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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 35 Recap

Knowing that Nianzhuang was beaten down, Mao Zedong was very happy. He said that the next stage of the Huaihai Battle should also be turned around. Chiang Kai-shek held a meeting, and some people proposed peace talks, but others opposed it. Chiang Kai-shek hoped that they could put forward constructive opinions, which meant asking them how to fight, rather than discussing how to negotiate with the Communist Party.

Undercover Wang Cuishan offered to send the Corps to the radio station. He secretly put explosives on the radio and then sent the radio to Huang Wei’s Corps. Another undercover comrade Sickle stopped him in advance. Afterwards, Sickle told him that the consequences of doing so were very serious, and it was very likely that many potential comrades would be exposed.

Huang Wei’s regiment was surrounded by Liu and Deng’s army. Huang Wei said that it was impossible. Yang Botao wanted to take advantage of the southeast direction before spotting the Communist army. They should retreat there in time. Changing the direction of the march requires reporting to the Ministry of National Defense. Huang Wei did not do so, but temporarily moved closer to Shuangduiji. Chen Geng knew that the Huang Wei Corps was going to flee, and ordered them to be bitten severely. The photo in Chen Geng’s pocket fell out.

It was a group photo of Huangpu alumni. Chen Geng said with emotion that Huang Wei, Yang Botao, and Xiong Shouchun were all his alumni, but they have gone on different paths, and now they can only meet each other. , Chen Geng said that he would not show mercy to their subordinates, and the people would decide what path they would take.

The 6th vertical commander Wang Jinshan reported to Chen Yi that the 6th vertical and the 12th brigade of southern Shaanxi were consolidating their positions. Chen Yi instructed them to continue to speed up the consolidation of their positions to prevent the enemy from counterattacking. 3rd Commander Chen Xilian also reported to Chen Yi that they had blocked the west side of Shuangduiji, please instruct your superiors. Chen Yi instructed them to deal with it carefully and not to be paralyzed. Good news came from Wang Jinshan and Chen Xilian.

It seems that Huang Wei’s 120,000 soldiers and horses were very useless in the Shuangdui rally. Chen Yi suggested that Chairman Mao write a declining draft. After receiving the telegram, Mao Zedong took the task as it was, and at the same time assigned the task to the General Front Committee so that they must win the 12th Corps.

In addition to sending someone to support the Huang Wei Corps, Chiang Kai-shek also ordered Huang Wei to stand by for assistance. Yang Botao’s opinion was to break through immediately, but Huang Wei disagreed. The General Front Committee continued to send deployment plans to the Central Military Commission. Zhou En said that the entire campaign would take about three to five months, and logistical supplies were a very important issue.

Mao Zedong believed that this was not a problem. Wherever they fought, they would go to the front. The mighty power of war existed among the people, and what they fought was an unprecedented war. Jiao Yulu and the grain transport team worked hard along the way, delivering supplies to the frontline PLA.

The enemy’s bombers were caught off guard. They used bombs to destroy all the food and forage. They also used machine guns to shoot, causing serious losses to the food transport team. They all thought that they could not get food from the front line empty-handed. Jiao Yulu proposed to borrow food from the nearby people.

This is a newly liberated new area. I don’t know if the villagers will lend them food. However, the people in the New Liberated Area had never seen the People’s Liberation Army. They thought they would harm the village just like the Kuomintang army. They said they would not lend money to Jiao Yulu’s food transport team. Jiao Yulu hurriedly persuaded and promised to return the food to them.

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