. He wanted to have a talk with Huo Youze, but Sun Lei made her own way and met with Lao Feng, saying that he could represent Huo Youze with full authority. Lao Feng was very cautious and saw what Sun Lei knew. Not many, so he didn’t speak, but said that he would talk to himself when Huo Youze was more convenient.

Song Xiaodong pleaded with the proprietor of the Japanese food store to take in Meizi and let Meizi stay for a part-time job. The proprietress wanted to refuse. With the help of Yuhang, the proprietress moved her compassion and let Meizi stay. Meizi’s work has been settled. Song Xiaodong took her back to Yuhang’s house for dinner and gave Meizi a piece of clothing. Meizi was a little touched and said that she thought of Song Xiaodong.

Meizi talked about the two sisters. They were both in Japan. Heihu, lived with his father since he was a child, and Song Xiaodong has been very protective of Meizi since he was a child. Although Song Xiaodong is a little sister, she is kind-hearted. Meizi also talked about Lao Feng. Meizi was a little sad as she talked, saying that it was a pity that Song Xiaodong was no longer there. She disappeared during the snow disaster, and now she can’t even find her bones. Song Xiaodong asked her why she came to China again. Meizi said that her father had committed a crime in Japan and could not stay in Japan any longer, so she came back.

The next day Meizi went to work in a Japanese food store. When he saw the customer’s wallet, he subconsciously wanted to start. Song Xiaodong found out and stopped her quietly. When he arrived at the back kitchen, Song Xiaodong told Meizi not to do these little actions. However, Meizi said that if she didn’t bring the money back, her father would kill herself. Song Xiaodong used to quarrel with her father when he was there, and Meizi felt that the two of them had similar personalities. After get off work, Song Xiaodong wanted to follow Meizi, but Meizi found him. Meizi wanted to go to Song Zhengnan after leaving Song Xiaodong, but Song Zhengnan left a sign of rain on the wall. This mark meant Meizi run away.

Meizi reluctantly went down to find Song Xiaodong, and said that many strangers had appeared near her home, and Song Zhengnan had disappeared. Song Xiaodong was soothed for a while, planning to cook something for Meizi. When she was cooking, she remembered some memories.

She cooked Meizi’s favorite meal. Meizi was very surprised and found that the meal was exactly the same as Song Xiaodong’s. She thought of Song. Xiaodong couldn’t help crying. Song Xiaodong stayed with Meizi for one night, and the two of them lay in the tent together, feeling very practical inexplicably. When I woke up in the morning, Yuhang had already bought breakfast, and Yuhang told them that someone had broken into Huo Youze’s house and asked them to be careful too.

After hearing what Yuhang said, Meizi guessed that Song Xiaodong was Huo Youze’s fiancee. Meizi went to the bathroom and secretly left the astronaut’s house, Song Xiaodong chased him up, Meizi asked Song Zhengnan why Song Xiaodong and Huo Youze would look at Song Xiaodong and Huo Youze, Song Xiaodong helplessly told Meizi that she might be Song Xiaodong, Meizi asked Song Xiaodong if she knew it in order to verify Knowing who Zhang Yang was, Song Xiaodong said that he had lost his memory, and there were still many things that he couldn’t remember. Meizi refused to believe it and ran away.

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