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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 19 Recap

Si Meng is in a bad mood these days, and You Shanshan feels distressed for the children, so she directly asks Si Meng to take the children to the restaurant for dinner. Seeing Si Meng’s haggard look, You Shanshan felt distressed. Si Meng also knew that he had been absent for a few days, so he decided to buy groceries to take care of the children tomorrow. In the car back, You Shanshan looked at the pregnancy report sent by Du Shijun, and started her own network.

Bao Xue thought of Bai Jinghui’s friend Lu Zheng, and immediately called, and she found the exact one. Bao Xue handed over the diagnosis, and Lu Zheng decided to personally take Bao Xue to find a colleague, who is now the deputy dean, to judge the diagnosis. Vice President Dong Peng looked at the signature of the medical certificate and made a phone call to ask. As expected, the doctor who signed it did not go to work at all during the signing time, but was on vacation.

You Shanshan quickly called Du Shijun back, took Si Meng to the house first, and told Si Meng everything. But Si Meng continued to refill the wine glass. This incident of Wei Lan made Si Meng aware of the weight of his family in his heart. If there is no family, he may really have nothing and become a shell. You Shanshan felt a little speechless, but Si Meng insisted that he could no longer be a parasite and determined to change. But before his life changes completely, Si dreams of meeting Wei Lan again.

Yu Songyang sneaked to the door of Bao Xue’s house, trying to coax Bao Xue with flowers and sweet words. But Bao Xue liked to take Yu Songyang all over, and deliberately kicked him out of the house. But when he returned to the room, he relented and added Yu Songyang back to his friend, so that Yu Songyang could bring the flowers back again. Yu Songyang, who was already discouraged, threw the flowers away. Who knows that Bao Xue needs it again. Yu Songyang wants to go to the flower shop, but actually doesn’t realize Bao Xue’s thoughts. Where does Bao Xue want to spend it? Nothing.

Si Meng came to the door of Wei Lan’s company and stopped Wei Lan. The two women sat down face to face again, and You Shanshan eavesdropped at the table next door. Si Meng deliberately brought up the pregnancy checklist and cheating, and deliberately pretended to take the initiative to call Wei Lan’s new company about the pregnancy.

Only then did Wei Lan recruit the facts, and he couldn’t stand Du Shijun’s insult, so he made the move. . Si Meng saw that Wei Lan’s eyes were red, and his heart suddenly felt sympathy. Wei Lan bowed to Si Meng and then left. Si Meng finally breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to go to the south with You Shanshan and others to celebrate.

You Shanshan invited everyone to participate in tonight’s reunion round, and Yu Songyang was also ready to go together after he got the news. Du Shijun received two children and hummed a song to take the children to the restaurant.

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