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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 22 Recap

After finishing the meal, Han Shuang asked Xia Yan to formally introduce Xu Chengyi to everyone, so Xu Chengyi took the initiative to tell everyone that he was Xia Yan’s boyfriend. Mark felt that Xu Chengyi was really blessed and was able to meet such a good girl. Han Shuang asked Xu Chengyi to talk about their acquaintance, so Xu Chengyi told them about his encounter with Xia Yan at the airport three years ago and his later experience, telling them to believe that Xu Chengyi would take care of Xia Yan.

Han Shuang warned Xu Chengyi to settle accounts with Xia Yan if he didn’t treat Xia Yan badly. Mark asked how Xia Yan was injured, and Xia Yan told her what happened. Fortunately, Ling Wei saved her. Mark knew who Ling Wei was and felt that Xia Yan would suffer in the future.

Afterwards, Mark asked Xu Chengyi about Lingwei in the kitchen, and Xu Chengyi also thought he was surprised when Lingwei went back. And Ma Xiangnan thought that Lingwei must have a problem and asked Xia Yan, and Xia Yan told Ma Xiangnan that Lingwei was Xu Chengyi’s previous girlfriend. She felt that Lingwei was very good, and she was not as good as others, and she was full of her heart. Thinking that way, Xia Yan is the best.

Mark went to Ma Xiangnan to learn about Han Shuang from her. Ma Xiangnan told Mark that he wanted him to be with Han Shuang, but Mark felt that as long as he saw Han Shuang, he was as scared as a mouse when he saw a cat, but he didn’t see him. She still felt uncomfortable, Ma Xiangnan asked Mark to treat Han Shuang well.

Zhao Xiaolei was asked by Lin Hao to go out for dinner. She is proud that Zhao Xiaolei must tell her when she encounters difficulties. And Zhao Xiaolei told Lin Hao that Xia Yan was already with Xu Chengyi, and Lin Hao’s hands trembled with anger and poured all the juice on Zhao Xiaolei. Zhao Xiaolei hurriedly went to the bathroom to clean, and Lin Hao wrote on the card on the flower that was given to Zhao Xiaolei. After Zhao Xiaolei went back, she told her that she would bless Xia Yan, and Lin Hao also had someone she liked, and called Zhao Xiaolei to be with her.

There were cards in the flowers that wrote what she wanted to say to Zhao Xiaolei. He has always liked Zhao Xiaolei in those years, and hope they will not miss it. Zhao Xiaolei was very surprised and did not immediately agree to Lin Hao, but Lin Hao told Zhao Xiaolei to start with a friend. When Lin Hao drove Zhao Xiaolei back, he secretly put a purse in her bag, and told Zhao Xiaolei to think about what he said.

After Zhao Xiaolei went back, she thought that she had always treated Lin Hao as a male god. It was a bit surprising to be confessed by him today, but Lin Hao is really good, and Zhao Xiaolei is considering whether to agree to him.

Han Shuang knew that Ling Wei was Xu Chengyi’s ex-girlfriend, so he told Xia Yan to be careful not to be bought by her after saving her life. However, Xia Yan felt that Lingwei was a kind and good person since that day, and she was confident in Xu Chengyi and loved her.

Han Shuang asked Zhao Xiaolei to go out to dinner, but Zhao Xiaolei told them to go out by herself, she still had things to deal with. After Zhao Xiaolei left, Han Shuang understood Lin Hao’s wallet and flowers from Zhao Xiaolei, and the love words written on it were also seen by Han Shuang. So Han Shuang took Xia Yan and went to find Zhao Xiaolei with Xia Yan.

After Zhao Xiaolei went back, Lin Hao called Zhao Xiaolei to find her wallet, which might have fallen into Zhao Xiaolei’s bag, so Zhao Xiaolei hurriedly searched everywhere.

Lin Hao’s company became more and more difficult to do, so Zhao Xiaojun called Zhao Xiaolei and asked if she had a conflict with Lin Hao, and Zhao Xiaolei told her brother Lin Hao that she had refused. After that, Han Shuang took Xia Yan and went back to Zhao Xiaolei and asked if she liked Lin Hao, and Zhao Xiaolei told them that she did like Senior Lin Hao before, but at that time Lin Hao and Xia Yan didn’t know each other. Later they knew that Lin Hao and Xia Yan were there. When we were together, I had to bury that feeling in my heart.

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