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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 3 Recap

Amy and Xiao Yan complained about Chen Jiaorui, Xiao Yan quickly interrupted and arranged her next work. Amy was about to go to work, Xiao Yan reminded her to stop talking about Chen Jiaorui. Chen Jiaorui failed to finish the maternal and child project. She was depressed and silent at home. Mo Ming asked if she needed to go to the press conference tomorrow.

Chen Jiaorui didn’t say anything, but Mo Ming went anyway. At the promotion meeting the next day, a mother asked several questions about the child. In order to prove the safety of the product, Xiao Yan drank the shampoo on the spot, but Mo Ming stood up and spoiled the situation. Xiao Yan had to bite the bullet and continue. explain.

After all, Xiao Yan is a person who has seen big scenes, and a few words dispelled everyone’s doubts, and at the same time promoted their products. Afterwards, Xiao Yan took the initiative to talk to Mo Ming, gaining his trust, and taking advantage of his unpreparedness, led him to the door and told the security guard that he was a black man. Mo Ming, the poor pediatrician, was driven out as a sunspot just like that. Amy learned that Chen Jiaorui’s husband had come to smash the scene, she thought it must be Chen Jiaorui’s instigation. Xiao Yan did not comment. They ate together. Xiao Yan suddenly discovered that there were peanuts in the noodles, and she had been allergic to peanuts since she was a child.

Xiao Yan hurriedly went to the hospital for gastric lavage and ran into Mo Ming. Mo Ming thought she came to the gastric lavage because she drank the shampoo, and even more that their products were unsafe. Xiao Yan just explained a few words and passed out because of high pressure and low pressure. When Xiao Yan woke up, she suddenly found herself lying on the hospital bed with Mo Ming in a white coat next to her.

Mo Ming is a pediatrician, and brought her to the pediatric clinic when she fainted. Xiao Yan asked him whether he was annoyed by these children all day long. Mo Ming said that this was his job. Peanut allergies can usually be discovered when they are young, and they can also be cured by medicine. Mo Ming wondered why Xiao Yan still has peanut allergies now.

After the parents and others had finished eating, Xiao Yan sent them home, and her mother told Xiao Yan about other people’s experiences as usual. Xiao Yan knew that her mother wanted to persuade herself to find someone to marry as soon as possible. The father didn’t talk to her, but asked his mother to give her the peanut cake before leaving.

Xiao Yan had no choice but to take it. Later, when her best friend Youya knew about it, she couldn’t help but joking that she didn’t know if Xiao Yan was their own. She didn’t even know that Xiao Yan was allergic to peanuts for more than 30 years and even gave flowers. Give her raw crisps. Because of this, Xiao Yan didn’t want a child. If she didn’t know anything about the child’s body then, it would be better not to have a child.

Lili and Xiaoxi went to see her at Chen Jiaorui’s house, and accidentally revealed that Xiao Yan was docking with Mom. Chen Jiaorui was a little lonely after hearing this. Xiao Yan’s team celebrated their victory in the first round of the promotion meeting. Their next goal is to win Previously, Xiao Yan promised that as long as Momma was won, he would take everyone in the team to Germany to build a team. The remarks were recorded and sent to Moments, and Chen Jiaorui saw it. The next day, Xiao Yan went to talk about cooperation with Jessie, the marketing director of The cooperation was very happy at first, and it was about to sign a contract. Unexpectedly, Jesse hurriedly left after answering the phone.

Later, President Li showed the video to Xiao Yan. He said that the video had been circulated in the high-level group of, so did not want to cooperate with them anymore. Xiao Yan took the initiative to find Mr. Ji, the chairman of, but even if Xiao Yan said those words in the video casually, Mr. Ji still let her leave.

Chen Jiaorui thought that the cooperation between Xiao Yan and was going to be bad, and she was very happy looking at the phone. Mo Ming believed that Xiao Yan was not the kind of insidious and scheming person Chen Jiaorui described. Chen Jiaorui believed that Xiao Yan told Li Cha about her pregnancy. Mo Ming hesitated for a while and said that he told Li about the matter. Checked.

Xiao Yan went to see her best friend, and wanted to save her clients’ hearts through close interaction with her son and some copywriting. You Ya said that she hadn’t liked her circle of friends for a long time, and she robbed her mobile phone when she said that, and found that Xiao Yan had blocked her circle of friends.

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