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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 37 Recap

After a few days of rest and recuperation, Su Yu’s health has improved a lot. Next, he will continue to follow the instructions of the Central Military Commission to watch Du Yuming in Xuzhou and clamp Huang Wei’s corps. Zhang Zhen asked him where to fight next, and Su Yu said Xuzhou without hesitation. Jiang Jun, who was arrested before, is now a liberation fighter, and Ding Dasheng is also one of them. He did not expect that the standard bearer and machine gunner here have become sweet and sour, and many liberation fighters are vying to be machine gunners and standard bearers.

Ding Dasheng’s leg injury has healed a lot, and he is unwilling to lead the way home because his house is still in the Kuomintang control area. When he goes back, he is either arrested or starved to death. During the march, Ding Dasheng went to the people’s home to get something to eat. The squad leader wrote an IOU for him, which he had to pay back after the war.

Unlike in the Kuomintang army, the common people saw the People’s Liberation Army and were as kind as their children. They stuffed Ding Dasheng a lot of food. An auntie saw that his leg was injured and gave him a pair of knee pads. , Ding Dasheng was very moved. Chiang Kai-shek decided to deploy Song Xilian’s two armies to reinforce the battle of Xu Bang. Although Song Xilian was Bai Chongxi’s subordinate, Chiang Kai-shek believed that they were all soldiers of the party state.

Although the Huangwei Corps received airdropped supplies from the Kuomintang army, the encirclement was too small, and many of the supplies were inaccurate, and most of them were given to the Communist army. Xiong Shouchun also pointed out that the war ahead was tight, and the rice had been mixed with stones in the rear, and Huang Wei was very angry when he heard that he was embezzling military pay.

The People’s Liberation Army once again attacked the Huang Wei Corps. After Huang Wei was surrounded by the People’s Liberation in Shuangdui, he deployed the Corps to shrink into one regiment and repeatedly sent troops to harass.

When Chen Yi received the call, he was not in a hurry for Su Yu to report, but instead asked how he called Huang Baitao. Su Yu said that there is no good way, but digging a traffic trench is different from short-term work. The performance by the military art troupe was so vivid that some soldiers thought that the bully landlord Huang Shiren really existed, and some excited soldiers even stood up and shot Huang Shiren to death. Female soldier Chen Jie stopped, and everyone applauded after she had finished speaking.

Bai Chongxi detained Song Xilian’s troops, Chiang Kai-shek angrily called to reprimand Bai Chongxi, listening to Chiang Kai-shek’s angry voice, Gu Zhutong sighed deeply, and then left the office. Lu Juemin was on the surveying and mapping team, and Chen Jie and the art troupe went south to perform. She took the time to find Lu Juemin.

Lu Juemin was also looking for her at this time, but the two missed it. Lu Juemin left the pen to Liang Yan and asked her to pass it to Chen Jie. Chen Jie performed many performances in the art troupe, and was deeply loved by the People’s Liberation Army, especially her role in Xi’er, whose role is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone kindly calls her Xi’er. Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong discussed Beiping’s play style. They always believed that the best way to play Peiping was not to play.

In Peking, Lin Zhiwen was beaten and taken away. Cui Yueli, secretary general of the Peking Student Work Committee, confirmed that Lin Zhiwen really wanted to do something for them, so he accepted him. Regarding Fu Zuoyi’s adherence to Peking and Tianjin, it can be seen that he is unwilling to hold on to Jiang Jieshi, but there is no guarantee that he has no ambitions. Perhaps Fu Zuoyi wants to use Peking and Tianjin to negotiate terms with the Communist Party.

Fu Dongju received instructions from his superiors to participate in Beiping’s strategic deployment, while Lin Zhiwen was assigned to do Fu Dongju’s defense work, but Fu Dongju didn’t know it. When Fu Dongju returned home, Fu Zuoyi suddenly asked her when she joined the Communist Party. Fu Dongju no longer concealed it, but said it truthfully, and worked to persuade Fu Zuoyi to surrender.

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