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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 36 Recap

The masses Yang Guifa reasoned to persuade the villagers to lend grain to the People’s Liberation Army. The people here said that they had no surplus grain in their hands, so they scattered as birds and beasts. Jiao Yulu also decided to let them apply the animal manure they picked up along the way to the villagers’ fields. After hearing Jiao Yulu’s reasons, everyone felt reasonable and began to fertilize, collect firewood, and prepare forage.

Later, the village chief saw their sincerity and took the initiative to bring them food. Hearing that Jiao Yulu said that all three sons of Yang Guifa’s brother had been sent to the People’s Liberation Army, the village head was quite moved. His two sons were also taken to the Kuomintang to become young men.

The village chief also told Jiao Yulu honestly that they didn’t have much surplus food in their hands. If they were given all of them, they would also be hungry. After all, they had only one side relationship with them, and they had never seen what the real People’s Liberation Army was like. concern. Seeing this, Jiao Yulu took out his land certificate, and Yang Guifa and others also took out their land certificate. In order to make the village chief believe them, they all put their precious land certificates in the hands of the village chief. The village head believed them, generously borrowed grain, and also sent carts for transporting grain. They also wanted to wait until the day they had the land certificate.

The villagers watched the food delivery team leave, with trust in their eyes. Soon after, Chen Yi personally wrote down the great behavior of the people in supporting the frontline. Gu Zhutong read to Chiang Kai-shek a ballad that had been circulated during the War of Resistance Against Japan. Jiang Jieshi said with emotion that with just a few simple sentences, he did not understand how Mao Zedong made thousands of farmers willingly sell their lives for him. .

Gu Zhutong believed that Mao Zedong was born as a peasant, and he understood the peasants’ plight well. The people of the Communist Party are tightening their belts to support the front line, while the Kuomintang army is vying for power and profit, and there are many factions.

Gu Zhutong’s words were all loyal and loyal, and they sounded like a knife in his heart, but Jiang Jieshi had to admit that Gu Zhutong’s words were very reasonable. Ba Dawei believed that Chiang Kai-shek was making up one by one lies. He was already disappointed with the Kuomintang government. Ba Dawei even asserted that Chiang Kai-shek would step down sooner or later.

The food transport team finally arrived at the front line, and the People’s Liberation Army gave them a warm welcome. Soong Meiling decided to go to the United States again to win Truman’s support. Chiang Kai-shek was very pleased. Yang Guifa and the People’s Liberation Army proposed to stay in the army to cook for them, and the People’s Liberation Army agreed.

Most of the food transport team joined the army, and Jiao Yulu was also there. They trained for the stretcher team that night and played proficiently the next day. Huang Wei organized a meeting of senior generals such as Yang Botao and Xiong Shouchun. He planned to select an elite division from each of the four armies to break out to the west. Liao Yunzhou volunteered to serve as a pioneer to pave the way for the large troops to break through.

However, Huang Wei did not expect that Liao Yunzhou’s true identity was an underground member of the Communist Party of China. He was already prepared to lead an uprising tomorrow under the pretext of leading the battle. The next day, when the fog was filled, Liao Yunzhou asked people to send a signal, but because the fog was too thick, the signal was invisible at all.

After perfunctory Huang Wei, Liao Yunzhou asked him to turn off all communication equipment, move on, and finally rendezvous with Wang Jinshan smoothly. Wang Jinshan immediately blocked the line of defense and built fortifications. Liao Yunzhou had a big righteousness, he finally returned to the organization, and everyone couldn’t hide their excitement.

People’s liberation is the general trend. More and more people will see the true face of the Kuomintang, and more Kuomintang soldiers will put down their guns and walk among the people. Mao Zedong also finished writing the manuscript, and the Broadcasting Department read the article to the Huang Weijun regiment via radio.

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