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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 14 Recap

Father Ke and Mother Ke can’t wait to get acquainted with Wang Xiaomi right away, worrying that they won’t be able to wait for that day, and ask Luo Yufeng for help. Luo Yufeng thinks twice and persuades them to find Wang Xiaomi directly.

Wang Xiaomi was so busy at the noodle shop every day that her waist and legs aches. She took Xiaolu and Chen Mu to KTV to relax, and sang a lot of songs in one breath, but she was still not satisfied. Chen Mu complained and persuaded Wang Xiaomi to submit her resume to find other jobs. Xiaolu just participated in the live broadcast. The union, take Chen Mu and Wang Xiaomi to the live broadcast room. Xiaolu started the live broadcast. She seemed to be a different person, interacting with fans with a loud voice, and Wang Xiaomi was amused.

Father Ke and Mother Ke came to Wang Dashan noodle shop early in the morning and ordered two bowls of signature noodles as usual. Wang Xiaomi hurried over two bowls of noodle soup. Suddenly Wang Xiaomi slipped and fell on top of them. Father Ke and Mother Ke rushed over to help her. When she humbled and asked her warmly, Mother Ke cried distressedly and held Wang Xiaomi’s hand. Father Ke had no choice but to reveal his identity and explain why he wanted to recognize Wang Xiaomi’s granddaughter. Wang Xiaomi immediately relented, and Wang Dashan treated Ke Lei’s previous complaints. When Wang Xiaomi said what he had done, the old couple yelled at Kelei bastard.

At the same time, Luo Yufeng came to Ke Lei and told about his parents secretly staying behind to recognize Wang Xiaomi. Ke Lei admitted that he had done wrong before. Since the paternity test last night, he has not had a good night’s sleep. Wanting to recognize Wang Xiaomi, Luo Yufeng persuaded him not to rush and look for suitable opportunities.

Father Ke and Mother Ke packed their bags and prepared to go back to their hometown. Wang Dashan personally came to the hotel to see them off, and gave them a photo of Wang Xiaomi as a souvenir. The old couple were grateful to Wang Dashan. Wang Xiaomi pulled Chen Mu up to play with the claw machine and told her that Ke Lei’s parents had come to recognize each other. Chen Mu persuaded her to recognize her grandparents so as not to sad the old people. Wang Xiaomi wanted to figure out who she was before she said it.

From that day on, Wang Xiaomi began to apply for resumes everywhere, but bumped into walls everywhere. Wang Xiaomi came to Wang Dashan to spit out bitterness, and Wang Dashan persuaded her to lower her starting point. Wang Xiaomi selected a company online. She successfully passed the interview. The boss asked her to act as a call operator for the arrears. After three days, Wang Xiaomi started to practice. She did not rest until late, and Wang Dashan urged her to go early. go to bed.

Wang Xiaomi came to Luo Yufeng’s house to play. Luo Yufeng suddenly received a call from the court. Luo Yufeng deliberately interrupted. Wang Xiaomi suddenly realized that she had applied for a telecommunications fraud company. She was so angry that she hurried out and called the police. Wang Xiaomi suddenly received an interview notice from another company. She came to the company on time and took the elevator upstairs with a person named Mr. Li. Immediately afterwards, Wang Xiaomi went to the human resources department for an interview with financial management, but returned without success.

When Mr. Li saw Wang Xiaomi downcast, he had to look through her resume, and asked the human resources staff to call Wang Xiaomi back, and inform Wang Xiaomi that Wang Xiaomi was hired face to face. He also charged RMB 8,000 for training. Wang Xiaomi was overjoyed and replied. The family confessed to their parents. Chen Mu learned of the whole process of Wang Xiaomi’s application and determined that she had encountered a scam company and took her to ask for money.

In order to please Luo Yufeng, Ke Lei bought Wenwan walnuts from her online store at the original price. Luo Yufeng was very happy, and Luo Qing suspected that it was bought by an old man who admired her. When Chen Mu and Wang Xiaomi came to the company, they saw that people had gone to the building and the people who had been deceived came to ask for money. Wang Xiaomi was immediately dumbfounded.

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