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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 31 Recap

Dean Su saw that Ma Tianming was depressed, and knew that he had a lot of unspeakable concealment, so he took the initiative to care for and comfort him. However, the more Dean Su said, the more guilty Ma Tianming was. Compared with Cai Likun’s selfless greatness, he looked more like a joke, only to satisfy his selfish desires and use the hospital to cheat money.

Through this period of contact, Ma Tianming found that many people will not hesitate to give up their personal interests when facing conflicts between their personal interests and the highest principles, so as to choose the right path. In the past, Ma Tianming always felt that whatever he did was for his two younger brothers, even if he did something wrong, he was still at ease. He didn’t know how selfish and shameless he was until he saw this group of people who sacrificed everything for their faith.

Ma Tianming wants to be this kind of person, but his heart is not strong enough to panic. Dean Su firmly believes that Ma Tianming will achieve his wishes and does not care about his identity in the past, because from this moment on, the kindness and justice in Ma Tianming’s heart has gradually taken root.

Ma Tianming was completely awakened by the words of Dean Su inadvertently. He took the initiative to find Ding Siye. Even though Ding Siye avoided seeing him, he still stood by the door persistently, claiming that he had countermeasures. Ma Tianming met Ding Siye as he wished, and suggested to him to lead the snake out of the cave and ask the person who stole the second half of the code. As long as he sent someone to ambush in the dark, remove the other party to get the code.

At first, Ding Siye had doubts about Ma Tianming, but after thinking about it again and again, he decided to take the risk. After all, if he missed this opportunity, he might lose five million in the hands of others. Seeing Ding Siye hit the trick, Ma Tianming took the initiative to ask Lin Jingshan to send a message to Nakamura, confessing that he would exchange the first half of the code for Bai Julie.

Lin Jingshan did not expect that Ma Tianming would suddenly agree, and Ma Tianming said that he was tired of life here, and when Bai Julie was safe and sound, she would leave Shanghai and go abroad. Before leaving, Ma Tianming thought about his former love, so he told Lin Jingshan not to appear at the trading scene.

After Nakamura learned of this, he readily accepted Ma Tianming’s proposal, and at the same time prepared to kill him after the transaction. Lin Jingshan rebuked Nakamura for being too bottomless, but Nakamura didn’t believe that Ma Tianming would give up 5 million for a woman. This attitude really disgusted Lin Jingshan and truly realized the difference between the two.

Before the transaction, Ma Tianming requested to call Bai Julie to confirm her safety. When Bai Julie heard Ma Tianming’s voice, she was immediately excited. Ma Tianming couldn’t remember the past and reminded her to run away in the chaos when the two sides were in the fire. But the phone was directly taken away by Lin Jingshan. Bai Julie cried bitterly and constantly yelled that she was afraid.

Tian Chujun hadn’t received news from Cai Likun for a long time, and was worried that he would be unpredictable. He hurriedly sent someone to Hengshan Hospital to inquire about the situation, but Ali saw him. That night, Ali came to the tea shop and finally met with Tian Chujun. He reported to the organization the story of Cai Likun’s sacrifice and Ma Tianming’s plan to lead the Japanese and Ding Yunfeng to bite the dog.

The next morning, Ma Tianming took Nakamura and others to the place where the password was exchanged, which was an abandoned warehouse. Ali sent the code to Ma Tianming. Nakamura gave the code to the bank staff. After confirming that it was correct, he was ready to kill him. Unexpectedly, Ding Siye came with a group of people. The two sides shot each other as soon as they met. Lin Jingshan died tragically. Under the gun of the ghost face man.

Ding Siye found out that the other party was actually Japanese, and hated Ma Tianming’s calculations, but Ma Tianming said that he had no choice but to make a move in order to retrieve the password. Faced with this situation, Ding Siye couldn’t repent anymore and simply fired a few shots at Nakamura. Seeing Ali, Tian Chujun immediately followed him, but Ding Siye informed his subordinates to bring Ma Tianming in and kill the two brothers on the spot.

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