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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 9 Recap

Fang Tianyi held the camera in the room to watch the wedding photos of him and Ye Xiaoxi. Hu Yanzu saw it and summoned Fang Tianzi and Yuan Zhijie to look at them. Fang Tianyi was embarrassed, took the camera and drove them out, and started to giggle again. . An Qi on the side knew it well and reminded him that he didn’t admit it, and An Qi left on her own.

After Yuan Zhijie went there, he called his brother to ask him about contacting him for work, saying that he could do any job. The brother asked why, and Yuan Zhijie replied to help Shen Jiayi’s father. In the kitchen, Fang Tianzi was turning on the gas stove, but he couldn’t turn it on. Hu Yanzu tried to no avail, so he went to look at the gas stove. This is when Fang Tianzi turned on the gas, and the flames that burst out suddenly reached Hu Yanzu’s right eyebrow.

Ye Xiaoxi and Fang Tianyi rushed to hear the sound, and saw that half of Hu Yanzu’s eyebrows were missing. They asked what was going on, and Fang Tianzi told them the whole story. To make up for it, she hurriedly bought ginger that could grow hair. Hu Yanzu also went to the crew. The role assigned to him was the messenger of justice, but because he was missing half of his eyebrows, he had to be replaced by the messenger of justice.

Fang Tianyi and Ye Xiaoxi were left in the inn. When Fang Tianyi looked at Ye Xiaoxi, he realized that he might really like Ye Xiaoxi! He didn’t want to admit it, so he avoided Ye Xiaoxi from seeing him, and shut himself in the room, but his mind was full of Ye Xiaoxi’s voice and smile.

Early the next morning, Yuan Zhijie ran to the dining table with his mobile phone to announce major news: the beautiful model beat the aunt, and this beautiful model was An Qi. An Qi came over and explained that the aunt had robbed her bag first, and then went back to the room to go back to the dark. Fang Tianzi asked for an interview and left in a hurry. Hu Yanzu pretended to encourage her, but in fact posted a piece of paper with a picture of a pig behind her, messing up her interview. After returning, Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu flew into a rage.

An Qi fought the keyboard man and the navy in the room for three hundred rounds. With Yuan Zhijie’s participation, the two fought more and more. And Fang Tianyi spent the whole day counting all kinds of things to judge whether he liked Ye Xiaoxi, but every time he counted to the last one, he always liked it, and he was so unhappy that he even counted the pomegranates that Hu Yanzu had prepared for Fang Tianzi. Next to him, Hu Yanzu saw that the charging cell phone was full, so he switched to his own cell phone. After a while, Fang Tianzi came to get her cell phone that was already charging, but she unplugged the data cable and took it away without paying attention to it.

Yuan Zhijie went to An Qi’s room and saw that she was still fighting in front of the computer. He was very distressed and asked her to go for a walk. So An Qi came outside and saw Fang Tianyi counting the leaves, knowing that he was still struggling. It happened that Ye Xiaoxi and Yuan Zhijie walked out carrying the garbage to be thrown out. They watched An Qi standing under the tree. The two came under the tree curiously.

Fang Tianyi saw Ye Xiaoxi jump and fell from the tree. Ran away. Ye Xiaoxi asked about An Qi’s website that someone scolded An Qi for being defrauded of her house, and asked her how Kong Makai knew she had a house. Yuan Zhijie recalled that he had talked about it with Kong Makai, and fled away in a panic, leaving Ye Xiaoxi and An Qi unknown. Ye Xiaoxi thought that Fang Tianyi had always avoided forgiving herself, so she asked An Qi what to do if someone was unwilling to forgive, and An Qi replied acting like a baby. Ye Xiaoxi decided to give it a try.

Inside the house, Fang Tianyi wanted to take a sip of water to calm down, and suddenly turned his head to see Ye Xiaoxi’s botched coquetry. He couldn’t hold back a sip of water and sprayed all of it on Ye Xiaoxi’s face. Ye Xiaoxi looked unbelievable, but saw Fang Tianyi ran to her room like flying again, feeling the sweetness of acting like a baby.

Here Hu Yanzu’s perverted performance was praised by the director, and then he received a call and learned that there was an interview in the afternoon. He realized that he and Fang Tianzi had the wrong cell phone, so he called and told Fang Tianzi that there was an interview in the afternoon. However, Fang Tianzi was on the bus heading to Phoenix Mountain at the time, and it was too late. Hu Yanzu asked her to rest assured, leaving the rest to herself. Then he acted wildly.

After all the scenes were over, she came to the place where Fang Tianzi was going to interview and tried to stop the interviewer, but was beaten by a fat meal. When Fang Tianzi arrived, she happened to see Hu Yanzu being framed by the security guard. The interviewer followed out and saw her, so she gave her a chance. Sure enough, the interview was a big success. To celebrate, Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu went out for a drink. They thanked each other, and they kissed while they were drinking and getting confused and infatuated.

Inside the inn, Ye Xiaoxi again apologized to Fang Tianyi through An An, and Fang Tianyi turned and left again. The little deer slammed in her heart, feeling so cute. Ye Xiaoxi posted a video of herself acting coquettishly on Fang Tianyi’s mobile phone. Fang Tianyi grabbed the wall with her head after watching it. Ye Xiaoxi misunderstood that he thought he was really angry. After a while, Ye Xiaoxi was going to the supermarket and asked Fang Tianyi if he had anything to bring, and Fang Tianyi said no.

Yuan Zhijie watched An Qi stayed up all night in order to fight Keyboard Man, and persuaded her to rest for a while, but An Qi didn’t listen, and continued to fight with coffee. Yuan Zhijie told An Qi euphemistically that the scolded person ignored the biggest harm to the scolder by stepping on, and used wisdom to subtly resolve An Qi’s anger. The moment An Qi was lying on the bed, a smile of relief appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Afterwards, Yuan Zhijie browsed the circle of friends and saw that the supermarket of Qianggefa was on fire, so he showed it to Fang Tianyi. Fang Tianyi ran to the supermarket without saying a word. Seeing a sea of ​​flames at the scene, he rushed inside despite the firefighters’ obstruction, struggling to find Ye Xiaoxi. At this time, Ye Xiaoxi’s voice came from behind, and Fang Tianyi saw Ye Xiaoxi who was safe and sound, and rushed up and hugged her tightly.

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