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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 23 Recap

Han Shuang scolded Zhao Xiaolei. He didn’t understand why Zhao Xiaolei wanted to like the best best friend. He said that he would tear off the card in Zhao Xiaolei’s hand, but Zhao Xiaolei desperately protected him and said that it was his first From the man you like. At this time, Zhao Xiaojun went, and when she saw her sister being bullied, she went to find Han Shuang to settle the account. If Han Shuang bullied Zhao Xiaolei, she would kill her.

Han Shuang asked Zhao Xiaojun to go out, and Zhao Xiaolei’s rent didn’t even have half of Xia Yan’s rent. When Zhao Xiaolei heard that they had been hiding from her, the rent they paid was only half of the market price. No wonder Lin Hao once said that they did not regard Zhao Xiaolei as friends. Now it has been confirmed that they just kept looking down on her and finished. Just leave Han Shuang’s house with Zhao Xiaojun.

Han Shuang went to Lin Hao angrily and told him not to pester Zhao Xiaolei in the future. Zhao Xiaolei was a kind person and could not stand Lin Hao’s jokes, but Lin Hao told Han Shuang not to mess around. Zhao Xiaolei was an adult and she had the right to be autonomous.

At this moment, Zhao Xiaojun called Lin Hao and told him to drive to pick up Zhao Xiaolei, so a few people went back to find Zhao Xiaolei. Xia Yan persuaded her not to leave after seeing Zhao Xiaolei, but Zhao Xiaolei said that when Xia Yan and her senior were together before, she really hoped that they would be well, but whoever Zhao Xiaolei will be with in the future also hopes that Xia Yan can sincerely bless her.

Han Shuang was so angry when he heard what Zhao Xiaolei said, he drove Xia Yan and left. Before leaving, Han Shuang warned Lin Hao not to play with fire, otherwise he told her mother to make Lin Hao’s company pornographic.

Zhao Xiaolei apologized to Lin Hao after watching them leave, and shouldn’t cause him trouble. If Lin Hao was told not to care about Han Shuang, she and her mother had already broken up. Lin Hao took Zhao Xiaolei to his house temporarily. Although Zhao Xiaolei was a little reluctant, Lin Hao took Zhao Xiaolei back in the car without estimating too much. Lin Hao deliberately hid all the photos taken with Hao Jie. He didn’t want Zhao Xiaolei to see it. He was not afraid that Zhao Xiaolei would be taboo, but that Zhao Xiaolei would not be easily taken the bait.

Ma Xiangnan went to Zhao Xiaolei to have a chat. Zhao Xiaolei told Ma Xiangnan that she had not decided to be with Lin Hao, but lived there temporarily. Ma Xiangnan asked Zhao Xiaolei to go home, and Zhao Xiaolei felt that she had indeed paid too little rent. They also took care of her in those years, and now it is time for her to be independent. Ma Xiangnan told Zhao Xiaolei that Lin Hao was not as simple as she saw, but Zhao Xiaolei felt that Ma Xiangnan and the others had been growing up and they had found someone they liked, and she was the only one who was still standing still.

At this time, Zhao Xiaojun also went, feeling full that they were all friends, and they would only hinder Zhao Xiaolei’s future. Ma Xiangnan just met Zhao Xiaojun and told him to avoid it first and wanted to talk to Zhao Xiaolei, but Zhao Xiaojun just didn’t leave. Zhao Xiaolei not only didn’t drive Zhao Xiaojun away, but also said that Ma Xiangnan and his friends had never respected her brother.

Zhao Xiaolei has been thinking about all of Zhao Xiaolei’s friends, why Zhao Xiaojun only likes Lin Hao, that is, only Lin Hao respects Zhao Xiaojun, and best friends will only yell at Zhao Xiaojun, as for her parents, Zhao Xiaolei has always I feel that my girlfriends always taunt them behind their backs. Amin shed tears when he heard that Zhao Xiaolei thought about them that way.

He told Zhao Xiaolei not to believe that Lin Hao would really like Zhao Xiaojun. Lin Hao was just pretending to want Zhao Xiaolei to show his ability. Even reading reports was Zhao Xiaolei’s help. made. Zhao Xiaojun was not convinced and told Ma Xiangnan that there was already a headhunting company looking for him, and now he was supporting half of Lin Hao’s company.

Zhao Xiaolei told Ma Xiangnan not to look down on them, and their siblings would use facts to prove it to them. Ma Xiangnan was so angry at Zhao Xiaolei’s words that she turned around and left. After Ma Xiangnan left, Zhao Xiaojun asked Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao to be with him. Anyway, he had broken up with Xia Yan, but Zhao Xiaolei felt that friends for so many years would not say goodbye.

Mark wanted to give Han Shuang flowers, but the two of them didn’t admit defeat and liked each other, so the flower girl gave it to him. Mark said that he was going to see his ex-girlfriend, which made Han Shuang very upset.

Zhao Xiaojun took the client to the nightclub to find a woman, but was arrested by the police, so Lin Hao asked for a relationship to bail Zhao Xiaojun back. After Zhao Xiaolei rushed to the Public Security Bureau, she received a call from her mother and scolded her. They only had a single seedling in their house. If Zhao Xiaojun has a long and two shortcomings, she would call her Zhao Xiaolei.

Zhao Xiaolei hung up the phone and Lin Hao stepped forward to comfort her and gave a hug. This made Zhao Xiaolei’s heart a little changed. After returning home, Lin Hao pretended to serve Zhao Xiaolei’s tea, and asked Zhao Xiaolei to quickly fall in love with him for the purpose of defeating Xia Yan.

After Mark got home from get off work, he saw that the clothes were thrown away at home. It was too much than raising a Husky. An angry Mark kept cleaning Han Shuang all day while cleaning up. He didn’t know what he was doing earlier. Up. Just as Mark was picking up clothes on the ground, Han Shuang appeared in the pile of clothes and said that she was exhausted from live broadcasting all day and she wanted to take a good rest at home.

Mark said that Han Shuang was not tired at all live broadcasts at home all day long, and angered Han Shuang, although she was still working at home. So Mark was about to apologize to Han Shuang and help Han Shuang massage his shoulders, so the two kissed again.

Zhao Xiaojun asked Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao to be together quickly, and her mother was also very happy to know Lin Hao, and wanted Zhao Xiaolei to quickly determine the relationship with Lin Hao. Zhao Xiaolei also felt that she and Lin Hao were a good match, but she had to talk to Xia Yan. Zhao Xiaojun asked Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao to take the initiative together, so that his mother would be relieved.

Zhao Xiaolei’s mother sent Lin Hao a lot of special products, and Lin Hao liked it very much, thinking that Zhao Xiaolei was a rare treasure, she stretched out her mouth to kiss her.

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