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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 17 Recap

You Shanshan looked at Si Meng who was nagging in front of him and asked impatiently about the key points, only then did he know that Du Shijun had derailed. On the other side, Du Shijun worked hard at home with the children, and on the other side kept calling Si Meng. You Shanshan began to persuade Si Meng to look away, so it is better to take a closer look at Du Shijun’s tricks. Si Meng’s heart was a little tired, and he even wanted to numb himself with work. Because Si Meng was not there, Du Shijun was dizzy in the kitchen, unable to cook at all, so he could only order takeaway.

The children slowly realized their mother’s absence and began to cry sadly. Si Meng couldn’t close his eyes either. After You Shanshan’s persuasion, she turned on her phone and found that her daughter Du Yuanyuan had an accident. It turned out that Du Shijun was negligent, and her daughter swallowed a toy part and sent it to the hospital. . Si Meng rushed to the hospital, and the two had a big fight. When Du Yuanyuan was out of danger, the two took the child home. When it was late at night when the children were already asleep, Du Shijun anxiously asked why he was sentenced to the death penalty today.

Si Meng silently threw out the photos sent by Wei Lan. Du Shijun shouted injustice and never dared. Believe everything in front of me. Si Meng felt that he was exhausted. Du Shijun repeatedly turned around on the sofa and couldn’t sleep. He tiptoed back to Si Meng. Who knew that Si Meng was not asleep at all. He still hated Du Shijun’s betrayal in his heart. Du Shijun suffocated and didn’t know whom to spread to, so he made up his mind to find Wei Lan asked clearly.

Du Shijun made an appointment that Wei Lan was about to negotiate, and Si Meng drove behind him, thinking that he had caught the two of them colluding to confess to the scene. Du Shijun questioned Wei Lan angrily. He didn’t expect to provoke this woman just because he didn’t sign. Wei Lan avenged herself with words and walked out of the restaurant with a proud look. Sure enough, Si Meng chased him. The two fought again, but Wei Lan still reaped the victory.

In the evening, Si Meng took the children home, but received a pregnancy check on the phone. Simeng suddenly felt that the sky was falling apart and sat beside the children with his head in his hands. Du Dazhuang, his son, noticed Si Meng’s emotional changes, and asked cautiously, Si Meng’s heart suddenly felt the warmth of his children.

When Du Shijun returned home, Si Meng passed the photo to Du Shijun. Du Shijun smoked a cigarette in melancholy. Si Meng took the initiative to mention the divorce. Du Shijun felt wronged again and felt helpless. Seeing Si Meng’s tears silently, Du Shijun was also speechless. His son Du Dazhuang secretly listened outside the door, and then went back to the room by himself, and quietly wiped his tears on the bed.

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