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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 20 Recap

After a busy day, Mark was exhausted. Mark felt that Han Shuang had too many things, but Han Shuang also asked Mark to throw away some useless things at home and put her things away. Mark told Han Shuang that the flowers belonged to him. Baby, tell Han Shuang not to touch his things. After that, Han Shuang asked Mark to go out to buy a facial mask. She needed skin care and used Mark as a servant.

Zhao Xiaojun asked her sister Zhao Xiaolei to be with Lin Hao, but Zhao Xiaolei felt that it was inappropriate for Lin Hao and Xia Yan to be together for so many years. Zhao Xiaojun told Zhao Xiaolei that her girlfriends didn’t care about her and don’t give up their happiness for others.

Xue Ning packed up his things and was leaving. Everyone stopped talking immediately after seeing Xue Ning. When Xue Ning was about to leave, Xu Chengyi took Xia Yan to work, so Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to go to work first. He wanted to talk to Xue Ning.

After Xia Yan went back, Amy said that Xue Ning had done too many bad things, and that good and evil would be rewarded in the end. Majestic felt that Xue Ning should have left because he didn’t want to see Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan together. It is possible that Xue Ning’s position would be left to Xia Yan.

Xu Chengyi and Xue Ning went to the top of the building and said that Xue Ning had done too much. It was too stupid to do that. Only leaving is the best way. But Xue Ning told Xu Chengyi that she did that because Xu Chengyi had changed since Xia Yan went to the company. Everything was Xia Yan’s fault. Xu Chengyi told Xue Ning that she had misunderstood Xia Yan. Xue Ning would only use deterrence to manage subordinates, but Xia Yan was not such a person, she was a person who believed in feelings.

After Xu Chengyi went back, he announced to everyone that Xia Yan would be officially responsible for the planet of girlfriends, and he should not affect his work because of changes in her understanding.

Lin Hao and Zhao Xiaolei said that the best thing at the moment is that Zhao Xiaolei is still there. At this moment, Zhao Xiaojun called Zhao Xiaolei and said that the company was going to ask for debts and see if Lin Hao had run away.

The problem was discovered just before the girlfriend planet went online in the middle of the night, Xu Chengyi hurried to solve it and asked everyone to go all out to ensure that the girlfriend planet went online on time. Just when Xu Chengyi was in desperation, Ling Wei suddenly appeared and went to the company to look for him, and she was temporarily in the operation department to take up the position before Xue Ning, which surprised everyone.

Xu Chengyi felt that Ling Wei was an expert in finding loopholes and asked her to help quickly. Amy asked Xia Yan who was that person. Xia Yan seemed to have seen a picture of Ling Wei in Xu Chengyi’s house. Only ask Amy to buy supper for everyone to eat. When they went back, they still saw Xu Chengyi and Lingwei busy, and even Xia Yan greeted them to call them to eat, so Xia Yan had to put the supper aside and watch the company’s employees busy.

Because Xu Chengyi was too tired and had a headache, he went to find an ice pack to give him ice, but Ling Wei got the ice pack one step ahead of time, which made Xia Yan’s heart very uncomfortable, but she couldn’t say anything. The problem was solved with the help of Ling Wei, and everyone was very happy. After that, Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan and the others to go back to rest, and after introducing Ling Wei to Xia Yan, they went out for breakfast with her.

Lingwei tells Xu Chengyi that her going to SG has nothing to do with Xu Chengyi. It was because SG was optimistic that she wanted her to work in the company a few years ago, but she wanted to know if Xu Chengyi would welcome her. Xu Chengyi feels that Lingwei is welcome to return to China for development, but she will have reservations if she goes to SG. After listening to Ling Wei, she felt that she should not go back, and Xu Chengyi felt that the operation department would not be with Ling Wei.

Ling Wei asked Xu Chengyi whether he would hate her for the things that year. Xu Chengyi frankly told Ling Wei that he had met before, but now it has passed and he doesn’t want to mention it again. Ling Wei asked Xu Chengyi if he had a girlfriend now, Xu Chengyi also frankly told her that it was Xia Yan just now. Ling Wei thought Xia Yan was very good, but she also had a new boyfriend, and the two went back to work after breakfast.

After Xia Yan went back, Han Shuang knew that she was framed by Xue Ning and was almost mad. If she saw her, she would have to kill her. And Zhao Xiaolei has been getting information for Zhao Xiaojun, Xia Yan told Zhao Xiaolei not to always look after her unsatisfactory brother, everyone has their own life to live.

Han Shuang went home to find his mother and said that there is a place to live without staying in a hotel, but her mother knew that Han Shuang moved to Mark’s house for a long time. Don’t call Han Shuang too much, just move to someone else’s house, named Han Shuang. Know how to love yourself. But Han Shuang told his mother not to go too far, and didn’t understand her at all. It became a habit that the two always quarreled when they met. Han Shuang was angry again and left, and his mother also had a terrible headache.

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